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PREACH IT! Kids' Choice Award appearance reveals the real Justin Bieber

Beebs1 The comments are flying thick and fast over Justin Bieber’s appearance at the Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend. 

People are shocked, just shocked, at Bieber’s dismissive attitude toward reporters and his refusal to get slimed, which is the whole purpose of showing up at the Nickelodeon spectacle.

Beebs But anybody who has followed Bieber’s two-minute career  has to know the kid we’re dealing with.

Yes, he’s talented; he can sing and strum a guitar and keep his hair in place at the same time. He can sling the charm on talk shows, teaching Chelsea Handler how to wink and whatnot. He even has what he calls a "swagger coach" to keep his style situation in check.

But at 16, Bieber also is developing quite the ego.

He ordered everybody around ...

... when he visited Northview High School in Covina. (Yes, he was “Principal for a Day.” But that’s pretend, honey.) He ignores his mother when she tries to make him look decent in front of reporters. He sprays bottled water at girls. He loves to retell that story about how Usher and Justin Timberlake got into a bidding war over him.

The whole cocky attitude was cute for about 30 seconds. But after the Kids' Choice Awards, it’s starting to look a little tired.

Maybe somebody needs a curfew.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Justin Bieber at Nickelodeon's 2010 Kids' Choice Awards on March 27, left, and visiting the Sirius XM Studio in New York on March 11. Credits: Jason Merritt / Getty Images, left; Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images, right.

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I agree! Underneath that lucious hair is a HUGE HEAD! This one hit wonder boy needs to be over and done with! I'm tired of him! Even the Jo Bros kinda faded.

Such a cheesy Donny Osmond twerp...who will end up as just another Leif Garrett...

Do you have nothing better to do than hate on a 16 year old boy trying to share his talent with the world and half the people that were at the kids choice awards didnt want to get slimed and if he was principal for a day ofcourse he can boss people around so you make no sense and its haters like you that make him stronger so keep on hating ;)

that is STUPID, you should respect his talent and not diss him!!

are you serious? number 1 - you're hating on a 16 year old. someone who is not even an adult. number 2 - he's a kid, a teenager. did you listen to your parents all the time when you were a teenager? number 3 - i doubt anyone were wearing flashing neon signs saying that they wanted to get slimed. Lastly - the reason why he always talk about the bidding war is because the reporters are constantly asking him to repeat the story. i'm so over your ridiculous accusations. whatever, you are not going to bring him down. so keep hating.

Wow...hating on Justin Biebz for not wanting to get slimed.
You should be promoting the talented 16-year old, not dissing him.

you rocked at kids choice awards i loved it when you sang ur song baby.
ur the best.

Seriously? Get over it. "2 minute career"? I think not. Especially since his album 'My World 2.0' is sold out in over a week. I mean he is 16, grow up since you have nothing to do except hate on a KID! If it was me I wouldn't wanna be slimed either...so?

hey i love how you sing and i like you bcuz you are so cute but the best thing i would like to do in my life is>>>>>>>>>>> meet you because i really like how you sing and i think you sing so kool and i would like to date you but too bad bcause your famous and i can see famous people cuz they live to far away from meh.i just want that wish and thats all

p.s ifly justin bieber♥_♥ (+_+)

Frist ppl these day be hatein for no reason and And why are yew hatein on him yew need to qet a life a job and for real i mean for real..

Justin beiber has alot on him. Leave him alone if he deosn't want to get slimed he doesn't have to some of the people on there didn't get slimed so don't make a big deal of it


i luv ur music and i think u are soo handsome someone i wud luv to meet


My goodness all these cougars getting their panties in a twist over this little dweeb...Well he'll eventually start dating that Milk-a-holic Lindsay Lohan...

Is he cocky or are you angry because he dismissed you? You are either really sad or seriously disturbed for hating on a child.

@Melissa -- Christie D'Zurilla from the blog. I want to clarify, the author of this post, Leslie Gornstein, is not the reporter in the Kids' Choice Awards video. That's Amy Kaufman.


hey ur hot jasmine perez

So, what kind of loser wastes their life defending a 16 year old kid who DOESN'T KNOW THEY EXIST, when NOBODY is going to listen to you? It's a comment board, we post our thoughts. Bieber fans are obsessive and annoying(I know. I go to school; I deal with them), and they deny everything about him that's even the slightest bit negative.

Saying the truth isn't "hating." He refused to be slimed when every other celebrity who goes to the KCA gets slimed, no matter how famous they are(and many of them are MUCH more talented). He's not special.

Anyways, this article is basically spot on. He's really arrogant and narcissistic. Or, at the very least, that's how he comes across.

woww just because he didn't want 2 get slimed really??and i would have done the same thing with my mom if i had 2 b with her 24/7.....really its like come on every teenager has an attitude!!!

Haha there aren't words to describe how PATHETIC you are seeming to me. you're bashing a 16 year old because he didn't want to 1) get slimed at a the KCAS? seriously? I'm sure he just didn't get the memo that you had to have a huge sign that says "Hi I'm Justin Bieber and I want to get slimed tonight!" 2) He was a little busy being a talented singer and dancer, and he was TWEETING the people that got him where he is, (a.k.a his fans) Justin DMs, Follows and RTs four times as many as any other celebrity out there. So when the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas start tweeting as much as Justin Bieber does, then you can start bashing the kid. "Two-Minute Career" my ass. Maybe you haven't heard that hes new Album hit Number one on the Billboards, and hes the youngest kid to do that since Stevie Wonder? Or maybe he travels the WORLD. Oh, and how he treats his mother! I didn't know 16 year old teens, Famous or not want their mothers "making them look good" infront of ANYONE. But whatever makes you sleep good at night. Keep the hate coming babe, Justin Bieber knows where the love is at. Obviously Bieber Fever hasn't swept to your area yet. But you will be eating your words sweety. Love you Justin. We got your back.
Love Always,

i think that maybe people should stop talking bad about him all the time. I'm not saying he doesn't have a big ego or anything but you don't know him and niether do i so you should stop talking. If he does have a bigego then soon he will learn that no ones going to give him any respect but if he doesn't have a big ego then everything that everyone is saying is stupid. But you don't know him so you don't know his personality so maybe you should stop talking trash.

Talent? Tude? He needs a coach to show him how to hold onto a mike.

i hate justin bieber he seems like a brat......and plus he is rlly UGLY idk wat girls see in him

Seriously your complaining over him not wanting to get slimed who would want that nasty stuff on them. then he tells the story to people because press always ask him the story.third no teenager listens to their parent thats normal. he orders people around when he was principle for a day isnt that the point what fun is being principle if u cant orderr people around. this story is just childish point out little stupid thing that dont matter. you need to stop hating on him and let him enjoy his fame he deserves it.

he might not be tha perfect teen, but who cares.
hes hot!! :) lol.


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