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Will Katherine Heigl keep Ashton Kutcher's winning streak alive?

Ashton and demi Aside from his model good looks and Twitterrific wife, Demi Moore, 2009 wasn't the most exciting year for Ashton Kutcher. His racy flick "Spread" was poorly reviewed, and "Personal Effects," the drama in which he costarred with Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathy Bates, essentially went straight to DVD.

This past weekend, however, certainly made 2010 brighter: His ensemble flick "Valentine's Day" romanced the country to a record-breaking Presidents Day (and Valentine's Day) weekend box office.

Now comes another chapter in the Kutcher saga: "Killers," an action comedy that pairs Kutcher and  Katherine Heigl. In a film with shadows of "True Lies" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," it would seem the pairing is a good bet.

We've got shirtless Kutcher, foible-happy Heigl and guns and explosions. You tell us -- will "Killers" be another winning ticket for Ashton?

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at the U.K. premiere of "Valentine's Day" in London on Feb. 11.  Credit: Ian Gavan / Getty Images.

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Don't see anything that special about this guy.

This guy is a no-talent who has FINALLY been figured out.
He's had 3 failures recently (don't forget his Mischa Barton Show that he produced) - with more to come.

Begone Kutcher.
America hates Poseurs.

Handsome guy and lovely gal...but they should keep to the small screen. The tube is more forgiving to actors who have modest talent.

Agree with bob, who likes this guy. Other then him taking his shirt off, do we remember him. Other then the show "Punk'd" do I recall enjoying watching anything that he does. He tries to hard to be everything that he is not. "Killers" is an action/comedy??? Come-on Demi??? Ashton is not Bruce Willis!

Katherine Heigl is a fairly solid commedienne, and is very watchable given a co-star who can act.

Ashton Kutcher--can't act. I won't be paying for this.


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