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PREACH IT! The lord giveth, and in the case of James Franco, he doth keep on givin’ [poll]

Gucci franco 2

Gucci franco 1 Sometimes one needs few words to convey a message best put in visual form. This would be one of those times.

America, we give you the photos from James Franco’s newest Gucci ads.

Upon clapping our undeserving eyeballs on the pics from this spread, our first reaction fell somewhere between Great-Googly-Moogly and Sweet-Sweetback-Would-You-Look-At-That-Young-Man-There. We’ve since moved on to a simple dead faint.

Wake us when there are more photos like this. We thank you.

And to Mr. Franco, really, seriously: Thank you.

-- Leslie Gornstein

P.S. There's a poll. Of course there's a poll. Keep scrolling.

Photo credit: Gucci

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This young man is stunningly handsome! It's those lips & that sculptured face!
And he purrrrrs when he talks low! (Yeah, I'm smitten just like millions of other women worldwide!)

What Dianna said. He is delicious.

Ladies, I agree. Let me wipe the drool from my laptop before I ruin it...Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Franco for your gorgeous boy.


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