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Rihanna, dear, why can't you keep your clothes on?


The Ministry can't help but wonder if Rihanna isn't working out some issues.

She's dropped her top again -- this time for a W magazine photo shoot.

That's after baring enough of her breasts on the January GQ magazine cover to prevent this blog from linking to it. And baring her butt for her single "Hard" (wearing only the word "hard" over her breasts). And going topless except for barbed wire for the single "Russian Roulette." And going topless again (except a carefully placed arm) to illustrate "Wait Your Turn."

What, is the point that she's willing to "wait her turn" to wear a shirt?

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Seems like only yesterday that we were seeing her pose naked except for a hat, boots, a carefully placed sign and a big ol' cigarette hanging from her lip, for the release of her single "Rude Boy."

OK, it was Tuesday. Close enough.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Stop! Rihanna! Don't take off that jacket! You know what happens next! Credit: Alastair Grant / Associated Press.

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Maybe it's cynical me, but she honestly doesn't look any more "nekkid" than most pop tart-letts vying for attention in the crowded media landscape. I mean, you are talking about her, right?

Her desire to pursue acting, though, should be interesting. She has that vapid Beyonce look in her eyes and I wonder if she has the chops to stumble her way through some lines while simultaneously looking pretty. Most of these popstar acting wanna-bees fail. We shall see.

Let me get this straight: Ministry of Gossip regularly celebrates the trashiness of the people on Jersey Shore yet when Rihanna does a interesting photo spread with a fashion magazine that doesn't even show anything that would be banned on American TV, let alone a fashion mag, it's suddenly time wag the finger at her? I hope Ministry of Gossip never picks up a copy of Paris Vogue which regularly features bare breasts. I wouldn't want Ministry's sensitive constitution to be upset.

Who has the pattern here? Seems like Ministry of Gossip has its very own Madonna/whore complex that it needs to sort out.

I think Rihanna can do whatever she pleases, Her job is to keep her fans happy and that si what she is doing. Plus she is EXTREMELY beautiful. If she was bad looking that would be different.

All that stripping down hasn't helped Rihanna's CD sales, has it? Maybe she ought to keep her clothes on and concentrate on coming up with music people will buy instead. Just sayin'.

Just be quiet and stop complaining, she's hot


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