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Dennis Hopper is near death and short on cash, divorce attorney says

Hopper Actor Dennis Hopper is dying and too weak to face a deposition by his wife's divorce lawyer, according to a court filing Wednesday.

But he's not too weak to accuse wife Victoria Duffy of stealing $1.5-million worth of his art, including a portrait of him done by Andy Warhol

The actor weighs only 100 pounds, his doctor said in the filing, and is unable to participate in long conversations. Previous filings have been more positive about Hopper's health and hopeful about chemotherapy results, KTLA reports. The actor also says in the filing that he has only about $300,000 total in liquid assets.

Hopper is scheduled to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday; his doctor has given him the OK to go to that event. Viggo Mortenson will be on hand for the induction ceremony.

Mortenson and Hopper appeared together in the early '90s in "Boiling Point" and "The Indian Runner." Hopper wrote an introduction to the catalog of a show of Mortenson's writings and art, and shared his studio so Viggo, the star of "A Perfect Murder," could paint his character's pictures for that film.

Hopper's battle with prostate cancer became public at the end of October. He filed for divorce from Duffy in January, and the situation quickly became acrimonious. In February, Hopper was granted a restraining order requiring he and Duffy stay at least 10 feet apart.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Dennis Hopper on July 29, 2009, on the "Crash" panel discussion at the Television Critics Assn. summer press tour in Pasadena. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

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Peace be with you both.

This guy is going down fighting - got to respect that.

Maybe she was a bad wife. Maybe he didn't want her around to see him die. Who knows. In any divorce, I'm one of the few, I guess. HE is the one with the "goods". What does / did he feel was fair to leave her, if he were to die? I hope something, but she may just want everything, and she is not the only person, and is not his first wife. So, you have to be realistic.

"But he's not too weak to accuse wife Victoria Duffy of stealing $1.5-million worth of his art."

Isn't that a typical angry feminist comment. The man is dying of cancer but yet she shows more support for a money-grubbing wife seeking. Feminists are such man-haters.

I am a big fan of Dennis Hoppers. I love the guy. I guess the times have caught up with him, because just last week I saw him in Topanga Canyon riding a MoPed. It was really sad.

thank you.

Is Dennis Hooper looking for sympathy??? He only has 300,000. in liquid assets left. If he's dying he doesn't even need that.
I have always liked him as an actor..but give me a break. People die everyday with a lot less money than he has...at least he can get medical care.

how does someone of his acting credits have only 300 000 $.. i never fell sorry for athletes or actors who have made so much money it would make us normal everyday people sick and to say i am broke , bullll no pity for any of them..

As much as a fan of Hopper's that I am, I better not read of him wanting a handout for his medical bills being that he's a longtime Republican, so paying for his health-care should be done by him and him alone.

You touched my life in a strange way. God-Speed.
Tell Tim Leary hi for me.

Barbara Silkstone
The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters

What an awful way to spend your last days on Earth...in litigation. I don't know the wherefore and the why as to the marital separation, but for his own good, It would seem to me that Hopper would be better off forgiving his wife and not going through with a divorce like this. Seems to me that a legal separation should be sufficient enough to deal with the financial issues.

Everyone downplays their assets in a divorce case -- c'mon, be fair folks, would you be honest about how much money you had or needed if you were going through a divorce?

The important issue is that Dennis Hopper is terminally ill and his marriage has gone down the toilet.

Give him a break. Stop expecting celebrities to be superhuman or different than anyone else. They are human beings, warts and all.

RE: Sabrina) I agree with you. Life is too short, and Hopper's life is coming to an end soon. Why use your last days as a way of being angry, mad, sad, negative or greedy. Hopper, she's your wife, let her have what you cant take with you, all that is not willed to your children and grandchildren that is, if you have any. Dude, you cant take it with you. Enjoy the last of your days. Dont go out negative. Be grateful for your time that you had, and celebrate the fact that your still alive while your still alive...

We are set to loose on of the best actors of the last 40 years - God bless you my friend

There IS no one like Dennis Hopper. A second is a century babe.


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