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Mezhgan Hussainy captures Simon Cowell's heart

If Mezhgan Hussainy could help Adam Lambert look that glam good, we imagine she'll make Simon Cowell look plenty good as well.

Cowell's girlfriend (She is "American Idol's" makeup department head) got a big ol' diamond ring at dinner on Valentine's Day (people saw it happen), but the "American Idol" judge hasn't said for sure if they're engaged. (Do you blame him?)

What he did admit: "I think I'm ready to have little Simons around."

That last was from an interview he did with Piers Morgan for the "Life Stories" series, which airs on British network ITV1.

“I’m smitten with Mezhgan – I think she’s the one. She’s very special,” Cowell said.

They first met on the set of "Idol" in 2003 -- Afghan-born Mezhgan is a makeup artist who has helped transform many contestants, as she describes in the 2008 video above, and ...

Mezghan ... they have been dating discreetly for about six months. She told E! News a while back that one of her wishes on the job was "to not have Simon going, 'What ... is wrong with your face?'"

Onlookers were surprised back in November, the Daily Mail reported, when Simon planted a kiss on Mezhgan's lips at an audition for "Britain's Got Talent," where she reportedly was with him at every session.

Cowell is 50; Hussainy is 36, and on the job she goes by her first name only.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S. Her first name? It's pronounced "mish-gone." We feel so much cooler now.

[For the record, Feb. 20, 2010: An earlier headline on this post misspelled Mezhgan's name as Mezghan. And dangit, the Ministry had triple-checked it everywhere except the big, embarrassing type. Thanks to commenter Rebecca for pointing it out. We owe you a lip gloss or something./cdz]

Photo: Mezhgan Hussainy at work in 2007. The "American Idol" makeup artist and judge Simon Cowell are officially an item. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times.

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Her make up is really bog standard just about passable she does the same look on everyone including herself, I read she had no training just worked behind a counter in a shopping mall for a short time selling cosmetics and then flirted her way into American Idol using her looks. then a few years later she was still working on the biggest show in America right place right time.
Had years to work on Mr Cowell.

how do you spell her first name? you are confusing me!

Rebecca, her name is Mezghan Husseiny. It's pronounced "mishgan", but friends and family call her "Mish" for short. BTW, where did the author find that picture? That is a horrible picture of her, if it's even her. She's actually very beautiful.

@GinaNYC -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

If you note in the post, I corrected the misspelling of Mezhgan's name in the headline yesterday and thanked Rebecca for the catch. Her last name is correctly spelled Hussainy, with an "a," not an "e."

That is indeed a photo of her, from 2007, at work on the "American Idol" set, as explained in the caption. The L.A. Times' Idol Tracker blog did items on her around that time and in 2008, and we sent our staff photographer to the set. I selected that photo because it is unique to the L.A. Times. I also included the video so people could see her in motion, made up for an interview, and not at work.

I agree that she is much more beautiful when she's out on the town with Simon. Don't know about you, but I think that most people -- myself included -- look way better when they're dressed up for a night out than when they're caught in the middle of the day at work. Still, that is a photo -- albeit a few years old -- of Mezhgan.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


@Christie D'Zurilla

Yes, you're right. It's Hussainy, not Husseiny. Force of habit, I suppose. (Sadam and all that.) That IS a HORRIBLE picture of her. If anyone had to go by that photo, they'd never recognize her even if she was standing right in front of them. I will give you a TON of credit for actually getting Mish's photo and not Jackie St. Clair's, which many news outlets are STILL showing as Mish, as recently as yesterday. Nice to know someone is doing their homework - for the most part. :-)

@GinaNYC -- In the first drafts of the post, before publication, I accidentally did spell her name with the "e," even after getting it right when doing the research! That's why I triple-checked, after I saw I'd blown it. Of course, a *quadruple* check might've turned up the other gaffe in the headline.

Ack! Thx for coming back to chat. :)


My pleasure. It occurs to me you may have fallen victim to a tick that plagues me from time to time. The brain is going one way whilst the fingers are going another.... Such a bother.

See you on the next round.

Cheers! :-)


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