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POLL: Should Russell Crowe and Beyonce make beautiful 'Star Is Born' music?

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Our friends at 24 Frames report that the long-gestating update of "A Star Is Born" may finally be moving ahead with long-attached Beyonce. To play the jaded mentor and love interest to her budding young talent? Russell Crowe.

CroweThe Aussie actor is said to be at the top of a short list, with names like Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. previously kicked around, and apparently reciprocates the interest. 

Beyonce had a fair amount of success with her last remake, "Dreamgirls," dropping 20 pounds and getting her '60s groove on to play a pseudo Diana Ross. If the current re-imagination is anything like the 1976 version starring Barbra Streisand, it could be the edgiest role for B to boot, and perhaps get her that Oscar she runs miles each day for (hear it for yourself in the above video around the 12:20 mark).  

 But back to Crowe -- our Frames friends make two valid points. The first, that this would be a return to more serious fare that we saw from the phone-averse star in his earlier career. The second, that this pairing would probably be the most high-profile big-screen interracial coupling since "The Bodyguard." 

That flick still has the record for bestselling movie soundtrack of all time. Sounds like something only Beyonce could top. 

Meanwhile -- who do you think Beyonce should be paired with, if anyone, in the remake?

-- Matt Donnelly

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Photo: Russell Crowe. Credit: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

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I can see Russell Crowe in this film, but not Beyonce. She just doesn't seem right for the same part played by Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand.

I'd rather see the cast of Glee do a remake instead...

If there is indeed a remake, Russell Crowe would be my pick to play opposite Beyonce Knowles. I use her last name because she hasn't earned the right to go with one name as an actress. All that being said, I don't think there should be a remake of that film...there are already too many remakes.

Nothing wrong with a remake for this younger generation. And I think Russell would have a lot of fun using his musical talents in a film, since he's been writing and performing for decades. The interracial paring would be interesting to me and I could see some real chemistry between the two, as Beyonce has a maturity well beyond her years. As to acting and making the role believable, there's no one who'd be better at that than Russell Crowe. In the last remake, the character played by Kris Kristofferson, who possessed far less acting ability, was simply dwarfed by the powerful personality of Barbra Streisand, and so it was not a good combination, in my opinion. No such problem with Russell Crowe, who has such a dynamic range and screen presence.

Uggghh. The combo of Russell and Beyonce is just plain gross. This doesn't sound like a movie I'd want to see, especially if Beyonce is in it. Nothing against her as a singer or actress, but I think she's too old for this particular role and I couldn't imagine her having any chemistry with Russell. If they made this with Russell and a different co-star, maybe, but I'm sick of all these remakes. Please make something more original.

I don't see Beyonce in the role either.

Someone made the comment that Beyonce was too old for the role, I guess that person feels the same about Judy Garland and B Streisand, because they were "older" women when they made the movie.
This is one version I won't see, because I didn't like the second one with Streisand. I liked the first one with Judy, but why would they keep making this movie unless there's a new spin on it.

I'd rather see Russell play opposite his beautiful wife, Danielle Spencer - a wonderful singer and actress.

The original version of "Star" is from 1937 and stars Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. I don't like any version of this film thus far. I watched the Streisand version because I enjoy her work but it was not great, the Garland and Gaynor version are just awful, too dated. If Beyonce does as good a job as she did in Dreamgirls then I'm willing to give it a chance. I love Crowe but would rather see George Clooney in the role! Hmmm, yummy.

In Barbra Streisand's Star is born the male was a singer too. Kris Kristopherson. A male lead that can legitimately sing - that would be a kick ass soundtrack.

Oh, I think anything's possible. Two handsome folks filming a movie together, ok. I actually think they could have chemistry, we won't know until they film it. I'm trying to picture Beyonce in that Judy Garland/Streisand part, and honestly, she's not the first to come to mind. Seems like it should've been a more campy/waify type girl, ie Gidget like. Unless they want someone to do all of their own singing. Too bad Zoe Saldana or a Thandie Newton type couldn't do it. Estelle is a singer from the UK, that's different. Sometimes you get tired of seeing the same bunch on the big screen all the time.

In any case, Beyonce won't disappoint. She's beautiful, can sing great, dance like no other, is professional, and guys will show up and watch the movie, too! I can't wait to see Crowe and Knowles light it up!

(How about Crowe and Naomi Campbell? They'd be throwing phones all the time, etc. LOL)


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