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Report: Howard Stern tapped to replace Simon Cowell on 'American Idol'

Howard stern idolShock jock Howard Stern has been offered Simon Cowell's seat on the "American Idol" dais, a new report says.

The New York Post's Page Six claims that Stern is in negotiations to replace the critical Brit in 2011 when his Sirius XM contract expires. He's hinted at mulling the gig on several occasions on air.

"It's one of the few shows that could compete with Stern's $100-million-a-year Sirius contract, and 'Idol' bosses think he'd be even nastier than Simon," an "Idol" source tells the Post.

Compete it might, but whispers in Stern's camp say he's not thrilled about touring the country auditioning talent, nor is he excited about the amount of time he'd spend in Los Angeles for performance and result shows.

"I was approached by a major TV network to take over a TV show and leave here and do that next year -- and I did turn it down ... I'm not even sure if I want to be working. I'm waiting to see what happens," Stern recently said on his show. 

This doesn't mean the Fox ratings juggernaut is ready to give up.

"They know he would be great TV and would clash with the other judges such as Ellen DeGeneres and the contestants. 'Idol' will do what it takes to sign him," the show source added. 

A Stern source echoed to Page Six the belief that "this is a ploy to make Sirius pay up and keep him on his huge contract. But if Sirius can't pay him the money he wants, he may negotiate to film 'Idol' on the side."

Stern would join newly tapped daytime queen DeGeneres, songwriter Kara DioGuardi and producer Randy Jackson

Would you watch Howard on "Idol"? Would he make a worthy successor for Simon? Tell us in comments.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: The new face of "American Idol"? Howard Stern in 2007. Credit: Peter Foley / EPA 

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That's when I would have to STOP watching Idol! Can't stand Howard Stern.

He would be the only person that could keep the show on top...but that is the exact reason he will never accept the offer. Stern loves to be an underdog, and AI is already at its peak, Stern would not be willing to take a venture that only has one direction to go (down).

Two comments...Cowell, though often exceptionally rude, was usually right on the money re: talent. He has produced several performers that have done well in sales. Stern? He has no musical talent/experience to speak of, and would be a huge distraction from the whole point of AI.

Secondly, Stern would bring a lot of new watchers, but would drive off--I think--an even larger audience. Yes, he did wonders for Sirius, but he's a trash talk guy, perfect for satellite radio. The thoughts of seeing his face and hearing his voice on prime time network TV makes me nauseous. I'd rather watch just about any other celebrity, except Paris Hilton, in that chair.

No a flipping chance would I continue to watch. Fox has lost their minds and are proving that they do NOT have the audience or performers in their best interests.

I've been a devoted Idol fan since its inception.

I will no longer watch Idol if Howard Stern is one
of the judges. Disgusting and crude.

I would watch more than I ever watched before.

They may lose a lot of viewers, but they'll gain a whole lot more as well. People will finally realize (those who don't listen to him), that he's not anything near what he's painted to be. "Stern's a pig"...obviously someone who doesn't listen to his show. His show is his show people...and he's genuinely a great person. Many new viewers will turn out...guaranteed, while you Stern haters (and you hate him only because you think you should) can go watch Anne of Green Gables or whatever it is you watch.
(Do you really think he'd make it an R rated show? Morons)

Pretty sure they would pick up more viewers than they lose.

You can tell the people on here that have never even heard the Stern Show but have decided they know all about him. Really it doesnt matter because he will never do the show anyway, but anyone with even a bit of entertainment savy knows that Stern is one of the few people that could save the show. All the people swearing they wont watch actually WILL watch and they know it. Plus you'll get people just tuning in to see what the fuss is about and if the show is entertaining they will keep watching.

If Sterns in Im out for good. The integrity of the show would be completly lost if Stern replaced Simon. Total insanity!

Stern has no Music Industry experience or credits that would make him relevant to the show's theme - which is singing talent. Even Ellen misses this qualifier, but at least she isn't a base, immoral shock jock who's only claim to fame is "fartman".

Look at the responses to this request for posting. Stern gets people interested. The buzz is on!!!

It would probably mean the end to satellite radio if Howard Stern left. I have to watch American Idol with my wife and I would be psyched if Howard Stern replaced Simon Cowell. Too many people just view Howard as a lesbian loving, penis joke telling shock jock. The truth is Howard is intelligent, articulate, and knows a lot about music. I believe he would be an asset to American Idol..

Howard Stern is just what Idol needs. It would revitalize the show. I can't think of anyone who would be a better replacement for Simon (who I love). Howard has a great sense of humor and is a genius at interacting with people. He used to be a radio disk jockey, so he knows more about music than Ellen. Please, Howard, accept the offer!!

This would Be great but howard won't do it. Stern talks a big game but never follows through. I would I would is all he says- he would be great, I would watch idol for the first time and guarantee it's success. He will not do it although I wish he would.

American Idol would have to be shown only on an IMAx screen, in order to accommodate Stern;s nose and ego.

I don't watch American Idol but would watch Howard Stern if he were a judge. People forget how literate and how connected to the showbusiness industry he is. As soon as I saw the headline I thought he'd be perfect.

STERN IS THE GREATEST! what an amazing addition that would be. Btw what does ellen know about music? nothing. But she's entertaining. And guess what. Howard is more entertaining than anyone in the world. Hes witty and quick and above all HONEST!

Definitely!Who else could bring millions of audience with him.He is one of a kind in terms of drawing attention and scoring big ratings.He is one of those entertainers that are outrageous and obscene but still people cant help watching them!!!

I love AI...have watched it since the begnning, but if Stern pelaces Cowell, I'll never watch the show again. Is Fox taking lessons from one of the other networks????

Wow, I can't think of a worse replacement.

No, period.

Great - First you get a lesbian, now an athiest pervert - and this is Fox. Imagine where liberal CBS or NBC will take it to compete! These are the role models for our sons and daughters - they fit in perfectly with the head of our new, top-down management ("Obama.") Very excited. Maybe next year bring in Jeff Dahmer and Adolf Hitler.

First off, Howard would be great. What does he know about singing, what does Ellen know about singing. What makes two untalented has-beens like Randy Jackson or Paula qualified to judge talent. Losing Simon will hurt the show but it cant survive with three bland judges.

Howards been judging artist for years on his show...he's carried the radio industry for years...What does he know about singing!?! Get a clue morons!

i only needed one more reason to stop watching IDOL. if Howard Stern joins the IDOL team, i've found it!

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