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Farrah Fawcett Oscar snub: Academy apologizes, cites 'remarkable' TV career

Farrah fawcett academy snub Celebs, fans and the Web took notice of late actress Farrah Fawcett's omission from the Oscar's annual "In Memoriam" clip on Sunday -- where deceased artists have been celebrated on the show since 1993. Now the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is responding.

"There's nothing you can say to people, particularly to family members, within a day or two of the show that helps at all," academy Executive Director Bruce Davis told People

"They tend to be surprised and hurt, and we understand that and we're sorry for it."

Despite their regrets the Academy maintains their exclusion of Fawcett, as they felt her "remarkable television work" would best be honored by the Television Academy (who put on the annual Emmy Awards). 

Tatum O'Neal, daughter of Fawcett's longtime partner Ryan O'Neal, issued a statement Tuesday on behalf of her family.

"We are deeply saddened that a truly beautiful and talented actress Farrah Fawcett was not included in the memorial montage...we are bereft with this exclusion of such an international icon who inspired so many for so many reasons," O'Neal said.

"Golden Girls" icon Bea Arthur was also excluded from the clip.

Did Farrah deserve a place in the Oscars memorial? Sound off in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Farrah Fawcett during an onstage tribute to late TV mogul Aaron Spelling in 2006. Credit: Brian VanderBrug / Los Angeles Times

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She deserved to be mentioned at the Oscars moreso than Michael Jackson was.

Executive Director Davis said they chose to exclude Farrah Fawcett because the academy "felt her remarkable television work" would best be honored by the Television Academy. Then why didn't the academy feel Michael Jackson's 'remarkable music work' be best honored by The Grammys? When, say, Jaime Foxx dies, will one or all of the academies feel his remarkable work be best honored by one of the other academies? If the academy can not come up with a set a rules that applies to all artists or is unable to include everyone in a montage, then don't do a montage. Try a moment of silence with a scrolling list. It'll save time and no one will be excluded.


Anyone who has contributed in the film industry in front of the camera or behind it should be included in such memoriam no matter how small a contribution it was. Hell, even some B-actors get recognition..come on Academy!

Feel reverse discrimnation was used in this instance as the Academy had been afraid not to include Michael Jackson who was in one movie and who was clearly a noted black musician and not actor and yet the white actress was an exclusion that was intentional. BAD DECISION!!!!!

Was she in a movie? yes? then she goes in. was Bea Arthur? yes? then she goes in. No? they dont go it. pretty simple...

As a voting member of the aforementioned "Academy" for approximately 40 years time and with a body of work that included not only television roles but also film (she was a Golden Globe Nominee as Best Actress in 1987 for the movie "Extremities") the governing board members of AMPAS should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this oversight to have occurred. I echo the fact that she deserved tribute more so than Michael Jackson and I think Chet Sewell's comment below about the use of a scrolling list makes perfectly good sense. Regardless, R.I.P. Farrah and Bea

Ms Majors acting career was done almost exclusively for TV, and that is how she should be remembered and honored. I'm not familiar with any theatrical release work that she did, certainly none of note.

The same could be said for Ms Arthur, although she did co-star in one big picture, "Mama", with Lucille Ball. Alas, it was a big bomb as well and hasn't been remembered fondly by film lovers.

Both women were HUGE stars, but they were stars of Television. Nothing wrong with that, but it isn't the same as being stars of film.

Michael Jackson, however, was featured in "The Wiz" which was a big picture. He also was in Coppola's "Captain EO" film and well as "Ghosts", "Men in Black II", and recently "This Is It", which for better or worse was a theatrical event. It was appropriate that he be remembered, and that the images that were shown of him were from movies that he had done, and not random shots from his life.

If Aaron Spelling and Merv Griffin were alive and produced the event, something this sloppy and so amateurish would never have had happen.

The disgraceful omission of Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur is unforgivable. Both of these actors had astounding careers in both the movies and television. But The Academy had space for an homage to Michael Jackson, whom, by the way, most of the audience apparently felt reluctant to applaud given his notorious life. MJ should have been cut out and Farrah and Bea included.

It's all politics as usual. This is why most of us believe the Oscar is a worthless statuette to have.

imdb lists 14 motion pictures she was in over 35 years. Isn't that enough to get you a mention In Memoriam on the Oscars show?

