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'Growing Pains' actor Andrew Koenig is missing; son of Walter Koenig was last seen in Vancouver

Andrew koenig Andrew Koenig, the actor who played Richard "Boner" Stabone to Kirk Cameron's Mike Seaver in more than two dozen late-1980s episodes on the sitcom "Growing Pains," has been missing for a week, and family -- dad is Walter Koenig of "Star Trek" -- friends and the police are concerned. 

His sister, Danielle Koenig, said he was last seen Feb. 14 in Vancouver, where he was visiting friends, Zap2It reports. He was to have flown out Feb. 16 but didn't make the flight.

He'd been staying with Jenny Magenta, a burlesque dancer, since Feb. 10. She's been posting on her personal Facebook page since Friday about his disappearance, and has commented on Twitter as well.

Celebrities, according to an earlier Zap2It article, including Alyssa Milano and Sara Silverman, have been on Twitter and on blogs, spreading the word.

"The Vancouver police are involved, and lots of people are looking," actor and TV host David Holmes said on radio host Jesse Thorn's blog at Maximum Fun.

Andrew's parents, Walter and Judy Koenig, told "Entertainment Tonight" on Sunday that they'd last heard from him Feb. 9, and Judy said his phone had received a text from a friend Feb. 16 in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver. (Walter is best known as "Star Trek's" Pavel Chekhov.)

"We heard from him in early February when he was staying with friends in Toronto," Judy told ET. "He sounded fine, but I was worried about him."

Walter koenig They also told TMZ that their son had been "suffering from depression" in the days leading up to his disappearance and that they planned to fly to Vancouver in the next few days.

Walter Koenig told "ET" about the Vancouver police: "They have been kind, sensitive, generous and just extraordinary. Two of their investigators are working tirelessly today on their day off. They have been wonderful."

As in other interviews, he asked anyone with information to contact the Vancouver investigators at (604) 717-2534.

Andrew Koenig, who has worked periodically as an actor since "Growing Pains," is also the camera operator on the podcast "Never Not Funny."  Producer-director-writer Lance Miccio, who said he'd worked with Andrew several times, told TMZ that Koenig had passed on a project Miccio had discussed with him two weeks ago, saying he "wasn't going to work anymore."

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Andrew Koenig, who has been missing for a week, top left. At right, a happier Walter Koenig, Andrew's father, on Jan. 20, 2010, at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' 19th Annual Hall of Fame Induction in Beverly Hills. Credits: handout, top left; Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, right. 

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There has been a rash of young men disappearing in the lower mainland of vancouver over the past few years, let's hope Boner isn't one of them and he's found safe and sound.

He's not really missing. God knows where he is always. We need to keep him in our prayers along with the search team.

If "god" knew where he was then why does he do nothing about it? Poor place for a religious insert. I hope he is well and get's in touch with his family soon.

I hope they find Walter's son soon. It's sad, no matter who you are, when you here of a loved one gone missing. My prayers are with you Walter.

Many people come to Vancouver to disappear, one way or another.

I hope he's found safe and gets help.

With all due respect to the parents and friends, one cannot help wonder if the police couldn't have made such a tireless effort in the case of the 53+++ missing and slain mothers and daughters on Vancouver's "hell's kitchen' east end. If you want Olympic stories, people go missing here all the time. Pictures are up on buses and ferries regularly. Sometimes it is crime, sometimes it is crack and sometimes it's just a place people feel they can hide.

God's speed to the angsted hearts over this dissappearance

I know how it feels like there is no hope, no one who will understand just how you feel...but if by chance the young man is reading this.....(yes I do mean you Andrew) this too will pass, and you do have someone who cares for you. At least one person needs you in their life.....you may not even know who it is. It could be me, a family memeber or long lost friend. But you are missed. PLEASE COME HOME!

I pray for his family that they get strength from this.



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