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Why should Betty White host 'Saturday Night Live'? PREACH IT! takes the question to the people

Betty white “Primarily because every single time I see Betty White, or I hear Betty White, I am like, ‘Why don’t we get more of Betty White?’ She really is -- people use the word loosely, but she truly is -- an icon, and she’s a sharp old broad. She’s just so, so cool, and I can’t imagine anybody opposing Betty White hosting SNL. Who would that person be? Where would that person live? Seriously! I mean how many people can you name who have across the board appeal, from toddlers to old people? I mean if someone doesn’t like Betty White, you know that person has to hate sunshine and puppies. She’s stood the test of time, and she just keeps on going, and she’s just, she’s a delight every time you see her.”

-- My hair guy, Jon Patrick, who is also AnnaLynne McCord's hair guy, explaining why he, among more than 105,000 others, has become a fan of a Facebook page supporting a "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig for the comedy veteran

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Betty White arrives at the 16th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan. 23, 2010, in L.A. We apologize for including only one photo, because we know you really do want more.  Credit: Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images. 

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I really think Betty White is TOO GOOD for SNL!! I've seen some skits while flipping channels and the comedic timing is just baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Made me uncomfortable just watching. Have her on more popular shows! The Office! Simpsons! etc...

As it isn't bad enough that you boy Barack Obama AND Sarah Palin made jackasses out of themselves on SNL, you want Our Betty to follow suit?! Shame on you!

Betty White is too much of a classy and a wonderful comedian for SNL. I like the show but she deserve to be in better shows.
I am very sure she would do great in SNL because she is such a talent and a good sport, but she deserves much much better, GOD BLESS HER! i HOPE WE HAVE BETTY WHITE FOR A LONG LONG TIME... I JUST SIMPLY LOOOOVE HER!!!!!!!

Way back in the 60's I fell in love with Betty White, I saw her as the most beautiful lady I had ever seen, besides Dorthy Dandridge. Even now she's beautiful.

I love Betty White - she is so cool. Always has been and always will be. she would fit right in at Saturday Night Live and probably be alot funnier than some of the regulars.

This hair guy of your's: he does AnnaLynne McCord's hair, which is curly. I too have curly hair. If I were to go to him, approximately what would he charge me? Would it be worthy of the phrase 'an arm and a leg'? I'd really like to know because I've been looking for a hair guy who can handle a curly-headed girl like me. Thanks ;)

I'd love to see her do SNL! She'd do so well that people would finally remember that SNL used to be funny!

What would be even more hilarious is if they surprised her with her favorite star -- Robert Redford. She's said before on previous interviews that if she were a Cougar he'd be the one cub she'd go after!

Having Betty White host SNL is a great idea. She could teach the cast the right way to deliver a line and help them with their overall comedic timing. Think about the rating factor, how many people over the age of 50 really tune in to SNL now, my guess is not many. Add Betty White as host and let's see how many 50+ age viewers tune in to see an amazing comedic talent like her. I'd tune in again and I'm in my 40's, Betty White is an american comedy icon allow her to grace the SNL stage.

Bring Betty on SNL and have skits skewering the Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore and even skew snippets of The Proposal...it would be a hoot!

I think Betty would ROCK SNL!! I can think of soooooo many skits that would be a HOOT with her in them! !!
Such a 'deadpan' delivery!!!
They would be foolish not to consider her!

She IS comedy!!!!!!!

She is our female version of Bob Hope (one of the best comedians EVER) and she could certainly teach the SNL cast a few things about comedy. I hope she NEVER retires and I would LOVE to see her on ANY show she might choose. The SNL writers would certainly have to beef up their writing skills to have Betty White do the deliverance.

Not only is she a tru veteran of the business but if you've seen some of her stuff where the language is foul! WATCH OUT! Not only is she smart but her humor has progressed into this millenium.

Betty White should go on Red Eye and sit in the leg chair! She would be fantastic! No need to waste her wit on SNL.

Betty White should go on Red Eye and sit in the leg chair. She would be fantastic. Dream panel with Greg...Betty White, Bill, of course, Father Jonathan and Congressman McCotter.


Betty White is a remarkable icon. She is funny, witty and full of inapropriate comments. Whenever I see Betty on t.v. I have to stop and watch. SNL would be lucky to have a legeng and comic like Betty White. If SNL does not let her host then I will never watch it agaain. Im serious, she would be the best host they have ever had. Way to go Betty you will be great.

OMG! And this coming from a 55 year old. If they say she's in a movie, I'm all for seeing it, even if I already know the pic might be crap. Betty White!? Why, yes, I'll go! She's like Meryl Streep! Betty or Meryl in a feature, even for a moment, it's worth the money! Lorne, Lorne . . .listen, honey . . .except for Gilda and Tina Fey, you betcha, you don't have women on your show, even as "co-players." It's pretty much man driven and I'vd watched that sucker since I had my 1966 Mustang in the late 70s.

Please, do us old, middle-aged ladies a favor. PUT BETTY WHITE ON!!! What is the problem?

Betty White and her sly, salacious,sarcastic humorous side would be perfect for SNL. We all love her and want to see more of her. The perfect musical guest would be Michael Buble.

Because she is one of the all time best adlibbers (that's spontaneous for you younger folks). Watch footage of her on the Tonight Show or any other talk show and she held her own with the best. They don't make them like this any more.

Dear CanadaSSBurn,

I thought Betty White was going to host on Saturday, March 13. That's my birthday. That's the present I thought would be the most fun (besides all 11 seasons of M*A*S*H on DVD ((Abyssinian, Henry)) ). Instead, it's someone called Jude Law. Just who is he? I'm so, so disappointed.

And as for an all women show, I sent a post here about two weeks ago, but, unfortunately, it did not post and I did not copy it before I posted it. Briefly, even if we can't get them all, at least show clips from their shows and movies:

Gilda Radnor! Cloris Leachman (have her reprise the "Young Frankenstein" turn as Frau Blucher! Neeeeiiiiigh!). Show the real Lucille Ball clip of her having to eat the chocolates off the assembly line (she said she really wasn't that funny in real life). Show Carol Burnett's Scarlett O'Hara: "Why, this old thing? I found it in the window." She has also said she's not that funny in real life. Judy Garland, on the Jack Paar show, laughing about making "The Wizard of Oz" and working with the Munchkins. Now, she was funny, both with one liners and with story telling. I can only do one and Daddy could do both. Judy Holliday with the gin card playing scene in "Born Yesterday." Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. When I woke up that Saturday morning to see John McCain having selected her to be his vice-presidential running mate, my first thought was, "Is this Tina Fey?" What a female comic God sent her. Too bad Bea Arthur has passed. Try to get Terry Garr, also from "Young Frankenstein." Anything she does would be great. Paula Poundstone, Elenn DeGeneras, Margaret Cho, even Rosie O'Donnell. Bring Phyllis Diller on! And bring out Rusty Warren to start the show with "Bounce Your Boobies."

This is not rocket science, guys. Most viewers of SNL are over 40 and lots are over 50 and most are women over 40 and 50. If you can't figure out how to produce it, let me do it. The ladies who are living? Just send a production crew to wherever they are living to do a 30 second to 3 minute "funny." Otherwise, if the funny lady has passed, use a clip. We'll still laugh and clap at it. And appreciate it.

And yes, I want to see Michael Buble as the musical performer, as opposed to some young band I've never heard of. Buble, do at least one up-tempo Sinatra song. Well, you know, I get a kick out of you.


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