Another omission was the British actor Richard Todd. His body of film work left Ms Fawcett far behind.

Maybe the academy should have a segment on TV stars???

I thought it was disgraceful and short-sighted that Farrah was not included. It never even occurred to me that she wouldn't be. My jaw dropped when the tribute ended. Yes, Farrah was a bigger star on television, but she was still a movie star, and it baffles me that the Academy was so ignorant. What poor judgment--and so out of touch with a viewing public who adored her. (In contrast, I don't agree with those that think Bea Arthur should have been included as well. I'm a huge fan of Bea Arthur, but she was only in one film, reprising a role she played on Broadway, and was not known as a film actress. I would argue that Farrah was known as both a television AND film actress.) And don't even get me started on Michael Jackson. I thought it ridiculous and inappropriate that he was included in that tribute. So if the Academy is so out of touch that they are incapable of exercising good judgment when making these arbitrary decisions, then there should be clear cut rules of who is and who is not included. It cannot and should not be discretionary.

Farrah Fawcett was in "Logan's Run". It might not have been a blockbuster or an Oscar nominee but it was a motion picture, a film, whatever you want to call it. It was played on movie screens, not TV. There, Academy, now what do you have to say for yourselves?

I was shocked when it ended and there was no mention of Farrah Fawcett. I honestly thought maybe the family requested she be left out because I couldn't understand why they would intentionally omit her and yet save a place for Micheal Jackson.

On the other hand, if anyone recalls, Farrah's death was given little coverage compared to the days and weeks that MJ got. I know a lot of it had to do with the circumstances, but I was sad even when she passed that we didn't hear much other than the fact that she was gone. After watching her last appearances on television chronicling her life and battles with cancer that more would have been said about her or what she struggled to do in that special - shed some light on a cancer that is not talked about. Instead, I heard of her death briefly and then on to MJ for the next few weeks.

I guess my point was, after a few minutes of shock, I realized I shouldn't have been too surprised to see she was left out and MJ was in her place. I just think it was wrong and even felt a bit sad for those left in her family who had been so proud of her and would have loved to see her memorialized and/or celebrated and shared with the rest of us one last time.

Of course she belonged there. If a PR person does, then for crying out loud Farrah Fawcett does too! Michael Jackson was an artist of primarily another medium who had a huge cultural impact, and incidentally appeared in a few films. Farrah Fawcett was an artist of primarily another medium who had a huge cultural impact, and appeared in more movies than Michael Jackson. The End.

Note that Bea Arthur brought to the screen her stage role
as "Vera Charles" in "Mame". No one else could have done it and made a great contribution to film.

Shame on the Academy..they have again shown their ignorant and arrogant attitude and behaviour.

it didn't even register with me or my viewing partner that farrah wasn't included. like many people i know, we commented to one another when other names and images came up saying, "oh right, he died," or "she died? really?" you can't include every film actor/producer/director/writer/editor/soundmixer/grip/animator/kraft service worker/etc./etc. whoever worked on even a single film, academy member or not. the only solution is to NOT have the in memoriam section. personally, i find the section to be perfunctory and it just adds length to the show. the only thing good about it is the usually very talented musicians performing the music.

Well, certainly more than Dom Deluise. Besides just being the goofy fat guy that hung with Burt Renyolds, what exactly did he DO?

If they say they don't have room, just put up three people on the screen at a time. Problem solved. Plus that eliminates the awkward moments when some people don't get ANY applause.

ikihana-youre ignorant and a snob ""certainly none of note"???
Farrah did almost a dozen theatrical movies-google her for gosh sakes instead of spouting off like a moron
MJ is a musical artist-The Wiz (which bombed tehatrically) and his two lines in MIB2 does not a movie star make... (this is It doesnt count-released after his death and not acting...)

Farrah, Bea and Gene Barry all deserved to be noted. It's not as if the song they played ran right to the end of the list of names.

With their opinion of Farrah being "big" in television, why didn't they leave a tribute to Michael to the Grammy's?

Same logic.

Farrah Fawcett was in MANY major motion pictures. It was a CRIME that she was not listed in the memorial on the Oscars. Michael Jackson?? That was a joke.

At the beginning of the segment, I swore to never again watch the Oscars if something like that happened.

Well, guess what? I turned off the t.v. and WILL NOT WATCH it again.

The academy should be ASHAMED!!!

God Bless you Farrah!

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