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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt are suing tabloid over breakup story

Brangelina Game on! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are taking legal action against the British tabloid News of the World for its story last month that alleged the couple were working out details of a split.

"The News of the World has failed to meet our clients' reasonable demands for a retraction of and apology for these false and intrusive allegations which have now been widely republished by mainstream news outlets," a lawyer working for the couple in London said in a statement. "We have advised them to bring proceedings, which they have now done."

In a letter cited in that statement, Sorrell Trope, the divorce attorney whose name was mentioned in the NOTW article, denied that he was in touch with the couple.

The Jan. 24 article, which was picked up by the Drudge Report late Jan. 23, the night of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, immediately caused a rip in the celebrity space-time continuum. Then on Jan. 25, the Monday after the Globes, the Ministry of Gossip treated the claims as a total joke, much to the dismay of readers clicking through for hard news.

Hayley Barlow, a spokeswoman for the News of the World, had no comment on the court filing.

Doesn't get much savvier than showing up and smooching at a game that turns out to be the most viewed TV event ever, and then immediately telling your detractors -- in court -- to kiss off.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

[For the record, 7:58 p.m.: A previous version of this post said the Golden Globe Awards were held Jan. 23. In fact, Jan. 23 was the night of the Screen Actors Guild Awards; the Ministry was in fact in the SAG Awards press room when we first heard -- and dismissed -- the NOTW rumor. A thousand pardons for our award-season fumble, and thanks to commenter Theo Kingma for the catch./cdz]

Photo: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive on the red carpet for the premiere of "Inglourious Basterds" in Cannes, France, on May 20, 2009. Credit: Francois Mori / Associated Press

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I agree! And to be honest with you, Im pretty tired of hearing about them! Breakup already!

I am very happy with the latest news Angelina-Pitts.
Each day the yellow press becomes more and more sadist.
I believe this time the press went too far and the law suit is probably the only way to stop them. Besides the pursuit of money, it is undeniable the envy and resent towards Angelina and the way she manages her marriage, her career, her children and the dedication, devotion to charities.
The magazines have abused her so much. I wish all of them pay the price for trying to degrade a nice family just for pure hate. Angelina, stay beautiful!

In general to all people, specially ladies, that are holding back certain resentment to Angelina and are waiting for a break up, thinking that Pitt will go back to his ex I have to say these thoughts and comments are the lowest; for the ex and for any other woman. A frame of mind of a cavern's age woman with the moral of a flea, specially when
one has tried one hundred lovers while waiting for the obscure miracle. The forces of the Universe cannot please those thoughts...Please live and let live!!!

England and US soon have forgotten Ladi Di. What a shame!

Suing Trashy Tabloids, that's nothing new, what celebrity hasn't sued the tabloids. And quite honestly, I really don't care about the personal lives of Brad and Angelina. What they do is none of my business and everyone else should mind their business also.

So many comments supporting angelina - only on this site - most places on the net she has received tremendous criticism. I am guessing their publicists are finally at work here.

I respect a couple like Scar Jo and Ryan Reynolds - imagine what they can make out of that liason - it is an untapped media goldmine. And they can make billlions out of it and donate a part to charity also. But Scar jo has spoken up for privacy and I respect her for that. She did not sell her wedding pics to media and does not appear arrogantly on her man's arm on the red carpet in every event. If you want media out of your life, don't court it in the first place.

I think Brad and Angelina are two of the most dignified people in Hollywood. I don't expect them to be perfect, but they at least seem to try to maintain some dignity and keep their dirty laundry at home. If folks want someone to trash, there are a lot of people in the public eye that might deserve it, but Brad and Angelina do not fit into that catagory.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt can not suing tabloid over breakup story. Because they 're Action very very very good job ..... I'll be waiting ..... it is true story

Yes they are celeberties. But they dont deserve this crazy gossip that state that they have split or cheated. If its true..it will happen. But after so many years of the same dumb speculations...c'mon now..these two are in love, they are living life just like you and me. Not every couple are happy 24/7. We are go thru stuff, we argue, we fight, we kiss, we make up...if we last, we last. These two are still going strong..I've never doubted thier relationship. Look at their family...lovely. All those dumb people that are so mean spirited should go jump off the bridge of stupidity. AJ is a wonderful lady. Sure she was once wild and was a bit different..but overall..she's human. Like you and me. We ourselves are not perfect...in fact I envy AJ for the woman, mother, actress and charitable person that she is. Lesson learn...if you think you are better than her...prove it! Bet you your not. And doesnt matter what you say...she is still loved by more people than you will ever have loved in your lifetime. YOu may hate her..but i'm sure her kids are crazy about thier mom and so is all those that she have helped or touch. We need more AJ in this world. Less of selfish, ignorant haters like some of these people that only know to talk trash about this couple. But you know..its sad..because while you talk trash bout her...she is living a wonderfule, care free, loving life. So boo hoo for you.

