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Evil Adam Lambert slams sweet Susan Boyle? Not exactly

Adam books What is it with celebrity interviews lately? Must everyone take things out of context?

Adam Lambert spoke with U.K. magazine Gay Times for its March issue, in an interview excerpted here. Yes, he criticizes Susan Boyle's album. But does he "slam Susan Boyle"? Was the point of the interview to trash her album and extend his "15 minutes of fame"? Has he "gone on the record to tell everyone what he really thinks" and blame SuBo's album for his failure? Hardly. 

[A]dam answered his critics when For Your Entertainment sold 200,000 copies in its first week on sale, charting above new releases from Rihanna and Lady Gaga, albeit outsold by a certain Scottish lassie… 

"I know, if only it weren’t for Susan Boyle!” Adam laughs. “I’m happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song! 

"Still, when my album charted, it was validating. I was feeling [a] bit attacked, like I had to vindicate something. I thought: ‘Wow, look what I did.'"

Does that read as if the Real Adam Lambert was twirling his villainous imaginary mustache, or shaking a fist at the heavens, and, in the spirit of "Scooby-Doo," cursing, "If only it hadn't been for Susan Boyle and those meddling kids! I would've gotten away with it!"

Or does it read as if, perhaps ...

... the singer is responding to a fact-based mention that Boyle's first album debuted higher than Lambert's? Did the reporter note that Adam laughed at that moment perhaps to make it clear that the glittery one wasn't cursing his non-competition?

You decide.

(Of course, objectively, "I'm happy for her success" is about as horrific as an attack on another human can get. We realize that brutality might sway your interpretation.)

Susan boyle Now let's take a trip into the irony department, with a bit pulled from higher up in the interview, before the alleged Boyle-clubbing section. (Shock! His album comments aren't actually the lead of the story! Which you'd never know if you did a Google news search of the two names right now!)

These are the words of Gay Times writer Jamie Taberrer; the bold emphasis is mine:

From his forgivable penchant for guyliner (don’t pretend you haven’t been there), to his opinion-polarising album cover, to his controversial performance at last year’s American Music Awards (in which he kissed and groped a male member of his band, inducing thousands of complaints to TV network ABC) it seems Adam can’t bat a mascara-clad eyelash without offending somebody. The irony being, of course, that Adam’s really not shocking underneath it all. In fact, he’s a just a normal guy who – shock, horror! – is actually WILLING to talk about his sexuality.

Boyle and Lambert were both pop-culture sensations on their respective continents and beyond, and were both runners-up in high-profile singing competitions -- so bringing up the comparison isn't shocking. And even if, like me, you have no problem with SuBo, giggling at her take on the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" is hardly out-of-the-box thinking.

Today's flurry sounds suspiciously like widely repeated reports of Adam putting "one of his own fans on blast" for talking on a cellphone during his performance (If what Adam actually said was an attack, a lot of what's on the Ministry probably violates Geneva Conventions). Despite the American Music Awards uproar, Lambert has a track record of good manners and general decency toward others. So of course the search is on for the story or headline that "reveals" some heretofore unseen mean and nasty "real Adam" lurking under the surface.

"Adam's not really shocking at all" doesn't drive Internet traffic like "Adam's picking on poor sweet Susan Boyle" does.

Context, people. It's all about the context. Call me when there's video of Adam clubbing a baby seal, and then maybe I'll believe he's a jerk.


-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S. Scroll down for a side-by-side comparison of the Stones' original "Wild Horses" recording and Boyle's updated version.

Here's Susan's:

And here it is as envisioned by the Rolling Stones:

Photos: Yeah, the charity work (by both singers) is clearly just a cover-up -- Adam Lambert, in partnership with education charity DonorsChoose.org, delivers music books to a class at Belvedere Middle School on Feb. 18, 2010, in Los Angeles, top. Susan Boyle sings in Copenhagen on Jan. 30, 2010, at a concert to raise money for women in Africa and for earthquake victims in Haiti. Credits: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times, top; Casper Christoffersen / EPA, right.

