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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt take the gang for an Italian playdate with Johnny Depp's family

Angelina venice Talk about mixing work with play -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took a hefty portion of their brood to the Venice home of her new costar Johnny Depp (and his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis) for a playdate with Depp's two little darlings.

In the Italian city to film the thriller "The Tourist," Jolie and Depp were bound to get their A-list babies -- or at least most of them -- in one room. Depp's 10-year-old, Lily Rose, and Jack, 7, came face to face with Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh on Sunday.

Shiloh continues to generate wee fashion excitement with her original ensembles. Clad in a ski cap decorated with skulls and crossbones, the tyke brought in a Western motif with a leather gun holster.

Depp japan Though we imagine playtime was memorable, the famous moms and dads went right back to work Monday morning. Depp flew to Tokyo, where he was on hand for the Japanese premiere of his massively successful "Alice in Wonderland."

-- Matt Donnelly

Photos: Angelina Jolie, top, waves to fans Tuesday in Venice while filming "The Tourist." And Monday in Japan, Johnny Depp shakes hands with fans -- he also signed autographs -- at the Tokyo premiere of "Alice in Wonderland." Credits: Top, Andrea Pattaro / AFP / Getty Images; left, Franck Robichon / EPA.

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Somewhere Jennifer Aniston must be seething deep inside...har, har...

Are you kidding me. Photo ops while they prostitute out their kids. Disgusting.

I think Jennifer Aniston has much more to do with her life than to worry about what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing.

I think Jennifer Aniston has alot more to do with her life than to worry about what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing!

You can always judge a woman by her friends. Aniston has a great support system, friends from childhood, Oprah whom pretty well everyone respects, Ellen, Cox, Jolie well she has no femaile friends. That speaks volumes. Brangelina have 5 nannies, count them 5. They look miserable and deserve to be. They will remain miserable for the rest of their lives. Now thats KARMA BABY.

How does that Dolly Parton song go ?"Jolene,Jolene,Jolene.Jolene..."

all the posts below were left by Jenn ANiston she is dying wth envy

check our Jennifer Aniston jiggly arms on David Letterman show

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog -- if anyone's interested, "arttist" and "amelie" appear to be the same person, or at least are posting from the same computer.

Hm. Probably it's Jen Aniston's computer? Why do I think ... NOT.


Prostitute out their kids? Good lord. Someone here has serious issues.

And by the time you are a grown woman with children and a partner you shouldn't be too concerned with "girlfriends." What is this high school?

MANY older women with children and partners (husbands) have female friends. They use their friends as support if anything happens with her being a mother, and a wife, or partner. This is part of normal everday healthy social skills. Angelina lacks female friends more than likely because she is too insecure to keep them around, and afraid they might do something against her. She has the typical characteristics of a narcissist, and a horribly insecure person. Not only that, but women can tell when another woman is going to burn them. Her mannerisms are too untrustworthy, and maybe lots of woman don't like her due to that. In Angelina's small box world, she has her many children who she uses as friends, and she has her tool, Brad, to be her friend, and partner. She has all of those children to fill the empty void of having no friends. Every girl would like some other females to relate to. Just some of them are too selfish to get past themselves to be good friends to others.
And no, not an anniston fan (sad how you guys keep bringing her up, this has NOTHING to do with her), nor am I jealous of Angelina. Just stating the obvious. There's nothing to be jealous of, trust me.
Later XD.

Is that Brad with the dust-mop? He wears it well!

After Gerard Butler dumps Ms. Aniston...she'll be longing for Brad again and again...somewhere Jennifer Aniston is seething at the Brad and Angie family...she could have had a family with Brad but she didn't want to be bogged down with kids because of that brilliant (sarcasm) she has going for her...you know all her lame movies...Anjolie has Brad, an Oscar and a lovely family and some fine movie credits...while Ole Jen has trails of broken hearts, bland hair, and lame movies and an undeserved Emmy...sigh!

dear jesse,

you are stating the obvious. you dislike Angelina no matter how you deny it. and by the way, Jennifer has a lot girlfriends because NO man wants her. and who needs too many girlfriends when you always end up alone and lonely at night in your bed? i'd rather have a man, a company in my life and in my bed every single day and night than to have girlfriends to shop, go to salon and smoke bong with on weekdays. Angelina is a grown woman. not a trying hard to be a teenager trying to fit in the real world.


