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Jennifer Aniston talks her dream house to Architectural Digest

Jen aniston two2

Jennifer Aniston plays cover girl to March's Architectural Digest, and while all the fuss seems to be about her Brad Pitt-free bathroom, I've uncovered some interesting design aspects about her remodeled digs, and her intentions in executing them.

Writer Cynthia McFadden speaks with the actress about the roughly 2 1/2-year project, led by designer Stephen Shadley.

"I am so proud of this house," Aniston said, "and I want to celebrate the people who made it: the master craftsmen who poured so much of themselves into its creation."

The "Friends" star first came across the home in the middle of renovation, and waited seven months until the owners agreed to sell, never doubting "the house would be mine one day."

She's named the abode "Ohana," based on the Hawaiian concept of extended family. It features 14-foot doors at the entry, leading to a travertine bridge over a koi pond and a spectacular Murano glass chandelier in its main hall.

Nodding to her green side, the majority of wood in the home was cut from fallen trees, and the roof features sizable solar panels. Entertaining is Aniston's niche, however, and the revamped pad can certainly accommodate that...

AD jen aniston
...with the likes of a walnut dining table that seats 24, a game room with vintage pool table and city views, and a cozy kitchen with a pizza oven and wine room.

 "I can just imagine the Rat Pack stopping by," she said, "someone is playing the piano [a fruitwood Sauter for you design nuts], and people are laughing in the next room."

And while the "His" section of her double bathroom has been converted to a spa bath with soaking tub, it's by no means a place for the lonely.

"It's like a big hug," Aniston said of the house. "People can get so distracted by the static."

Check out the full story, with photos from Peggy Sirota, when Architectural Digest hits stands nationwide next week.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photos: Above: Jennifer Aniston beams at January's Golden Globe Awards. Credit: Alerie Macon / AFP/Getty Image. Below: The actress looks cozy on the cover of Architectural Digest. Credit: Peggy Sirota 

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Ms. Passed Around Hollywood Aniston and her home? What's the point of this article for a mediocre actress?

Looking forward to receiving this issue of AD. Sounds like not the usual Hollywood digs. Btw, this is the first time I've read anything about Anniston in the L.A. Times that is remotely positive. Usually you guys are pretty bitchy about her. Unnecessarily so, I might ad.

Isnt Brad Pitt really into Architecture? I bet he subscribes to this magazine. Things that make you go hmm.....

I'll defintely pick up the mag. Her home sound really cool and she seems really cool too. I'll be 40 in 5 years and I wanna do it like she does.

TRANSPARENT. She wants to sell a movie, trying to entice her female sympathizing fans, by 'inviting them' into her homes. But it looks too flashy and luxurious, so she does the Haiti Fundraising. What a FRAUD.

Good for Jen! She will need the space when Brad moves the kids in. lol xoxo

"Extended family???", she's doesnt' even got one family of herself...BTW I like it when celebrities open thier door for some photo ops one day, they yell for some privacy after.

Yes, i guess every single woman who designs a home of her own should worry about whether, or not her ex-husband reads digest.Some of you women really amaze me, instead of you celebrating the fact that a independent sister is doing it her way, you take set women's lib back about 70 years with comments like;"Isnt Brad Pitt really into Architecture? I bet he subscribes to this magazine. Things that make you go hmm....."

Posted by: Sylvia Renner | Feb 04, 2010 at 05:05 PM

TRANSPARENT. "She wants to sell a movie, trying to entice her female sympathizing fans, by 'inviting them' into her homes. But it looks too flashy and luxurious, so she does the Haiti Fundraising. What a FRAUD.

Posted by: Jenfraud | Feb 04, 2010 at 10:05 PM

To JenFraud, why don't you stop stalking this woman. She could care less about that homewrecker Jolie, who goes to 3rd world countries, and grabs a refugee" when she has a film to promote".
Where was Jolie when all of the other entertainers were doing the telethon,hum? Yep, we got a quick lie from an anonymous source saying she was doing a shoot for Vanity Fair, who by the well shot it down saying she was not doing a shoot for them. My guess, she was doing what she always does, and that's trying to keep all the attention on herself. She doesn't like to share the spotlight.

Too obvious. Exatly one year after Brad appears on the cover of AD, her PR people get her on...just in time to sell another crappy movie. After all, how many times can one person strip for a movie promotion? I wish everything didn't all seem to link back to Brad, Jen. It's covert stalking.

What's the matter CISCO? Jealous? Jennifer Aniston is an independent woman who can make her own happiness. She is a beautiful girl, and please everyone, don't worry....she's pretty and smart, and I'm sure someone is going to snatch her off the market. She is a good girl! She has provided us with many years of entertainment, and held herself together so well during a publically humilating divorce. I think she has done a fantastic house, and guess she must be all that if all her friends like hanging with her at bachelorett pad! Love it!

she's so so so pathetic...how can you pretend like your priority is privacy, when you're displaying your private HOME to the world?

She just makes me sad lately....have fun beggin brad to come back (he left you once for another woman, he'll do it again...i guess you're boring!!) and pretending like his babies aren't also angelina's!! haha, are you going to try and make them call you "mommy?"

TOO PATHETIC, please try to have some dignity

I really don't understand people who don't like Jennifer or think that she is not over Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston has been nothing but a class act ever since her divorce and I think she is a great role model for all women. If she is proud of the work she has done to her home there is nothing wrong with showing it off. Celebrities do this all the time.

Grace there's nothing to be jealous of, especially by the likes of Ms. Passed Around Jen (Brad, Vince, John, and whoever her next victim she'll cling onto). She's such a mediocre, uninteresting actress. I believe women go gaga over her more because of her hair than her acting talent(if she has that at all...oops unfortunately she was given an undeserved Emmy for comedy...one of NATAS' embarrassing moments of course). Every role she's taken on is basically Rachel has an affair, Rachel is a drug addict, Rachel is pregnant, Rachel, Rachel Rachel...no range, no substance, all one sees is Rachel from "Friends". And according to my nephew who met Brad Pitt one night and played pool with him, it was divulge that Ms. "Rachel" Aniston did not want kids and Brad did. She was only interested in furthering her acting career. Plus Brad's mother wasn't exactly fond of her also and Brad is a big mama's boy to boot. Jen "Rachel" is a big bore...let's move on to someone more interesting please.

Wow, Jennifer

Wow, Jennifer Aniston just wouldn't stop stalking Brad Pitt she knows he like architecture and probably subscribes to the magazine this girl just live her life stalking that man and she does it in such a sneaky way. Brad Pitt might as well go back to his crazy ex-wife but he will be digging his grave and his children's because she hates Angelina and Brad's children are partly hers quite franky I wish he would if he thinks life is bad now with angie and those kids try pleasing psycho Jen and children.

She is classy, gorgeous, and YES, extremely likeable and talented. And the people who are making up stories about her are insanely, amusingly, jealous and bitter...wow!
If you really know their history, then you know Aniston got Pitt into Architecture..he has copied every women he's been with..the same haricuts, styles, hobbies, philanthropy (Gwyneth, Juliette, Jennifer, etc.). Concentrate on your own personal lives and stop reading recycled interviews that tabloids use from 5 years ago..seriously.
I bought this issue of AD, and it was because I really wanted to see her aesthetic and the finished process, and it is absolute perfect!


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