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Evil Adam Lambert slams sweet Susan Boyle? Not exactly

Adam books What is it with celebrity interviews lately? Must everyone take things out of context?

Adam Lambert spoke with U.K. magazine Gay Times for its March issue, in an interview excerpted here. Yes, he criticizes Susan Boyle's album. But does he "slam Susan Boyle"? Was the point of the interview to trash her album and extend his "15 minutes of fame"? Has he "gone on the record to tell everyone what he really thinks" and blame SuBo's album for his failure? Hardly. 

[A]dam answered his critics when For Your Entertainment sold 200,000 copies in its first week on sale, charting above new releases from Rihanna and Lady Gaga, albeit outsold by a certain Scottish lassie… 

"I know, if only it weren’t for Susan Boyle!” Adam laughs. “I’m happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song! 

"Still, when my album charted, it was validating. I was feeling [a] bit attacked, like I had to vindicate something. I thought: ‘Wow, look what I did.'"

Does that read as if the Real Adam Lambert was twirling his villainous imaginary mustache, or shaking a fist at the heavens, and, in the spirit of "Scooby-Doo," cursing, "If only it hadn't been for Susan Boyle and those meddling kids! I would've gotten away with it!"

Or does it read as if, perhaps ...

... the singer is responding to a fact-based mention that Boyle's first album debuted higher than Lambert's? Did the reporter note that Adam laughed at that moment perhaps to make it clear that the glittery one wasn't cursing his non-competition?

You decide.

(Of course, objectively, "I'm happy for her success" is about as horrific as an attack on another human can get. We realize that brutality might sway your interpretation.)

Susan boyle Now let's take a trip into the irony department, with a bit pulled from higher up in the interview, before the alleged Boyle-clubbing section. (Shock! His album comments aren't actually the lead of the story! Which you'd never know if you did a Google news search of the two names right now!)

These are the words of Gay Times writer Jamie Taberrer; the bold emphasis is mine:

From his forgivable penchant for guyliner (don’t pretend you haven’t been there), to his opinion-polarising album cover, to his controversial performance at last year’s American Music Awards (in which he kissed and groped a male member of his band, inducing thousands of complaints to TV network ABC) it seems Adam can’t bat a mascara-clad eyelash without offending somebody. The irony being, of course, that Adam’s really not shocking underneath it all. In fact, he’s a just a normal guy who – shock, horror! – is actually WILLING to talk about his sexuality.

Boyle and Lambert were both pop-culture sensations on their respective continents and beyond, and were both runners-up in high-profile singing competitions -- so bringing up the comparison isn't shocking. And even if, like me, you have no problem with SuBo, giggling at her take on the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" is hardly out-of-the-box thinking.

Today's flurry sounds suspiciously like widely repeated reports of Adam putting "one of his own fans on blast" for talking on a cellphone during his performance (If what Adam actually said was an attack, a lot of what's on the Ministry probably violates Geneva Conventions). Despite the American Music Awards uproar, Lambert has a track record of good manners and general decency toward others. So of course the search is on for the story or headline that "reveals" some heretofore unseen mean and nasty "real Adam" lurking under the surface.

"Adam's not really shocking at all" doesn't drive Internet traffic like "Adam's picking on poor sweet Susan Boyle" does.

Context, people. It's all about the context. Call me when there's video of Adam clubbing a baby seal, and then maybe I'll believe he's a jerk.


-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S. Scroll down for a side-by-side comparison of the Stones' original "Wild Horses" recording and Boyle's updated version.

Here's Susan's:

And here it is as envisioned by the Rolling Stones:

Photos: Yeah, the charity work (by both singers) is clearly just a cover-up -- Adam Lambert, in partnership with education charity DonorsChoose.org, delivers music books to a class at Belvedere Middle School on Feb. 18, 2010, in Los Angeles, top. Susan Boyle sings in Copenhagen on Jan. 30, 2010, at a concert to raise money for women in Africa and for earthquake victims in Haiti. Credits: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times, top; Casper Christoffersen / EPA, right.

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Of course he isn't evil or trying to be malicious. He's basically a nice guy. But what he said was inappropriate, rude and not smart. No "context" will fix that problem. He needs to think before speaking.

