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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart light up the BAFTA Awards

First we had the bountiful gift of Kristen Stewart's ubiquitous Sundance presence -- and the awards and appearances are going to keep rolling in before "The Twilight Saga" trots out the actress and her costar Robert Pattinson in support of June's "Eclipse."

Rob pattinson bafta 2 Last night it was the U.K.'s version of the Academy Awards, the BAFTAs, that awarded Stewart the Orange Rising Star award 

Although her acceptance speech has drawn mixed reviews, Stewart looked adorable in a white mini and Roger Vivier pumps. Her pal Pattinson wasn't half bad either, in head-to-toe Gucci. He presented the prize for best screenplay, his signature north-pointing hair replaced with a gelled down 'do.

The pair didn't  walk the carpet together but were spotted getting chummy at the Grey Goose after-party at the swank Grosvenor House hotel. 

Not surprising. They're usually more comfortable being together in Rob's native U.K. -- like their quality time over New Year's. 

-- Matt Donnelly 

Photo: Rob Pattinson smirks. His hair is full of secrets. Credit: Courtesy of Grey Goose Vodka. 

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I watched the BAFTA's twice just for the opportunity to see Rob and Kristen and loved every minute of it. No annoying loud music when the speeches got a little long. It was courteous and a lovely celebration. Rob Pattinson looked fantastic and I loved that he spent so much time in the drizzle signing autographs. He looked relaxed and happy throughout. His presentation was lovely and it was so nice of him to acknowledge the make up artist who had won the BAFTA earlier. She is the one now making him pretty for Bel Ami. Kristen looked adorable and I thought it was great that she acknowledged that her award was voted by the fans, primarily of Twilight. But, I have to say, what made my day was discovering that they were together at the after party and left together. They were good. They tended to business. It was great if after it was over they had some quality time to spend together.

seriously, this is the new IT girl? she's slumpy. she scratches her head like she hasnt washed it in a week. whats so fab about her?

i totally dont get it.

Kristin Stewart has to be the most awkward girl on the planet! She has no grace or stage presence at all. I think the fact that she won this award is a slap in the face to the all of the truly talented young actresses out there. She is a product of the media hype that surrounds that horrific Twilight series.

Is it me, or do they both look like they didn't wash their hair?

Haters to the left..!!! hahaha... Pathetic haters...

Congratsulations to Ms. Stewart for winning the Orange Rising Star Award.. Totally deserves it more than anyone... And she also won the award as Woman of the Year for Elle UK.. Way to go kristen.. you're the best...

A well deserved award to a beautiful and talented actor. True she may be awakward at times but that's all part of who she is and we love her. Congratulations Kristen!

People this is the "rising reward" not best actress. Kristen is only 19 give her some slack. Plus, she grew up in L.A. and not the UK so yes, expressing through the words maybe lacking but then again she knows there is not much to say. It's just twilight for her. But hey I applaud for her receiving the award.

I would much rather see the actors be real than prepared and plastic-y. She was nervous, but sincere and obviously overwhelmed. I don't know many who wouldn't be and those that aren't, probably aren't really that likeable. The performances should be for the movies (and, Twilight aside, she is pretty good).

Such a beautiful couple. I love them so much. I hope they never give a statement about their relationship. It's none of our business even if we like them.

Congratulations Kristen! That girl seems to be a real person. After all those plastic, pretentious, media playing barbies, it's normal some of you finding her awkward I guess. Personally I think it was very honest and sincere that she thanked to Twihards and showed she has a real idea of what's going on right now. For a person in her unique situation that's rare. And she IS talented.

And I am not a Twilight fan.

All the bazillions these two brats have, and they won't buy a comb!

I can't believe this girl wins any awards...she always looks and sounds like she doesn't care about anything. What anyone sees in this so called actress is beyond me...As for Rob he looked handsome but please wash that hair...both of you!

gary! i concur haters to the left......ha! ha! ha!

they both looked great, Kristen has done very well for her age; which i would't say about some of the readers here. some of them can't even read a script never mind acting on it...

Gary and Deeeee

She won because half the votes she got are from children...under 12 years of age that don't know the difference between someone who can act and someone who doesn't.

Despite all the fame and madness I hope Rob and Kristen get many opportunities to love and care for each other to know that time spent together is something that money or fame cannot buy. The most important lesson to remember is not to let anyone else into their circle of love. Don’t listen to the media or anyone else. Listen to each other. Keep your love secure between yourselves. You see only Rob and Kristen know what really happens between them and that all that matters. It is ok to let the world see how in love you two are, but you do not have to let the world see you love. In other words, the world can view the outside but the inside is just for Rob and Kristen to enjoy.

You see I have a forever love which includes trust, strength, love, sex, and most of all honesty. I have a love who is my friend, adviser, lover, and my life. There is not a human being on this planet who I would let come between he and I. In addition, vice versa. He was my first boyfriend and my second husband. I have been happy and in love ever since. I continue to enjoy life and love with him. We value each other’s understanding. And yes, there is not a day that goes by we always say, “I LOVE YOU”. I may not have the fame and madness in my life but I have a love that is priceless.


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