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Food fight! Lawsuits flying around celeb chef Paula Deen

Paula deen In November, Paula Deen was hit by a flying ham. Now she's been hit by a lawsuit, sent flying her way by a tour promoter in response to her $1.25-million legal action against the promoter.

Can you say, "Food fight!"?

Deen -- who cooked on "The View" Friday morning -- in February, as Deen Enterprises, alleged breach of contract and defamation against Celebrity Chefs Tour after a planned 10-city cooking tour was canceled.

CCT is fighting back with a $40-million countersuit, which in addition to going into detail about payments, alleges the Deen clan didn't promote the tour as agreed and also cites concerns over e-mails received by some venue operators who were worried about ...

... "increased blog comments that were circulating across the Internet that complained about the language used by Paula Deen on stage, that her show is not 'family-friendly' and the fact that audiences at her previous appearances have been disappointed by the fact that Paula Deen rarely cooks during her performance."

So, she's being accused of cussing on the job and, um, not cooking very much?

The Ministry is having a brutal pot-meet-kettle moment.

Please don't sue us.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: What's not family-friendly about this? Celebrity chef Paula Deen (the real one) jokes with chef Robert Irvine, top, at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival on the beach in Miami Beach, Fla., on Feb. 27. Below, check out a picture we stumbled across of "Paul O'Deen," who spoofed the celebrity chef as part of the 183rd Savannah St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah, Ga., on March 17. Credit: Associated Press, top; Stephen Morton / Associated Press, below.

Paul odeen

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It was only a matter of time before it all caught up with her. She is always kissing on people and that corny yall talk is childish. In her magazine her picture is plastered on nearly every page. Reminds me of Martha Stewart BEFORE she went to the slammer. Martha has pulled in her neck since she was released. A lesson learned...not to get to impressed with your own importance because it will nail ya. Oprah and beef, another lesson learned.

How unfortunate that nowadays she's more interested in talking filth than about cooking. I was so embarassed sitting with my daughter a few weeks ago, watching her show, when Paula started talking about teaching her boys how to rub their meat. It was so disgusting, and if I had the money, I would sue. My daughter didn't need to hear that. And it wasn't the first time. But it was the last, as I refuse to watch her shows anymore.

I love to watch Paul Deen. Her southern charm, warmth of hospitality, her husband and sons, is what has me fascinated about her. She may not be the skinny barbie person you may be looking for but she cooks and is not afraid to eat even butter. She makes me feel right at home.

I love paula and the way i see it if u dont like wat she has to say well theres a thing called a remote hey its her show and as long as shes not killing someone oh well people just dont have nutn better to do than talk about people or tring to sue someone go ahead paula deen do ur thing

I think that Paula gives Southerners a bad name and makes us all sound like fools the way she overdoes the "Southern drawl". I have been in the audience before when she has used her "potty mouth" and embarassed friends that she called up on stage. She has certainly done well for herself and her family and I applaud her and her success BUT,unfortunately, she has not picked up ANY class along the way!

I absoustley love me some Paula Deen I think she is the best. She is what this country is made of she came from nothing was giving nothing and climbed her way to the top and took her family with her.


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