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Adam Lambert strikes a blow for good phone manners

Glam fans Adam Lambert is no stranger to going against the cultural grain. Even if that cultural grain is the one that makes people think it's OK to talk on a cellphone any dang place they happen to get a call. 

Including in the middle of an intimate, live acoustic music performance.

Lambert was recording a set Monday for Iheartradio's Stripped series when phone-yapping from the audience apparently distracted him enough that he stopped the song and asked (politely, mind you) that the person end the call.

"You're not watching TV, honey, it's a live show!" 

Watch the video. It's short -- and very sweet. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert signs autographs before the Grammy Awards on Jan. 31, 2010, in Los Angeles. Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

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Finally, someone gets it right..lol!! I was there with my boyfriend. You had to win tickets to go. I made 20 of my friends submit for them and promise they'd take me and it ended up being my boyfriend who won!! It was a great show. His voice is very beautiful. Now mind you, it was accoustic so it was very striped down and there was a camera crew filming this. The girl on the phone had called her mother and was talking to her and telling her where she was and telling her to listen to Adam. Mind you she had to shout to tell her mom where she was to be able to be heard..LMAO!!. It was very distracting. He was hilarious though. He teased her off and on for the rest of the evening and blew her a kiss. Then he asked her if she ordered dominos. He really is a sweet guy. Everyone who interviews him or meets him says so. He didn't do it in a malicious way but a playful way. I'm reading article after article saying he told her to shut the "damned" phone off. Wow!! Next I was waiting to read that he dragged her off into an alley or something.

Yes! Bravo to Adam. People are so rude with their cell phones.

It's about time that people who are rude at concerts, theater performances, movies, etc start getting called out more often.

That man keeps showing us that he has good judgment, manners, and serious gonades

You go, AdamAdam!!!
This man has the good manners and the intestinal fortitude to call a spade a freakin' shovel! Good for you, M'sieur Lambert!

Cell phones being used in the wrong places are like litter on the landscape...they are offensive to me, as are their users! I watched the video of Adam's correction so gently delivered and was hysterical! He's the best of the best and I'm proud of him.
Yo Momma & yo Pappa done raise you right, Adam!

@Babara Ellen - thanks for the enlightening details as well as for this article.
What makes ADAM's fans love him intensely is his beautiful heart and soul. Definitely shows good breeding which is such a rare trait these days. You do make your parents PROUD. Such a beautiful human being. Love you, ADAM baby.

You don't have to be an Adam Lambert fan to appreciate this. LOL! Good for him. No performer should have to tolerate someone who's drowning them out or distracting them with anything, let alone a stupid cell phone call.

Good for Adam, he made a point while still being his usual very sweet to his fans self, gotta love the guy

Good for Adam, there has to be more cell phone etiquette pushed. I was at the movies recently when someone a couple of rows in front was texting then calling, it's so annoying. I've read he was very polite about it, but there are always those Adam bashers around who have nothing better to do than find something negative. I remember going to performances before the invention of cell phone's, if you talked loudly during a performance you were asked to leave. People need to be reminded about respect and consideration for the fans listening as well as the performers.

Yeay for you Adam! Live theatre and music thanks you!!

I wish Adam Lambert were on the bus this morning to call out the lady sitting behind me... so obnoxious. The bus driver finally stopped the bus and said something to her. I have to wonder if Mr. Lambert inspired him, lol.

Good for Adam Lambert!! That was an invitation only (free)concert. He was taping some unplugged stuff and I would have given anything to be there!! Here is this chick yapping through it!! Adam was very nice about it, and she showed no class! I heard they finally had to ask her to leave because she gave security problems. Wow!!

Thanks for getting the content right. Z100 has been playing that acoustic recording all day since yesterday.

He was MUCH kinder than I would've been. I hate it when people go to concerts or movies and then talk or scream at the top of their voices! Good Lord, where are people's manners today?

I also wish concert goers would be hushed as well.

What a lovely man! ADAM even made a little joke out of it. Not many performers would have reacted that way. Shows great upbringing & class. When we go to church on Sunday they have to remind the congregation to please remember to shut off their cell phone ... IN CHURCH!! What a world!

You would think with the poster sized "Live Taping, please turn off all cell phones and beepers" signs they had up every-freaking-where the rude fan would have turned off her phone and left it off. What are we raised in a bar? Has she never been to a stripped down I Heart Radio music video taping before? I mean geez! She is so lucky to have gotten in and then she does that! Adam was so cute and so nice about it. This guy really is a class act. I would have ******* her out!

And he strikes a blow against good taste.

But then again, Adam Lambert wouldn't know taste, or class, if he met it in the street. He's just a low-life cheeseball.

Where are his people, the handlers and managers of these venues? He should not have to do this, for God's sake, there should be somebody to handle the audience so he can perform in peace.

A fair reporting of events. Nobody actually has to rely on second hand reports anyway - one has only to go investigate the clips on the internet to see that the gal was VERY AUDIBLE, even to those of us listening through the magic of the internet...I can only imagine how distracting it must have been in the room at the moment. This woman called into to a talk radio station, Elvis Duran I believe, and "owned it" for the most part (though it felt to me that she still didn't get realize how loud she really was in that moment, but she was good natured about it - as was Lambert it seems to me).

Ok I know many will disagree with me here, but ask if I care. I think it was in very poor taste for Adam to stop the show to chide someone about being on their cell phone. This strikes me as very "Diva"...like "how dare you do something else other than focus 100% of your attention on ME?!" Adam needs to get over himself. He isn't big enough for these kinds of of antics yet. Dude is still relatively unknown. I get that many cell phone users are rude but to interrupt the show? He interrupted the show more than she did.

Uh, sorry. But Adam is the rude one. A real, world class performer would not have bothered with the dumb girl on the phone. Also she was not even that noticeable in comparison to the LOUDER people that were standing around her. But people don't have any brains to think with. Like sheep, they assume too bad for the rude cell phone girl right? I think it's rude, but Adam looked like an idiot and I said that last week. But before you say anything. Just this week Adam decided to make fun of Susan Boyle's CD proving he really is just as arrogant as I thought he was. And before you can call me a hater, you have to figure out why I voted for Adam during idol. That's right. I WAS a fan until his horrifically bad performances post idol and rude behavior.

To those who say it was rude, I actually see it as quite the opposite. I don't see it as being a "Diva" at all either. Infact, I see it as being incredibly personal and connected to the audience. As someone has already stated..not only was Adam polite, but he made a little personal joke about it, and addressed the girl several times through-out the show on a personal, kind, and jokingly manner. That is gives everything a much more personal feel..rather than someone who just comes out, does their job, and exits the stage.

So yeah..there's a far stronger connection with an artist like Adam...one that isn't all too common. It's nice to see.


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