The comment was still mean. the guy tries too hard and for that his star is puttering out. Too bad, because he had such a promising future. Superstar potential. But, just a bit too catty for his own good.

MISQUOTED?? I don't even believe he said HALF of that garbage in that article. I read the original article on one of the fan sites and NOTHING that ADAM was "quoted"? as saying even REMOTELY sounds like the ADAM who has been interviewed over the past year. Go to Youtube & listen to the ELOQUENT & ARTICULATE interviews on all the various TV shows & online articles. NOT ONCE has ADAM said a DEROGATORY thing about anyone much lesss a fellow ARTIST. How quickly the HATERS & BASHERS from all the other blogs have gathered to VEHEMENTLY denounce ADAM as disillusioned fans who will no longer support him. This ENTIRE ISSUE is LUDICROUS. Anyone who has been a TRUE & LOYAL fan would KNOW that ADAM is neither CRITICAL nor MEAN SPIRITED. ASK STEVEN SPIELBERG who declared publicly that "ADAM LAMBERT IS HIS HERO!" NOW THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID ... LOOK IT UP!!

Most people commenting here are defending Adam, because he shouldn't be bashed, because he is a sweet, talented person, because he may (!)have been misquoted (he didn't say in what way). All fine, I agree. Amazing, though, how many feel the need to turn around and make bitter comments about SB (oh, I know, only about her singing). So you're not really sure he was misquoted, and you're covering him just in case? "He didn't say it" or "He was right to say it" - either way, he was right?
The only sane comments have been the ones that point out that no one can be the arbiter of what is or isn't good music, because music is totally personal. I love Susan Boyle's voice and her album, and I'm hardly alone. I'm not ignorant, stupid or over the hill (though that wouldn't be grounds for being dismissed). But to support my own preference I don't have to belittle Adam Lambert, nor will I. He's a good singer, just not the style I want to listen to. Why does it have to be an insulting match?
Lastly, don't equate "I don't like it" with "horrendous," "pablum for the Walmart masses," and such. Opinions and insults are not the same thing. You are right to hate it when arrogance is directed at Adam, and that should give you a clue as to why someone might resent similar self-assigned superiority on your part. Enough, already.

Thanks for the perspective on this issue. Following Adam for the past several months and hearing dozens of interviews, it's really impossible for me to conceive that he could ever be nasty to someone. He is honest to a fault, and he will express his feelings. But even under fatigue, stress and bad situations, he is always patient, understanding, calm, kind, intelligent and with a wonderful sense of humor. Frankly, I have tried to like SuBo's album, but it's not well done IMO. It is boring and unoriginal. Adam simply would not insult another performer. He's not stupid, but he is honest. And he has been tremendously supportive to other new and established artists giving them plugs on Twitter whenever he can. Something is not right here.

What I find sad is that a lot of Adam's defenders here are proving the point of those who criticize what he said. In comment after comment, Susan Boyle is bashed - called ugly, frumpy, old, fat. They say her music is for old people, dumb people, people with no class, etc. Comments like these are just plain mean. But, since so many are willing to make them, I understand why these people wouldn't have a problem with Adam insulting Susan's work. And he did insult it. He didn't need to - he could have said it's not his taste. He could have said he didn't like the reinterpretation, not that he cried with laughter. I read those comments in the context of the article, and they're still mean and inappropriate - as are many of the comments here.

I am picturing Adam in my mind. I see his gorgeous eyes rolling, the fingers of his left hand are scrunching the hair on top of his head. His thoughts have turned into a perfectly-pitched chant, of Madonna's words of advice, "Keep your eyes on the prize...keep your eyes on the prize...keep your eyes on the..." What's for dinner?

"MisQuoted" as in "SuBo". Get it?

Thank you for putting the ridiculous accusations about Adam Lambert into perspective. Adam is decent, honorable, respectful and charitable. Misrepresenting the truth and taking things out of context for the sake of a headline is incomprehensible. Anyone with half a wit would never believe this trash anyway.