Too bad Aniston can't get some of those on her long list of "friends" to go see her crappy movies. Management made LESS THAN ONE MIL in North America. That's LESS than a mil!!!! No wonder Huvane went all out with the Butler FAKE ROMANCE campaign, but "Bounty" is STILL a FLOP. All this, while Jolie remains the #1 female actress in the world. If she ever gives Aniston a passing thought, it is to LAUGH at her -- a woman so PATHETIC that Sony was forced to bring in HEIDI MONTAG, of all people, to drum up interest in Aniston's FAILED CAREER. PITIFUL!!! LOL!!!!

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that we don't publish profanity, even if you put aster*sks or other symb@ls into the words all sneaky-like.

Comment not live? That's probably why.


How many girlfriends was Maniston photographed with while married to Brad? She is only seen with her million girlfriends because she has no man and no life, apart from shooting endless romcoms and posing in bikinis while lounging in Mexico, trying to save their economy one tequila at a time. By the way, Angelina Jolie has many girlfriends. She just isn't defined by her 'GIRLFRIENDS'. Too much going on in her life. Her closest female friends are not famous. She doesn't much care for 'Hollywood Faux-Friendships'. Its a myth Angelina has no female friends, perpetuated by Maniston's fans and the tabloid press. Dina Eastwood is one of Angelina's best friends. Some of her assistants are her childhood friends.

Is it me or does it appear that Depp is channeling Michael Jackson? Personally, I find Depp one of the least sexy men alive. He borders on androgynous. A good actor, yes. Sexy, not so very. I think I'm in the minority opinion on this though.

Why yes, @Hello, you do seem the be in the minority, at least according to the 2009 Sexiest Man Alive edition of People magazine! Ha! But then, you knew that already, right?

(A smiling Christie D'Zurilla here from the Ministry of Gossip, by the way.)



Anyone heard of "CISCO KID"?? OMG, what a bunch of losers to keep bring-ing up Jennifer Aniston into every article about Jolie and Pitt. Give it up already......she is the lucky one in my book. Get a life and post something positive and worth reading.

@ANDREW -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. I'm cracking up 'cause this post mentions not one word about Jen Aniston! Not one! All the Aniston angst is straight from commenters reading stuff into events.


Yeah, I heard of "Cisco Kid" a song by War..what does that have to do with Jen.A?...anyhoo, somewhere Ms. Aniston must be longing for Brad and scowling at Angie...har, har....

CDZ -you should have thought twice about posting that photo (remodeling condo)-there goes the illusion.Louella Parsons never would've.P.S.criticism can be a double edge sword.

@Breton -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. If you think my bio pic is illusion-busting, then check out this series of posts (http://lat.ms/55CVTD) from the Golden Globes, in which I reveal that I have to walk the dog (http://tweetphoto.com/8956210) before covering a glittery event (http://tweetphoto.com/8956210), and also that my feel really, really hurt at the end of the night (http://twitpic.com/yk5jd). Also, terrifying video footage will be available in a post later today. (Maintaining the illusion hasn't been high on my list!)

But you inspired me -- I've just now added a windswept head shot of myself to the bio (http://lat.ms/4tm3lm) to pump up that Hollywood magic. Pay no attention to the fact it was taken in the early '90s.

Louella Parsons I ain't. But then, you probably figured that out when reading about me. :)

Incidentally, I'm *not* the author of this post -- I merely popped in while approving comments to marvel at how a Brangelina post took such a wicked turn into Jen-bashing territory.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


CDZ,sorry about the sarcasm in previous post. In reality, women with gypsum dust & sawdust on their safety goggles have an inside track with me .Was just a tad hasty after a misfired post of a fairly well crafted response to the high school attacks leveled at Ms.Aniston -where I offered that Ms.Jolie is perceived by a number of leading men's SO's as an aging sucubus because of what happened on the Mr.&Mrs. Smith location.Excuse me,have to get back to my desert of humble pie.

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