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Finally! Open auditions for 'Glee' are happening, online

Glee in redBack in January, "Glee" dangled a sparkly carrot in front of fans everywhere: There would be open auditions for three new roles in the show's Season 2 cast. 

Fans got excited. Actually, fans' brains exploded. Fans stopped by our first blog post again and again and again to ask how they could audition for "Glee." How was this whole thing going to work? Fox, um, took a while to answer. And we had nothing -- until now.

Starting Tuesday and running through April 26, performers can submit an audition video through the "Glee" audition MySpace page to get in the running for roles to be "featured" in Season 2 of the Fox show.

There are rules. You can submit once only, and the tape should include personal statement -- one minute maximum -- and a song performance. It's just you in the video, and, well, you'd better not be naked, cussing or doing anything illegal. Before you start uploading that video you've been working on for months now, check out the audition song list. And please don't go changing up the songs, OK? Do be aware that by submitting you pretty much give Fox all rights to use your performance for all eternity for free. It's all there in the fine print.

The tunes might sound familiar: "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from "Dreamgirls," the radio version of "Gold Digger" by Kanye West, "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones, "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon, "Don't Rain On My Parade" by Barbra Streisand, "Hate on Me" by Jill Scott, "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne, "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers and "True Colors" by Phil Collins.

One thing isn't new: Auditions are open to singers 16 through 26 only.

(Translated: "I'm 14 but OMG people tell me I totally look 16" is not the same as "Here's my ID with a date of birth that proves I'm chronologically 16 and able to work under the laws that apply to 16-year-olds." One exception: "I'll be 16 by April 26, 2010" will fly.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: "Glee" cast members Jenna Ushkowitz, left, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer rock out in red on the show. Carin Baer / Fox / Associated Press.

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Hey thanks for reading this slightly obnoxious comment wanna vote for me?
GREAT!!! :D do it here......

A show is not a ultimate illusion without seen the bright shine in it.A show is a ahow with actors who demonstrate the talents whith in their personalities ,where they indulge the glory of being in a film or stage.They make the audience produce a wave of their own as soon as they see it,their emotions burst into tears ....glee is a real talent and Me and my partner:Geena Royce Garcia would like to join Glee, The number 1 show in America.! I act and Geena sings and writes music along with me. This is an oppurtunity that we must take advantage of. Not only do we love the stage but, the stage is like our getaway. A place to enjoy and relax and have a hell of a time. The stage is a place that we can just be ourselves, or in that matter be someone else "theatraclly" speaking. We are both high school 16 year olds that are just looking for an oppurtnity to take, and let our talents shine. We want to leave this small town into the city,and be successful...of course then give back to our community and our family's. Please take the time to consider us to be part of the magnificent Glee Cast, we promise that you will not regret it. Thank you! We greatly appreciate it.
-Jose Duran
-Geena Royce Garcia

Man... i wish i had seen this sooner. Ever sinse i've started watching Glee, i've been praying for a chance at it.. guess better luck next time!! I'll for sure keep watching! Wish i had the chance i need!!

Heyyyyy vote for me! Sorry some of you all aren't in the age group i believe everyone should have the right to just be seen and heard. they could be missing out :)

Can you please email me the audition form and contracts. I would like to audition but every time that I try to audition it sends me to an article not the contract' I would very much appreciate it.


Nyjatti Haywood

@Nyjatti Haywood -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

You might find this post educational: http://lat.ms/61FmtS

(P.S. As was mentioned in the post above, auditions ended about a month ago. Even though this blog had *nothing* to do with the auditions, we do know that much.)


Hiya im 15 year old confident young girl and i know that there is no auditions going now but this is a strong dream for me and i know you must have lots of comments like mine but i love glee and also love to act i am currently studying gcse drama please reply thanks for your time.

I'm kind of sad for the 26 cut off I can sing and dance.I just my 30 birthday and you would never believe it. I'm only 4foot 8in. And I still get carded
Togo see movies. I am a transgender man who would to audition.

I would love to audition but the cut off is 26 I'm a transgender man I look very young I even get carded to go see movies. I'm 4foot 8in. I just had my 30 birthday I love to sing!

Please get me into casting.

I Love acting, singing, dancing, modeling, etc. I will even be an extra. I just want to make it big!

I Can dance sing but im 14 years old. I love to work with others and im a hard worker.

I can act and sing very well.


I wish it was 12 - 26 because my sister is 12 and she can really sing when she was in a talent show everyone clapped so loud and everyone said great job and that she would of had one except there was no competion!!!! I wish it could happen!

HI, im veronica im only 15 will be turning 16 in september i sing in my chorus ,church, and different auditions i was reali into being in this tv show i love music its my life and if i would be able to do it everyday as a job i would love it , i do plays for my skool and im and highly educated im a 3.0 student and i live in milwaukee wisconsin i would love to be in this show given this oppertunity will actually change my life i hope that i will get a call.... im on facebook ,myspace and twitter

ive accomplished alot through out my whole childhood so far... no matter how many many rough edges i over came along the road i still managed to keep my head up ....if you want to make it in a an industry like this not only do you have to have confidence in yourself but to believe you cn be anything you want to be.

i wanna join glee

I am Stefani. i am 17 i live in Oklahoma, i don't know if i can act. but if you give me the chance i might turn out okay! i guess! i LOVE too Dance! i know hip hop, salsa, bachata, ever dance you can think of. well maybe every thing! and i hope i get this!!


hi we are three cousins and we wil be very greatful if you would give us the oportunity to act/sing in glee. we think that we could be perfect for the job and that we could really get into character. We have been in singing and acting lessons our whole lives and we thought that being in glee would be a great opportunty for us three. it has been our dream to be in an amazing show such as glee.

I would like to audition for Glee. I have a really great voice to be Rachel.

hey you guys my name is dany mercier . i been singing since i was 9 iam a tenor 1 but i also could sing a soprano

hello i want to be one of the cast of glee

i am a filipino but i have an accent an american accent

Well im writting to glee beacuase i will like to addition. Its funny i to was and outcast of the school but im a real sweet heart,.And me and my friend we all sing very well.I really don't if i can act but im very creative plus i could AND im plus size XD
im 17 turning 18 on January 3 but if yah guy ever read and like to see me preform just to me in my E mail
please at least read i will really like to make an impression

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