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Captain Phil Harris to be seen in next 'Deadliest Catch' season

Phil harris Though it's still unclear how "Deadliest Catch" will handle the recent death of Phil Harris, the fan-favorite captain will be seen again on TV when the series launches its new season in April.

"Of course, he was fishing all the way up to the end -- he was such a special guy," said Phil Segal, president of the production company that produces the Bering Sea crab fishing series for Discovery Channel. He said he's not sure yet how the story of Harris' injury will unfold or if it will be included after editing.

"We're so concerned about the family and the crew right now that we haven't stopped to think about how we're going to deal with this," Segal said.

"We'll have to figure it out in the weeks and months ahead."

A crew was filming at the time of Harris' stroke. 

On the waterfront a few miles from Harris' Washington home, a makeshift shrine has gone up at the Seattle Fishermen's Memorial. Discovery Channel has assembled a collection of moments featuring the man who first worked on fishing boats when he was 7 and learned to drive his dad's Ford pickup when he was 10.

Motor Trend did a feature on Captain Phil last year while he was sidelined from "Deadliest Catch" by a pulmonary embolism. Harris told the magazine about getting into his first crab fishing gig at the urging of a high school friend who'd used his fishing money to buy a cool car:

On that first trip on the boat, he worked for two months without pay, just to prove himself. 'A guy got hurt on the boat and I took his place and I made $135,000 in a month. "I was 17 years old and when I came home, I bought a house, a Corvette, and two hookers. I was having a good time!"

Said Harris: "I like American and I'm a big Corvette fan, I've had seven of them in my lifetime, I really enjoy these new ones, they're really, really a super car." Check out a photo gallery featuring the captain and his sons Josh and Jake on the waterfront with, of course, that Victory Red 2008 Chevy Corvette Z06. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credit: Blair Bunting / Discovery Channel / Associated Press

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'Deadliest Catch' captain Phil Harris dies after recent stroke

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Of course, the family should have the say as to how all this will be handled on the show and that's definitely the right thing to do, but I get the feeling that Capt Phil (at least based on what I've seen of him on the show) would've wanted to handle it as naturally and plain speaking as he did in life. Capt Phil was definitely a give-it-to-me straight, no baloney kind of guy...and that's what endeared him to so many of us fans.

very sorry for captain Phil Harris god bless him

This man will always be remembered as an honest and loyal brother to me. I love you phil!

From the first time I saw Deadlest Catch, Phil was my favorite. It was his love for his family & wanting to keep his sons with him, that endeared him to me. This show will never be the same! This is so very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I pray for the best for them, 'cause Capt. Phil is watching over his family and his fellow crabers to keep them safe! God Bless our Captain Phil !! Long live the Cornelia Marie!! Teresa Peavler

You watch a show for so long and you get news like this and you feel like you lost someone close. I don't know if the boys will see what I write or not but I lost my DAD 6 years ago, so I know your pain guys. It's tough but so are you guys. Just remember your Heavenly Father is always there for. This is not good-bye just I will see you later. My heart goes out to you all. Thanks guys for such a wonderful show.

I never had the privaelage of meeting Phil but he was a big part of our life each week. His departure will be a great loss for his family and a great TV show. My heart goes out to Jake, Josh and his whole family. GOD SPEED PHIL HARRIS you will be greatly missed by us all.

Thankyou Phil, for allowing us men from the lower 48 to share your life and the lives of your family. Your honesty and love for your work inspired millions of us.

God bless the Harris brothers your farther was a mentor to my life thank you guys for showing your life to us .. GOD BLESS id like to see one of you captains

My heart is heavy right now and prayers go out to his family. The Deadliest Cast made him apart of all our families.

Ahoy !! Captain you will be missed! Rest in peace Friend!

Capt Phil you will be missed. I thought are with your family and friends. God bless!!

capt Phil, you will be missed! The show will never be the same. My heart goes out to Josh and Jake. I hope the discovery channel honors your memory well. god bless your family.

Fair weather and calm seas.

As a family member by Inlaw to him, I feel sorry for the loss of a great man. I especially feel sorry for Josh who is the man in my sisters life. May God bless Josh to live on in his fathers name, and hopefully carry the fishing fleat with pride and honors in his fathers name.

Sincerly Joseph.

Fish on skipper. You will be missed. Stay sound josh and jake.

Fair winds and following seas captin Harris

Captain Phil was one of a kind the world is better place because we knew him and we will miss him. To his family; his strength will carry you through the emptiness you feel take comfort knowing how much he cared for you.

God Bless,


Dearest PHIL! Know that you brought so many wonderful memories of family and dedication to each of our lives, we will miss you and your "quiet" messages so much and the love you demonstrated for your family and others will Never be forgotten... GOD REST! XOXOXOX Shirley in TX & FAMILY!

I started watching Deadliest catch because of Capt. Phil Harris, I look forward to every season, And realy couldnt wait untill this new season. what a devastating blow, I just found out about 10 minutes ago and now im on here to see what happened. I really hope all the episodes will show this season with capt. Phil. Rest in peace Brother of the Sea, Theres no doubt the crab boats will have another Angel watching over them. Safe Passage My friend- and my condolances to his sons and his Family. With Deep Respect- Alan Lemay

None of us make it out of this life alive, so death is inevetable. But Phil Harris died doing what he loved, and that counts for a lot. I will miss him on the DC show, I hope they keep his boat on the show, so we can see how well his boys take over running the boat, if that is the case.

My family and I have enjoyed watching your adventures with your sons in the Bering Sea. Your fight and faith has brought me, a recent heart disease victim, strength and hope..........thank you Phil.

to the Harris famley:god will be with him and try to not just reflect on the bad try to selabrate your dad's life what ever you do in the days to come rember that he did love you and that he dide doing what he loved also. from a fan of the show GOD SPEED PHIL!

I want to express my sincere and heartfelt sadness forPhils death...to his family...please know he brought real life to us who never knew his life on the sea....and he did show he loved his famiy....i personally shall miss him on TV and as a person.....Lissa

Phil was like part of our family. we watched every move . he loved his family so much you could tell that .we will miss him i hope his sons carry on where he left off god bless them all.

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