Thank you for this article. I find it hard to believe that Adam said what he is quoted as saying, at least in the words used. I have talked with him in person and heard many of his interviews and it just doesn't sound like him. If he did say this or something like it, big deal. He's entitled to his opinion about an album or a song just like any of us. It's so frustrating how some media pick up on any little way they can blast him.

Does he deny NOT saying it? He says anything that comes out of his filthy mouth, why do you all have such a hard time believing this?

Thank You!!! finally someone that does not take Adam's words out of context.
Adam truly is polite and respectful, even to the cell phone talker
He asked her/him very nicely to please stop talking on the cell.
It was after all a live show and that person was being disrespectful.
Also, there is nothing wrong with his opinion about the album or wild horses,
We are all entitled to our opinions.

I don't know Adam much but I really love his music.
Adam doesn't seem to be that type of mean guy. The tabloids have really interesting articles...which are usually wrong...

At least Adam listened to SuBo's album. I've heard so much bad press about it, I didn't even give it a chance. After reading the above comments, I'm glad I didn't waste my time. Adam's album, however, is phenomenal. Every song on it has the potential to be a hit. And about the above article, I find it very hard to believe that Adam would be rude or hateful to anyone. However, he is well known to speak what he believes, he's honest to a fault - he doesn't hide much, if anything. I agree that LATimes should contact Adam for the truth about the "misquote" and get it straight from the source.

Adam is always being verbally attacked. The same attackers that have a problem with 'their' Idols having less than positive things being said about them have no problem enforcing their positions of "I'm allowed to say what I want about Adam,nasty and profane,but don't you dare go after anyone I love!" Kind of a 'dish it out,but won't take it' mentality,don't you think? Hypocritcal,one-sided,nonsensical thinking!! If Adam did indeed say what he said about Susan Boyle's album,they weren't remarks about her personality,character or looks. They were comments about the ALBUM. And if he said he was misquoted, and until audio or video are provided to prove other,then I believe him! So why the counter-attacks on Adam that have nothing to do with HIS music? Personal jabs that are 'intentionally' mean-spirited. Not opinions,just spew!

Do some of you have a problem with reading? I would assume so because his 'supposed' interview comments never said he was jealous of SuBo's success or that SHE,as a person,sucks! As usual,only interpret what you want,what's good for you,even if it's not the truth. You're good at that.

If this overblown jibber-jabber hadn't shown up, I would have totally forgotten about Susan. She can definitely sing, but she lacks something..........and her style of singing limits her. I sort of believe she is in that very large group of one-hit-wonders, but time will tell. I agree with Adam on the Wild Horses bit, and why did she have no original songs on her album? Was she not worth the chance?


Thank you for reporting the truth. I don't know why those who have decided that they are going to hate Adam no matter what, seem to take pleasure in trying to shred his image. Is there nothing else that they can do with their time? Spend the time supporting Susan Boyle. At least take time to find the truth before spouting your hate. My bet is that most of the hate has nothing to do with Adam or Susan's talent, simply based on their own small minds and the prejudice against Adam.

Well. For what it's worth, I like Adam's album a lot. And I know some people who love his songs, but haven't bought the album, because yeah piracy is prevalent in a lot of places. Also, I've seen this old grandma looking for SuBo's album in a record bar. So I may be judging based on this, but a lot of rich older people actually buy Susan's album, while people of my demographic (20's) are more likely to just download illegally. I haven't done this to Adam or Lady Gaga coz they are my favorites, but I admit to doing it to a lot of other artists (I'm a poor student, I can't buy all those albums i liked!).

Anyway, whatever hoopla this GT article brought about, I pretty much side with what my musical taste dictates. I don't like her album. It's horrendous!!! (omg!backlash!!!) But that's just me stating my opinion. I honestly can't stand a lot other albums too. I think 3oh!3's album is horrendous too... (And whoa, that one had original material in it!) THE POINT IS: this shouldn't be a big deal. It's just an opinion, taken out of context to make him look bad.

Thanks for setting the records straight but most people who are not his fans don't want the truth, they just love a good fight and anything negative about Lambert is welcomed in the world of bashing this talented singer.

