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Captain Phil Harris to be seen in next 'Deadliest Catch' season

Phil harris Though it's still unclear how "Deadliest Catch" will handle the recent death of Phil Harris, the fan-favorite captain will be seen again on TV when the series launches its new season in April.

"Of course, he was fishing all the way up to the end -- he was such a special guy," said Phil Segal, president of the production company that produces the Bering Sea crab fishing series for Discovery Channel. He said he's not sure yet how the story of Harris' injury will unfold or if it will be included after editing.

"We're so concerned about the family and the crew right now that we haven't stopped to think about how we're going to deal with this," Segal said.

"We'll have to figure it out in the weeks and months ahead."

A crew was filming at the time of Harris' stroke. 

On the waterfront a few miles from Harris' Washington home, a makeshift shrine has gone up at the Seattle Fishermen's Memorial. Discovery Channel has assembled a collection of moments featuring the man who first worked on fishing boats when he was 7 and learned to drive his dad's Ford pickup when he was 10.

Motor Trend did a feature on Captain Phil last year while he was sidelined from "Deadliest Catch" by a pulmonary embolism. Harris told the magazine about getting into his first crab fishing gig at the urging of a high school friend who'd used his fishing money to buy a cool car:

On that first trip on the boat, he worked for two months without pay, just to prove himself. 'A guy got hurt on the boat and I took his place and I made $135,000 in a month. "I was 17 years old and when I came home, I bought a house, a Corvette, and two hookers. I was having a good time!"

Said Harris: "I like American and I'm a big Corvette fan, I've had seven of them in my lifetime, I really enjoy these new ones, they're really, really a super car." Check out a photo gallery featuring the captain and his sons Josh and Jake on the waterfront with, of course, that Victory Red 2008 Chevy Corvette Z06. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credit: Blair Bunting / Discovery Channel / Associated Press

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'Deadliest Catch' captain Phil Harris dies after recent stroke

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Phil was a part of our house every weekend he will be missed so much by our family.Our thoughts and prayers are with Phils family as they go through this take care all of oyu and best of luck thanks for being in our family

Captain Phil, what a man, you are my most favorite of all and you willbe missed. You and the crew have become part of our family and we will miss you dearly.

Jake and Josh, our family reaches out to you in our prayers and thoughts.

Honor your Father, follow in his footsteps and make him proud of you as he showed you he was on the show.

God Speed Phil


This man was truely a blessing, and an inspiration to many people. Though i never knew him perosnally, watching him on deadliest catch really could put my mind to ease. He had a grea gift of making other people happy. God bless his family.

Amazing show, Amazning man to watch! My blessing and condolences to Phil and his family! My heart goes out to you! RIP

Captain Phil was always me and my dad's favorite. He was a great man, he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest in peace Captain Phil.

I send out regards of sorrow and hurt to the fact that Phil has died. It was unexpected and unforeseen by me, I truely cared and prayed for his health to be of wealth in his heart to live as long as he could. I care deeply for his remembrance and wealth of heart. He dared to be so warm. And, he dared to be so strong and with heart. I will greatly miss him. Tears fall from my eyes and heart. He was a man, I will see in my heart for a long time. To Phil, my handsome glory be to god for watching over you with such care, and for you to live as long as you did for me to love you... Lori

My family and I always watch the deadliest catch, And Captain phil was our FAVORITE!!!!, when captain phil was in the hospital, My son Antonio who is 7 years old , did call and leave a message it said" Hi there captain phil, we watch you all the time, I know you are sick right now , I hope you feel better real soon. we miss you."
However, this news is just SO SAD!!. For everyone, Regarding captain phils two sons, Josh & Jake, Your Dad loved you both very much. and he will always be with you.
Captain phil, you will be missed dearly
God Bless.

I never appreciated the work of fishing for crab and cussed because they cost so much about $18.00 / lb.for King Crab & about $15.00 /2lb. box frozen in Sam's & Walmart grocery , until I started seeing the Deadliest Catch on TV. I have grown to really appreciate all of those great guys on that justified named show , I know I couldn't do it , nor would I try.They are a special breed of people ,anyone says that looks easy ,well they are dumber than they sound. I and my wife will truly miss Captain Phil Harris on the show ,for he brought so much to the program . We looked forward to it every week and many times wondered how in the world they could do it .I was born & raised on a farm here in N.C. worked hard all my life,but I know without a doubt I couldn't do what those fishermen do . Captain Phil Harris was one of the greatest ,and I know as many others ,well it's not going to be the same , but I will never eat another crab leg without thinking of Capitain Phil Harris .He and his family have my greatest respect and my thoughts will forever be with them . Capitain was one of the greatest ,he will be forever missed , wish I could have known him in person .We were really worried when he got sick with those blood clots , and I really thought he went back fishing too early when he did .I feel if he had a choice ,that was probably it ,to leave doing what you love to do . I believe Capitain Phil was all about fishing . By the way , I DO NOT CUSS ABOUT THE PRICE OF CRABS ANYMORE THEY ARE WORTH EVERY DOLLAR . I know he love the 2 Sons .
From Heart Broken Viewers
Bill & Sue Whitaker

this show will not be the same without captian phil we have been watching this show sense it started we hope the best for the boys of the cornila marine and to the family. Rest in peace captian phil harris.

hi my name is daniel i like the show i watch it all that i can. Im a right hand amputie but admire the guys that do the hard work that they do. Even befor i lost my arm i wanted to try it. But now that i dont have an right hand iwould love to try it

May the sky be your sail, may the blue of the ocean be your blood, may the white caps be the scrashing memory. May in heaven you see your work you've completed here on the mother earth where your feet always stood before you set sail in every voyage to the devon seas. In my heart I will miss you so greatly. In my heart, I will remember your warm hearts beat and pulse. In your memory the ocean will smile from the depths to the seagulls flight. The dophins will dance to the motion of those lapping waves against every serge of your fishing boat. May your sons carry your memory to the claw of each new crab caught. May love always be in their hearts for the man that always set sail those so many years. I deeply Love you.. remember the warmth of gods breathe against your hair. I will dearly miss you. phil

We have watch the program from its pilot! My husband and have become big fan of Phil and his sons! we would like to send our deepest sympathy to Phils family and he will truly be missed!Phil was a man that everyone could relate to! He was more human than most people and he was never afraid to show it! The season will not be the same with out Phil's personality! We will surely miss his presents on the show!!

you will be missed and Im keeping u all in my prayers.

my heart goes out to jake and josh harris and rest in peace captian we will all miss you dearly.

Captain Phil Remindes me of Me! I do and always have pushed my son to do what I do to make money!!!!! But always remind them to be hazard free! no matter what! Captain phil earned alot of respect because of his work ethic and determination! He will be misssed! Thank you ! Ted Record

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