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Report: Howard Stern tapped to replace Simon Cowell on 'American Idol'

Howard stern idolShock jock Howard Stern has been offered Simon Cowell's seat on the "American Idol" dais, a new report says.

The New York Post's Page Six claims that Stern is in negotiations to replace the critical Brit in 2011 when his Sirius XM contract expires. He's hinted at mulling the gig on several occasions on air.

"It's one of the few shows that could compete with Stern's $100-million-a-year Sirius contract, and 'Idol' bosses think he'd be even nastier than Simon," an "Idol" source tells the Post.

Compete it might, but whispers in Stern's camp say he's not thrilled about touring the country auditioning talent, nor is he excited about the amount of time he'd spend in Los Angeles for performance and result shows.

"I was approached by a major TV network to take over a TV show and leave here and do that next year -- and I did turn it down ... I'm not even sure if I want to be working. I'm waiting to see what happens," Stern recently said on his show. 

This doesn't mean the Fox ratings juggernaut is ready to give up.

"They know he would be great TV and would clash with the other judges such as Ellen DeGeneres and the contestants. 'Idol' will do what it takes to sign him," the show source added. 

A Stern source echoed to Page Six the belief that "this is a ploy to make Sirius pay up and keep him on his huge contract. But if Sirius can't pay him the money he wants, he may negotiate to film 'Idol' on the side."

Stern would join newly tapped daytime queen DeGeneres, songwriter Kara DioGuardi and producer Randy Jackson

Would you watch Howard on "Idol"? Would he make a worthy successor for Simon? Tell us in comments.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: The new face of "American Idol"? Howard Stern in 2007. Credit: Peter Foley / EPA 

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I'll quit watching if Stern's on the show! The man is a pig!

If any one of you nay sayers listened to Howards show .you would already know that all the auditions would have to take place in New York .and work around Howards therapy appointments that he goes to every day and he ,s in bed by nine pm. Howard is an actor while on the air. He's a giving and loving family man when he's not at work. expecting him to be the same on and off the air, would be like Tom Hanks always acting like Forrest Cump......Baaah Baaahh Boooy to you all.

Howard would be an amazing judge on AI. He is extremely intelligent, hilarious, and knows how to edge back on the dirty material. All you idiots say you would stop watching ( which we know u wont ) but for everyone one that leaves 2 more people will pick it up. Its a perfect marketing scheme and it would totally keep the show on air for another 4-5 years.

I would love Howard on anything he is the most entertaining celebrity in pop culture today. Stern rules! BA BA BOOI!

If Howard Stern is becomes part of American Idol I will never watch the show again. I have been watching since season 1.

I was sad to see Paula go, but am willing to give Ellen a chance because I like her. Howard Stern is a horrible role model and to me is a person of terrible/sick character.

Please tell me this is NOT true. Say what you will about Stern's "Shock value", (if that is value), but I find him consistently offensive and needlessly vulgar. American Idol is not about "Shock value"; it's about what mainstream Americans like, which Stern has never known. Stern has never known what ordinary people like, and he prefers it that way.
Please, this is the LAST thing American Idol needs. It will be the end of the show for me, and I've faithfully watched for years. Stern is too controversial and too offensive to make it work. He'll polarize people.

This is the best move fox could make. Not many people could replace Simon but Howard is definitely one of them. I hope this actually happens...

I am a very AVID fan of Idol, but I seriously feel you will be making a grave error on your part hiring Howard Stern. As a female, I find him extremely offensive and vulgar with his mangy manner. Simon may be extremely critical, and yes at times unfairly character smashing. However, he is still in my opinion a very charming and in his special way an adorable man.He truly does make the show. How can you for one minute consider replacing him with such an unappealing and cheezy charachter like Howard? I beg and plead with you, please consider another replacement, just about anyone would be better than Howard Stern. I have loved your show from the very beginning. I have never missed a season,and very few episodes if any. I want to continue to watch it. My friends and family feel exactly the same way.

