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Gary Coleman hospitalized after seizure on 'The Insider' set

Gary coleman in courtGary Coleman suffered an apparent seizure on the set of "The Insider" on Friday and was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital. Fellow panelist Dr. Drew Pinsky, who was sitting next to him at the time, administered care until paramedics arrived. (Note to self: If possible, always make sure Dr. Drew is nearby in case of emergency.)

It's not the only recent medical setback for the Utah-based actor, who in January suffered a seizure requiring hospitalization while he was in L.A. for a meeting regarding removing full-frontal nudity from a film in which he stars.

Coleman, who is 41, suffers from a congenital kidney disease and requires frequent dialysis, which he has said he prefers not to discuss. "The Insider" says it won't release footage of the incident, E! Online reports.

Coleman had appeared before on an "Insider" panel that aired Feb. 17, angrily defending himself against questions regarding his relationship with his wife and allegations of domestic violence. In that expletive-peppered appearance, Coleman stormed off the set.

He was scheduled for a meet-and-greet and to perform stand-up comedy Saturday night at the Temple Music Hall in Canandaigua, N.Y. A phone call to the venue was not immediately returned.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Gary Coleman talks to reporters before entering court in Santaquin, Utah, on Feb. 8, 2010, where he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge related to a domestic violence incident last April. Credit: Stuart Johnson / Deseret News / Associated Press.

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I hope Gary has a speedy recovery. It must have been hard always being in the spotlight and always criticized. ITs odd how they are quick to focus and judge you on your life when there are bigger stories. ITs no wonder why your angry with alot of these people. And you haven't even really had a childhood. People think your a joke. I think your brave, but your tired of being tired and of always trying to keep your head above the water in this insane world. Dont let these people get to you Gary. One day you will find the peace. God Bless!

Nick you are so 'on target.' Mr. Coleman is going through major stress and is at a crossroads. He has major medical concerns; he has had two kidney transplants and currently on dialysis. He is going through major financial stress due to his situation; believe me those meds are not cheap; dialysis is not cheap; hospitalization is not cheap and the stress on his body and on his spirit is huge. He is a man who deserves our compassion and praise instead of the kind of rudeness he experienced on the first Insider show; the person who kept pushing and pushing him because she needed to 'get the answers' she wanted only exacerbated his situation. He may have problems with his wife and he may need to address these in a court of law not in the 'court of The Insider.' The Producers of that show needed to stop taping and remove that person from the panel and show Mr. Coleman some respect. He was their invited guest and deserved better. Agree with him or not, he deserved their respect or they should not have invited him as a guest. My prayer for him is that he gets the medical help he deserves, gets stronger and has some peace in his life. The Insider producers, etal need to educate themselves on renal failure and humble themselves and pay for Mr. Coleman's hospitalization as that bill will be large. They owe him one huge apology. Go Gary!

all will be fine Gary pray to God he is with you

Why in the lords name are they NOT going to show us the footage???

I also wish Gary the best. I still use his phrase ...what choo talkin about willis... so many years later. He has issues that most of us do not, despite his earlier fame and "fortune". Go Gary. In my thoughts. Big Fan.

The only reason this man is even remotely relevant is purely for comic relief. While I would never wish for anyone to have such health issues, in my opinion the truth of the matter is that he is a fundamentally flawed person, and is quite simply a jerk. Why he is garnering anyone's sympathy is beyond me. Many people have had the kind of problems in life that he has had. Most of them act like adults and learn to move on. The world doesn't owe you anything, Gary. Grow up and start acting like someone we can all respect.

P.S. Is not Dr. Drew one of the coolest guys on the planet?

Gary Coleman should try to go get some professional help. He suffers from a number of health problems in addition to also being bipolar - a condition in which he sometimes suffers from (manic) depression. He even thought about and tried to commit suicide twice!!

That is probably mainly what causes him to lash out at people, but he needs to come to terms with these problems, face them head-on and try to conquer them. I think that when he does that, he'll be fine. Poor little guy!!



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