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Does the author of this article really expect people to believe that Adam's laugh was "perhaps to make it clear that the glittery one wasn't cursing his non-competition?" Lambert immediately followed up his laugh by calling her album "terrible." If that wasn't an insult, then I don't know what is. It was a rude, unnecessary comment, and there's no possible way to spin it to make it seem like it wasn't.

I was a fan of Adam in American Idol but I had no idea how evil, gross and all of the above he is. It has nothing to do with being gay, he is just getting on my nerves with his comments and jelousy about other artists. Adam is all for himself he thinks he is the only one with talent. It is so obvious that he is mad because he did not sell as many cds as Susan Boyle. His words are meaningless, he is not a susan's music fan but ten or 20 million people are so he should painfully accept this. I hate to say this but if Adam continues to attack and act so inmature his career will be short lived. Susan Boyle is a lady she has never spoken bad about anyone, she is humble about her fame and that is her best quality. Susan Boyle ROCKS. AMERICA WANTS MORE SUSAN BOYLE.

Lambert doesn't present any competition to Susan Boyle. It is irrelevant to mention them both in the same article. Their fans are worlds apart. Susan Boyle's fans number in the millions, Adam has maybe a couple of hundred thousand. She could buy and sell him several times over. For every million google hits Adam gets, Susan gets ten or twenty million. But so what? To each his own.

Adam Lambert is a poser with no real talent. One of our piglets got stepped on by a horse once and I would rather listen to a recording of the sound it made than the screeching squeals of Lambert. I wish I could laugh when I hear his music. I don't know if he has a good singing voice--I've never heard him do anything but scream.

Adam Lambert is plain nasty and disrespectful. Sorry I was a fan but his AMA self liked rendition of porno on stage made me and many others who I know dislike him. I would not buy his album. On top of that his inmaturity about Susan Boyle showed his small brain. If millions of people bought Susan's album he should have been laughing at his own album. Jealousy is such a bad quality. Adam has no clue.

Hey @adamnot -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. My finger slipped on the mousepad and I deleted your other comment accidentally. Sorry! Send it again if you want.


Adams CD sold 500,000. Susan's sold over 4 million (4X platnum). Obviously 4 million people liked Susan's version of Wild Horses and other covers. Obviously 500,000 people thought Adams CD was "OK" (that is what he sold the last time I checked) - at best. End of story. It is about jealousy and it is about Adam trying to put down a very good singer like Susan vs a "marginal" singer like Adam. To even suggest that Susan's version of Wild Horses was a joke or laughable verifies that Adam is a joke, because there are 4,000,000 people that disagree with him and only 500,000 that agree with him (and there are probably a lot more more people that didn't buy Susan's CD that would agree that her version of Wild Horses was done very well and Adam's CD was "OK" - it was just "OK". I feel sorry for all of you people who think it is about being gay or not being gay. Freddy Mercury was a very talented musician and people acknowledged that. Adam is just "OK". That is all Adam will ever be - just "OK".

Adam is a human being that seems to be, but isn't perfect. Neither are you or me or anyone. We all make mistakes. It wasn't kind and I am kinda shocked as a SUPER DUPER FAN but he is a PERSON, not Jesus.

So many Susan Boyle fans seem to be incapable of reading and comprehension. You are so busy leaping about self-righteously because you THINK someone dissed your FAVE that you aren't paying the slightest bit of attention to what anyone else is saying let along to the actual FACTS. Please shut up for just a few moments, take a big breath and look at what is being said here. Adam Lambert does not HATE susan boyle. Adam Lambert does NOT generally go around dissing people. Adam Lambert does not talk like a British person so would NOT HAVE USED THOSE WORDS. Adam said he has been misquoted. The story is BOGUS! Move on people.
Cheers from:
An Aussie who hates the media (mostly) and ignorant people (a lot)

I can't understand/hear what she's singing. Is it the song, or the way she sings it?


hmmm..... I kinda don't like her voice very much. It's...er...it sounds kinda weird. I liked her singing "I Dream a Dream" during the audition thing...but on the CD, it doesn't sound good at all.

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