His show isn't about music? Have you ever listened to the Stern show?

Howard has made a career of listening to, commenting on and interviewing and playing the music of musicians from all genres of music.

He would be a perfect addition.

Please let this be true. This is the ONLY way I would watch Idol. Stern would definitely speak the truth. Everyone hated Simon, but he was the only one with the kahunas to say what everyone was thinking. Stern would be the same way.

Please let this be true. This is the ONLY way I would watch Idol. Stern would definitely speak the truth. Everyone hated Simon, but he was the only one with the kahunas to say what everyone was thinking. Stern would be the same way.

It's a talent show. How can someone with absolutely no talent be a judge? (Besides Paula) Put Stern on and watch the show die a quick death. Simon has always been the only judge worth listening to when it comes to assessing talent.

This is BS. Not even Fox is so dumb. Stern paid them for the story to "goose" Sirius. IF there's a dollar there, he'd be gone. White trash.... screwed Siri's shareholders.... never offered value.

Awesome... totally awesome.

I have never enjoyed watching american idol because I think its made for 13 year old girls, but if howard stern becomes judge i'll tune into every episode. I'm not a stern fanboy I dont have sirius satelitte. I find it funny to see all the soccer mom's having a hissy fit about this tho lol

Have they lost their mind?????? I love Simon and hate Howard Stern; I mean I vehemently loathe the guy. He is repulsive and crude , whereas Simon is just brutally honest . There is no comparison. Simon is tough but Stern is just repulsive. He looks like a rat dragged out of a sewer. I 'm following Simon and Paula to X factor.

Stern's vile schtick is ovah. The only people left watching will be his tiny fan base of miscreant losers. Hundreds of millions from exploiting women isn't enough? When AI screwed over Paula, it was the final nail and the rest is last gasps of a dying show. How any woman could watch this bunch of misogynists who need your demographic dollars but who crap all over women is incomprehensible. The only "hater" is HS so zip it, Bubbahs and have another Bud

I have been a fan of American Idol since day one, very dedicated fan. BUT, if Howard Stern takes Simon's spot, I will never watch it again. There are teenagers and adults that could and would be offended by such a bigot, which is putting it mildly. What talent does he have that relates to American Idol? If he is a reflection of an American Idol, then I want not parts of it.

Howard Stern is the only talent that can keep the wheels on Idol after Simon leaves. This showed up in the POST, I expect this to be real.

Not a good replacement...Fox: keep looking!!!

With Stern judging I would watch. And I'm sure I would be joined by many of his other EIGHT MILLION listeners. But he'll never do it. The dude hates doing anything but being at work, in one of his two homes in NY, or on vacation with Kimmel in Mexico. Ah well, it would've been great.

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Howard Stern would be a nightmare. If this happens I'll never watch AI again.
He's a pig!

Howard has a bad name because of his crass humor...I get it. The people who hate him most likely haven't taken the time to listen to him...makes sense. What needs to be taken into account is that Howard has a show to promote and keep ratings. He does this by using shocking language and by keeping the listner on their toes. If you listen to Howard on a regular basis you would learn that he's actually quite witty and does have a serious side. Howard is also a excellent interviewer and asks the tough questions all other interviewers hint around at. All I'm saying is that there's a reason he is being paid 100 mill/year on sirius, and a reason why he's been #1 everywhere he's done radio. It's not because he's dumb, it's because he's a genius at promoting, smart, funny, and self deprecating. Don't know how he would do as an Idol judge, but would tune in to find out. He wouldn't turn Idol into "dirty" show...he's too smart for that and it would turn too many viewers away. He will add humor and a little edge which I think the show can use.

Howard Stern is a filthy minded egotist.

If they did this, I would NEVER watch another Idol show. I suspect that a lot of longtime viewers feel this way. If the producers want to kill Idol, it would be a lot faster and cheaper just to stop rather than dumping it into a cesspool.

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