Excuse me??!!! Angelina should sue Jennifer Aniston for those lies.. wake up and smell the coffee.. Angelina STOLE Brad away from Jennifer.. second of all Angelina NEEDS HELP due to her violent temper, throwing things around, drinking and yelling on the cell phone to Brad, what more can he takes those trash from her??!!!! My opinion is.. He need to DUMP her and go back work things out with Jennifer, Jennifer have MORE CLASS than Angelina! I'm SICK of hearing about Angelina craps.. she need to commit herself into a mental hospital and stay there until she work out her own issues with depression, mentally abused her exs and ex husbands just to get her own way..what a sick woman! I'm proud of Jennifer Aniston for her mature way of handling things for the last 5 years and positive for herself. Brad have been calling Jennifer lots of time now due to Angelina's out of control behavior that drove him into the bottle so he can get some stress relief from her stupid stuffs she been throwing at him! So face it why Angelina's unable to keep her ex husbands?? Think about it! She's a freaking loser!

For all these brangelina supporters its time u realized this couple is just a fantasy and people are beginning to get tired of it...

Jen and Brad were the perfect couple because they were real. With Angelina, we cant all help but feel something is terribly wrong, its like we have been watching a five year movie, it looks good but it aint real coz there life together has been carefully choreographed!!!

PLEASE LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE !!!!!!The stupid media do not realize this garbage will hurt the kids..

Yeah that's the ticket. Sue their pants off and donate to Brangelina fave charities. Send them the message that nobody shld enrich themselves from Lies.

to all those who stated, *who cares, or *It is people such as you that keep the gossip nonsense going*I'm so tired of the 'Brangelina' circus*

YOU READ THIS ARTICAL DID YOU NOT ?? so apparently you care and you are keeping the gossip/circus going as well by paying attention to it.

anywho i don’t buy the magazines or the tabloids but if it is on the news sites ill read it but do not pose an opinion because honestly how do any of us know what is true and what is not unless it comes directly from the source.But it is interesting to read sometimes. That is all i am saying

They have every right to sue the tabloid. The tabloid should be ashamed of being so cheap that it has nothing to write about.
Why concentrate on spreading rumours and why would anyone in their mind publish nonsense to the public.

I urge readers to stop reading crap tabloids.

Its time tabloids respected privacy and only publish what is genuine.

It is annoying to do that to people who are just living their lives.

This tabloid should shape up or close up! period

go angie go brad.....make your selves more handsome and beautiful... you are the most talk now...hehe...be the king be the queen

Just to some of you in, the person that owns the magazine they are threatening to sue, is also the owner of the mansion they rented in New York, who is also part of Fox production that also produced Jolie's latest movie " Salt". Career killer, thy name is Jolie. Ciao....lol

They won't get any money out of this, and yes when Brad finally leaves her it will be for some woman he has never had yet...yet...Get ready ladies to disrobe like Angie did to slam dunk him...lol Yep, they're the Gosselins of the acting world.(It does look forced)Is it just me or are these two just starting to evoke the thought 'gross' when you see them?

I think they both look like they have quite a few miles on them. Neither is aging very well. Perhaps it could be guilty consciences? Is it just me or does anyone else want to rip that fugly beard thing off Pitt's face?
Really, I'm not ordinarily that hostile, it just irritates me.....

Hopefully, now that Brangelina are suing the tabs, they'll stop reporting on them all together, and they can become one of those couples that only appear when they're promoting a movie.

if it is a lie they should sue..when I buy this trash it is good to know I am paying for the truth..

@Terri -- Why would CNN, etc., risk their cred by picking up a story from a tabloid unless their sources have confirmed?
@Bluejeans -- Just curious, what have those two twits contributed to the arts?
@margarita -- Why does Angelina "deserve" respect? For breaking up a marriage? For having 3 children out of wedlock? For being a lousy actress? What?

The reason the tabloids went so far with this trash is that the Jolie-Pitts previously made it a policy to ignore such garbage. But now their kids are old enough to read and it's probably hurting them. Sue the tabloids! Sue them all. Teach them they can't play with people's lives. And to Cameron below: they sold their babies' pictures to keep the papparazzi from pestering them....and they gave all the money to UNICEF. to Cathy: Brad go back to Jen??? Are you actually believing this tabloid crap?

You have to laugh at some of the comments regarding Brad leaving his FAMILY and going back to JA. These people must clutch their Mills and Boons tightly to their chests as they go to sleep at night dreaming of Brad.......Funny thing is Brad Pitt is not an imortal, the dude is 47 years old and has a pair of baby twins who are more than likely teething, of course they look tired! LOL! But no matter what the tabs makeup or all the hate festering through the internet, these guys must wake and look at their kids and think 'Life is good'.

It's alright if the tabloids write fiction about Jennifer Aniston though. I'm sure Angelina would have not issue there. Karma. Guess she doesn't like it when the shoe is on the other foot. Control issues possibly.....

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