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Jesse James' dog Cinnabun is found and returned home!

James and sandy Cinnabun, the shop dog at Jesse James' West Coast Choppers garage in Long Beach, has been found and returned home. The pooch, who went missing Jan. 25, is a few pounds lighter and needs a bath after more than three weeks away from home, but she's back safe.

Click here and scroll down for pics of the happy reunion.

“She’s happy to be home and happy to be back with Mr. T,” garage employee Red Dodge said, referring to the shop's other dog, who James said "is happy to have his little buddy back."

A Los Angeles woman identified as Rosaura found Cinnabun "a while ago," James said, but didn't know the young pit bull was lost until she spotted a flier; she called the shop this morning. James says she'll be getting a reward; he'd offered $2,000 shortly after the dog went missing, later upping the ante to $5,000.

Amid James' Twitter-fueled effort to find Cinnabun, which was expanded with a Facebook page, there had been speculation about the dog's fate, including talk that she was being held for ransom. However, it seems she was just wandering the streets.

More good news: A dog-owner lesson has been learned by Sandra Bullock's husband. Said James: "We’re taking her to the vet to get her all checked out and chipped, and GPSd, and live-tracked by Google Earth…the works. We don’t want to lose this little gal again!!!"

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jesse James and Sandra Bullock arrive at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan. 23, 2010, two days before Cinnabun wandered off West Coast Choppers' property and went missing. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

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Jesse James certainly looks uncomfortable on the red carpet. He does not belong there and the fact that he went to make Sandra "happy" is a very sad turn of event. What a deviant. What was Sandra thinking hooking up with that freak?

I never could believe that Sandra Bullock married such a low life pig now he has proved to everyone just what he is. He deserves someone who has to tatoo their forhead to get attention. They deserve each other...as my Daddy alway's said "never cast pearls before swine" Sandra, pick up your pearls and don't look back!!!

She stood up and fought for him and his kids.She is a woman of great character but apparently isnt that great at reading people.I hope she can somehow trust again.I feel sadened for her and the children....The good thing is that he has been exposed to the world for the things he has done.He passed up true love for what.?...PAY UP SUCKER

Note to 2 JJ - get yu own sef chipped !


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