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Report: Rihanna getting serious with Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp

After playing the field post-breakup with singer Chris Brown, it looks as if Rihanna might have scored herself a very eligible new beau.

HollywoodLife is reporting that after several sightings stateside, RiRi spent New Year's Eve with Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp

“Rihanna and Matt are starting to get serious – he even followed her to Dubai for New Year's," a source told the website. "Rihanna likes him because he’s such a gentleman … and super sexy!”

Kemp, 25, had a career-best season in 2009. Could the new year see him winning in love?

He spoke with Yahoo sports last summer (full clip above), where he listed off the things he looks for in the perfect girl. Does Rihanna stack up? ...

Mattkemp ... Kemp seems to like his ladies strong, gorgeous and well groomed. She just may qualify.

"Independent, pretty and got to have good teeth too," he said of his ideal mate.

Kemp lives in L.A. in the off-season, as does Rihanna. Both travel in young and sexy affluent circles and know a thing or two about public life -- this could be her ideal man, as long as she's not wanting to settle down.

Kemp could be a bit commitment-shy.

"That's the most part, independent," Kemp stressed about his perfect mate, "somebody who can go off and do their own thing and not have to worry about me all the time."

What do you think of Rihanna and Kemp? Tell us in comments!

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Matt Kemp smiles wide during a Los Angeles Dodgers practice in 2008. He can certainly stand under our umbrella. Credit: Kirby Lee / Image of Sport-Us Presswire

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Independent? Rihanna? Uh, that is not the impression I have of her at all. Most accounts had her being extremely possessive of Chris Brown...and we all know how well that worked out for her.

This guy was in ex-Destiny's Child Letoya's video and was seen with her at basketball games a couple of weeks ago. So I think he wants a higher profile and found the right person to give him one.


i totally hate the idea of them together. im a huge dodgers fan and i hope this isnt a distraction for him...

OMG please tell me this story isn't true. Matt Kemp seems like such a good, down to earth guy (and he's SO cute). Rihanna seems a little too much DRAMA for him. Sure she's beautiful - but... Matt, you can do SO much better.

I am sooooo sad! I though Kemp was my little secret. Everyone is all about Ethier! Not any longer... I hope it doesn't last :)

Hey all, CDZ from the Ministry here with a reminder that we have a zero-tolerance policy against profanity -- we don't even publish words where you've put ast*risks in them to confuse the filter.

You see, I'm actually the filter, and someone told me once about the whole asterisk trick, so it doesn't get by me much anymore.

P.S. To one commenter whose post is unpublishable, just FYI, you could have gone ahead and typed in the whole word "bridge" instead of hedging with "b***ge." Last we checked, the word that means a structure that you can jump off, as you so thoughtfully pointed out, is not profane -- it's just a noun.


They make a cute couple, but Rihanna can do better than him. But whatever why is everyone hatin on Rihanna?? Shes AWESOME, TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL, STYLISH, INSPIRING, and MORE!! So haters need to leave. Who agrees??

I think she can do better than him too. His whole 'independent' rap's got Player written all over it too. As long as Ri doesn't mind being cheated on, then go for it. Just lookin out for you Rihanna.

Hmmmm very hot couple... if it's true. But I really like Kemp, and if he starts doing badly I will def blame her as a hot-mess distraction. Also, has anyone else started to get sick of her like Beyonce? Girl is EVERYWHERE.

that girl is definitely not rihanna...rihanna is the clingy insecure jealous girl friend who check up on your every move track your calls and search your text message and get a fitz if u cant explain yourself

Rihanna's all right, but I do not see her as independent LOL That is all an act. A truly independent woman wouldn't need almost an entire industry and public to tell her to stay away from a man who filled her mouth with blood and then left her like roadkill. If it wasn't for her hunger for fame, she would still be with Chris Brown. You best believe that.

She seems like an extremely needy girl with "daddy" issues. Matt Kemp hit pay dirt with this chick!! He'll be the next A-Rod in no time.

Yo, I hope Matt "MVP" Kemp doesn't go after this chick He's 25 he can play with whoever he wants!

Matt, the man, the king of center field.... pay attention boy, there are a lot of quality ladies in LA, Rihanna = Drama. You worked hard to get to wher you are in the show, don't blow it! You being played by the queen player. Change your number Matt, move and alert security at the Stadium.

dis is perfect i know rihanna is gonna be happy with nd he is cool too


kemp could go 30/30.

I don't agree with the people who said "Rihanna is too good for Matt Kemp."
Matt is really starting to become a house hold name so people who aren't baseball/Dodger fans probably wouldn't know much about him.

I really hope this doesn't ruin his baseball game, because he's got all the talent in the world.

I'm a Red Sox fan but I like Matt Kemp; good young baseball player and of course Rihanna is sexy and a good singer but I hope she doesn't piss Matt off and they end up on TMZ for some kind of domestic disturbance. Rihanna seems a little bit dangerous to me. Like my horrible ex wife. Bad luck.

Matt Kemp AKA Mr Baseball seems like he knows what's up. Rihanna's fine and all, but there are plenty of beautiful women in L.A. Hopefully he's smart enough to realize he should "playyyyy ballllll!" Why settle down just for the sake of doing so?? Doesn't make sense.

Derek Jeter's hooked up with Mariah, Scarlett Jo, Vanessa Minillo, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima, Vida Guerra, a Miss Universe or 5 and nobody bats an eye because he was never "with" any of them. On the flip side Kobe, Tiger, ARod, etc have all cheated on their wife and got caught. Resulting in tons of draaaaaama! Who needs that in their life? Choose wisely, Matty!! GO DODGERS

Ha-ha!!! She "has to have good teeth"? You mean like a horse that you can sell when you get tired of it? Oh you Matt Kemp, you're a nut!

They're cute together. But he definately gets a career boost dating Rhinna. Even with a domestic abuse incident at 20 she's a bad chick. Hopefully they'll have a good run. I like looking at pictures of them. They're pretty.


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