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In rainy downtown L.A., a memorial for Michael Blosil

  Michael-blosil-memorial Los Angeles faced microbursts of rain and flash flood warnings on Saturday, the day after Michael Blosil, the son of Marie Osmond and her ex-husband Brian Blosil, took his own life downtown.

Non-Angelenos reading this might not realize the degree to which heavy rain shuts down this city -- still, shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday, a tiny memorial could be found on the sidewalk outside the Met apartment building on South Flower Street where Blosil lived.

A couple of passers-by commented quietly to one another -- "Is that ... ?" "Yeah, it is" -- and walked briskly on their way.

The met The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where Blosil was a student and where Season 6 of "Project Runway" was filmed, is on South Grand Avenue about two blocks east of the Met. Students gathered in the Met lobby Friday night, and "everyone was in shock,” FIDM student Tammy Nguyen told The Times. Blosil lived on the eighth floor.

An autopsy on Michael's body will probably be conducted Sunday, and an LAPD investigation into the death is underway. Friends and roommates who talked to police said Michael, who'd gone into rehab for undisclosed reasons when he was 16, was clean and sober around the time of his death, according to TMZ.

A call that someone had fallen from the building came in to 911 at 9:24 p.m. Friday night; KTLA reported that the 900 block of Flower was shut down for a period.

Marie Osmond has indefinitely canceled her show with brother Donny Osmond at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, E! Online reports. Blosil had lived with his mother in Las Vegas and finished up his senior year of high school there before coming to L.A. for further schooling at FIDM.

In March 2009, Marie told People: "I couldn't be more proud of him. He's got a 3.9 GPA in high school. He's looking at scholarships to some wonderful colleges."

The Ministry's thoughts are with Michael's parents, family and friends.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Flowers were left on the sidewalk, top, outside the Met apartment building on South Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday night. At right, a banner outside the entrance to the building. Credit: Christie D'Zurilla / Los Angeles Times.

A related dispatch from the Ministry of Gossip (which despite its name aims to respectfully report celebrity-related passings):

Marie Osmond's son Michael Blosil commits suicide in L.A.

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I am so sad to hear of this tragic loss not only for Ms Osmond but her entire family. A cold, the flu, appendicitis a Mother can always help........depression,,,,a battle we will never win. I pray for you for your family and all we have lost not having this man in the world today

My sympathies to Marie in the loss of her son. Very sad. Poor Marie seems to have had more than her share of sorrow in life...but through it all she carries herself like the true lady she is. God bless her.

I'm so sorry to hear about the Osmond's family loss. My own husband completed suicide July 20th, 2009 due to years of chronic back pain and depression, he had been disabled for 6 years. May your faith carry you through this difficult time. God Bless

i am so sorry for Marie and the whole Osmond family. Nothing could be more

I saw a comment from someone who posted making a point of the fact that Marie wasn't his mother. How horribly insensitive. I honesly am devestated by this. My age is between Donny and Marie. I have grown up with this family and it feels like my own family.

I am so sorry for this tragic loss. My heart goes out to the family. Suicide of a loved one is a horrific thing to go through. The Osmond's have a strong family bond and I know that the love they share will help through their darkest moments. RIP Michael.

hug your kids and tell them you love theme daily

This is so sad . The entire Osmond Family are wonderful loving people. I know God will comfort them.Please pray for the entire family. No one should have to bury their child or grandchild. My heart is broken for this family.We love you Marie. May God and faith be your comfort .

i am so saddened to hear about the death of michael blosil. my prayers and thoughts are with the osmonds as they cope with yet another loss to their wonderful family.


That is so sad. As someone who suffers from depression I know how he felt though. This act is always in the back of your mind. Most days you can worj through it. But sadly, as in this case that doesn't alwasy happen. You just want whatever is making your life miserable to go away. The reality of what you are doing doesn't come into play. Death doesn't feel final. It just feels like a release.

My heart goes out to Marie and her family. Even when bring so much fun and joy to others lives we can't always change the problems our own children have. I am sure that Marie has done her best. All your family can do now is hang on to the grip of Jesus great love. You and I grew up with each other in a strange distant way. Though our lives very different our lives have been much the same. Only Jesus and family can be your peace. Trust God and His promises to see you through

i am sorry to hear about Maria Osmond lost of her son i know what her and the family are going thru my son commit suicide in 2007 and he was my only son and it it hard every day still so i know what she will go thru just know you are all in my prayers

I would like to send my condolences to Maries and her other children and family! I used to watch the Donny and Marie show! I thought that it was so funny! Donny is such a character! And Marie with her so happy and bubblely personality! I can't amagin what she's going through as a Mother! I have only one Son, and I pray to GOD that nothing ever happens to him! Marie, my heart truely goe's out to YOU!

My prayers,love and sympathy go to the family.

God bless the osmond family and comfort them during this painful time. Only time can heal their unimagineable grief.

I feel so deeply sorry for his family but meanly his mother, i have 3 beautiful gorwn childern, my oldest is a police officer. I worry for my kids every day and night, i call my only daughter every morning just to say i love her, i pary for her everyday, she work's in down town L.A. and drives back and frouth to the valley, my other son near where i live, i always tell my childern no matter where they are at, that I LOVE THEM!!! And to be careful wherever they maybe. We do not know why this young man took his life, no one should say anything about him or point fingers, as i am typing this message my tear's are running down my face, I feel so much for his mother, i could not amagine and do not ever want to amagine what it feels like to lose a child, My son that is a police officer is in a very rough and tough job and belive me i pray for him to come home to his little girl everyday and his family, i worry 24/7 for my son, but only god knows what will happened to our childern, I want to say that my prayers are with You Ms Osmond. I grew up with you and your brother, i remember that song "candy appple" i think that is the name of that song but i remember you since back in the 70's, i had a mager crash on your brother lol but i new i could have never met him. Now we are older and we smile and remember about our child hood, No one knows what happened to that young man. Only god did so all you people should not sit there and say (oh maybe he did this or maybe he did that) cause no one really knows what he was thinking before he took his young life,. Just pray for his family and mother..Only a mother knows how it feels to lose a child, not to long ago a good friend of mine lost two friends and those boys were in there teens also and how? Only god knows...Take care and god bless The Osmond's.

My deepest sympathy to Marie and the Osmond family. I grew up with this family. They have endured so many sad events in their life, especially with the loss of their mother and father. They are a strong family and they will find the strength thru their faith to survive. I have 4 son's myself and cannot even bear the thought of loosing one of them. I am BiPolar myself and deal with mental illness every day. God keep you in his care. Bless You Debra

Marie and family,
I'm deeply sadden by this terrible news.
Keeping you and yours in our prayers. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

My sister did the same thing but with a gun thiry years still can not understand how bad things were for her.and do not realize she knewn how final it was. still to this day i not been back to grave. i live with were there signs i missed and miss her today just as much.i wish your family well and will think of you ofton

my thoughts and prayers are with the Osmond family durning this time bless them

Marie and family, I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Together you will get through.

I am shocked at the smiles and happiness I see on the brothers faces....thought they would at least show some respect with solemn faces!!


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