If this keeps up, Adam Lambert isn't going to be able to say a word without those negative ninnies jumping on him to twist his words and squeal like stuck pigs with much ado about nothing! Especially, on the net because many of his fans don't understand that, if you click on their site--they earn MONEY to print these obnoxious lies. Adam Lambert's name produces clicks =money regardless of the truth of these twisted minds who write them.

Fans should stay away from negative stories and these sites will not have a reason to stay afloat. Feeding these monsters is what they want and the worst they paint Adam, the better and more clicks=money for them!

Susan's rendition of "Wild Horses" IS awful. Her voice is just not up to the standards of a Stone's song and that is the TRUTH.

Again folks, one has to remember that British media outlets, well fluff ones anyway, are HISTORICALLY known for sacrificing truth for sales - it is a long running, well known fact. It is also on record and quite noticeable, if anyone cares to investigate, that GT has had an "agenda" where Lambert is concerned. Lambert probably should have been more careful in his choice of words when answering something THE INTERVIEWER brought up, but he is honest to a fault (and what a shame that we should all deem honestly a liability!!!! - it is one of the reasons why I actually like him). But I suspect so many people commenting here are falling victim to this "sound-bite" society we're living in. I can tell when a commenter/poster has more than a surface knowledge of Lambert, and I can tell when they don't - it's very apparent. I'm not knocking those who have said here, many intelligently, that Lambert's remarks seem a bit uncouth, but I can tell that they haven't read much or watched much about Lambert (or SuBo for that matter, which is telling IMO and noteworthy in this debate), and that has relevance, or should, when commenting here. Again, I don't expect everyone to follow his career like his fans, but he is consistantly considerate and respectful, sorry - that's undeniable. Again, what a shame that we deem Lambert's being frank and candid (WHEN ASKED btw) a liability and as something unseemly and unpleasing. **Important point - the fan cell phone issue - COMPLETELY misrepresented in 99% of stories about it, COMPLETELY... so that incident alone compels me to give Lambert a little leeway until or unless audio or video of the full interview are given (which we all know will never happen - cuz that won't create as many sales and site hits on the internet!!!!!!!).

Thank you so much for being a CREDIBLE voice of reason here. I really appreciate that you weighed in on this circus, and admire you very much! It looks like Adam Lambert is going to be a constant target of certain hate-perpetuating media. Good thing he has thick skin along with enormous talent, intelligence, personality, and charisma. He WILL rise above this obvious bull! He's everything one could want in an artist - shame on those who constantly seek to bring him down.

Truly appreciate you trying to bring some clarity to this ridiculous rumor. First of all we don't really know what Adam actually said - he tweeted yesterd "Oh joy! MisQuoted again... Becoming quite funny actually." Secondly, though he probably doesn't like the song (I am in agreement on that) - Adam Lambert isn't one to dis other artists so something seems off in the mag quote. Sounds more British than Adam. Lastly, is the man never allowed to have a less than favorable opinion about an album?? Seriously?? I wish them both well.

Thank you, Christie, for your very reasonable and CREDIBLE article. I really admire you for coming to Adam's defense. Enough is enough! It looks like Adam Lambert is going to be a constant target of certain hate-perpetuating media. Good thing he has thick skin along with enormous talent, intelligence, personality, and charisma. He WILL rise above this obvious bull! He's everything you could want in an artist - shame on those who constantly seek to bring him down.

If that's indeed an accurate quote, so what??? Who cares what Adam thinks of SuBo's cd? Certainly not Susan, she's too busy smiling all the way to the bank, nor her 8 million plus devotees. Remember this comment applies to her CD and was in no way a personal attack. Give the guy a break!!! If he didn't like it, that's his opinion with which I happen to agree. Lots of people didn't like his cd either. Was it a bit tacktless? Yes. Note to Adam: remember to apply those filters to ALL interviews in future. The scandalmongers are lying in wait and hanging on every word you speak.

Now on to important things like: Haiti, Afghanistan, Iran, ...

I love Adam Lambert. I try to hear, watch and read everything I can about the man. At the same time, I don't believe he talked about Susan Boyle the way it is presented because that isn't his style or mind-set. Also, I just listened to her version of Wild Horses and I think it is quite pretty. She doesn't sound like the Stones' version but I don't think it is laughable at all. Why does it have to be one against the other?

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