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Tila Tequila's publicist steps down

Tilatequila Tila Tequila's publicist is waving the white flag.

"This is to inform you that I am no longer representing Tila Tequila as her publicist," Jessica Cohen of JC PR said today in a statement.

"Some matters need to remain private and away from media attention and due to recent events, I realized that we need to part ways while she deals with the loss of her fiancée. I will forward any remaining inquiries to her until the new publicist takes over."

Tila's public behavior since the death of her fiancee, heiress Casey Johnson, has raised eyebrows coast to coast: A 911-inducing disagreement with Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips over Casey's dogs, ranting about the Johnson family not allowing her to attend Casey's funeral, an ongoing Twitter smackdown with Jasmine Lennard.

And add to that Tila's expletive-peppered announcement that she's starting a new record label, with rather interesting selling points:

If you're a new artist signed at a Major Record Label, trust that your album will never come out, you will continue to starve, and they will have you trapped in that contract when you signed away your soul to the Devil known as the Major Record Labels

I decided to make my record label VERY ARTIST FRIENDLY, because I too, am an artist and have been [mistreated] before by the big companies and it [is bad]. The cool thing about signing with me, is that, I'm just like you! I'm not some old fart who thinks he knows what 'music' is these day.

On top of giving you a record deal, I will give you the option to also let me be your manager!

Another extra added bonus? Well seeing how I am constantly getting booked for my tour/appearances, I can EASILY add you to my tour as opening acts.

Ms. Cohen -- the Ministry wishes you great success. Looks like Tila's OK taking it from here?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credit: Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

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that is some sick stuff!!!!!!

Tila says...

"she thinks her publiscist is not used to handling a celebrity as big as her..."


She is such an idiot. She doesn't even make the D-list
of felebrity-dumb!

Thank God - hopefully this will trap this publicity whore somewhere far away from the public. She is a fake lying piece of... Check out her latest posts. She's certifiable. Though calculated to say the least, and no where near certifiable to the point of not being held accountable for her words and actions. Her recent online interviews were so clearly filled with fake tears, I won't even begin to disect how obvious it was... First she tells everyone the reason she was not with Casey when she died (yeah right?) was because "they had a fight." Then it's that they actually spoke last on Dec 30th, sounding of course like "lovers." She conveniently had to fly to Texas out of nowhere for a night which makes no sense, supposedly she was to talk to her brother about being his surrogate wife (as she is now with baby, but today that changed to the father being a US VET who was in afghanistan for ten years whom Casey and her chose. She claims she has been estranged from her family for years, in particular her sister until this past xmas. But then why are they on websites six months ago having a great time happily showing off their hooters. Yesterday I said I was over this hogwash (she's gone to far, someone died here, a family is scorched, she has the gall to keep this going so far defaming the Johnson's/and appealing for custody??? that severley desperate for publicity and Johnson money). So I stated I was going straight to the police with all her inconsistencies - she immediately drew up blogs saying her lawyer had cease and desist letters going out to everyone claiming she killed Casey. She reads every single word on herself. I don't know how she got out of her house for her doc appt yesterday (ya know about the baby) being that she never left the web tweeting. Anyway, then her typical vicious cycle of tweets began. First anger to all the so called "haters", then trying to reel everyone in about how she's truly a good person, then all about Casey and her love - tryin to make you feel bad-ya know, she just lost "wifey". Then about how Casey would want her to be happy again, "so forget all the haters." Then she's instantly happy again, and it's back to work on her empire... She has to do what's right for baby... That's the typical cycle over and over between tweet and blog, thinking she can pull the wool over everyone's eye/ears with these outlets. Only she added a little last night... That "she was sent down by God. She's really an angel..."

Please stop covering this moron.


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