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PREACH IT! Still think Chris Brown is repentant?

Cb peace Sometimes very few words are needed in reporting a gossip item. This would be one of those times.

The gist: Convicted Rihanna-beater Chris Brown recently posed for this photo with designer Jean-Paul Gaultier following a warrior-themed fashion show.

We could go on about this -- comparing other bellwether photos in the history of celebrity gaffes, wondering whether Brown’s publicist was in a coma or merely catatonic -- but let’s not dilute the good times overmuch, eh?

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Chris Brown attends the Missoni party Jan. 15, 2010, during Milan Fashion Week. Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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I have no problem with this photo. It isn't a bloodied female model. It is the a top notch designer who wanted Chris Brown to be in a photo with him. He was not re-enacting the incident of the infamous night so people not to get off this.

So he can't take a picture anymore without people wining, complaining, crying, and being emotional anymore? If Charlie Sheen took this pic, would people even bother with this story?

This "article" is ridiculous. He's a musician and his last cd was amazing. Good music is what I expect from him, not for him to constantly be on the lookout for anything that may offend some loser that doesn't know the meaning of "moving on". I don't care for this continual hate-mongering.

Hey all, Christie D'Zurilla from the Ministry of Gossip here, with a reminder: We don't publish comments that include profanity, harsh or mild, even if you put aster*sks in it. We don't publish racial slurs. Check the terms of service if you're curious.

If your comment isn't going live, it's probably because of one or the other of those things.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


what is your point? what happen to the photo he aint even smiling showing the sign peace???

I'm not a huge fan of Chris Brown but I really don't understand the gist of this story. I don't get why it is necessary and why I should care. I don't feel sorry for him but I do feel sorry that he is the subject of this absurd story. I guess you are looking for stories...why not focus on a movie review or what television show you watched last night. Might be a better use of space. Just sayin'

this is so retarded.leave the boy alone.it is all about fashion. what is he supposed to do in this picture, cry? c'mon son this is straight bs

And so...this is news? More supermaket tabloid drivel.... No wonder we can't win the world's confidence back..

Chris Brown doesn't owe any of you judgmental hypocrites any explanation because there is nothing that he can ever do to please you and it's great that what you think of him is not relevant to his SPIRIT!

I suggest you seek closure with your abuser or whoever abused a love one close to you because you're going to drive yourself crazy using Chris Brown as the one you project your issues onto.

I confess that I wished that Chris didn't take the picture with the designer because I knew people like the idiot that wrote this garbage would connect the actions of the designer to Chris because of your own issues.

I wonder if "The Media" is going to talk about this as much as they DIDN'T talk about Charlie Sheen.......Charlie Sheen is a man who is atleast 40 plus who from what I understand has repeatedly beat multiple women.........Ah yes lets see this FAIR media at work!

Wow you need to maybe seek help if what happened a year ago is still bothering you enough to make an article about it when what he is doing now has nothing to do with that at all. I feel for you.

wat is the point of this? i guess hes not allowed 2 take pics ne more... how pafetic ppl need 2 get ova wat happened like ova a year ago its old news now lol seems as if hes not allowed 2 do nething ne more
poor Chris i feel sorry 4 wat hes got 2 go through 4 the next couple of mnths or by the r8 that sum ppl are going 4 the rest of his life!!! let him live his life hes made a mistake and hes payed and is still paying 4 it

I think people should back off and leave chris alone!!!!

haterz can go died or something like dat

chris brown hit her 4 a reason i love chris brown no matter wat...

Ok so im gonna need whoever wrote this note to get over it! Go look in the mirror and say to yourself "I have a life...and it doesn't surround Chris Brown". I'm So sick of people pondering on this Rihanna thing. It happened, it was horrible, I'm not justifying anything. Just move on PLEASE!!!!!

Hey all, Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Not gonna publish any comments that threaten physical violence against Rihanna. And yes, a number of them have been submitted.



Sorry what? That isn't an article, that is ONE picture and you didn't even say anything about it? Also to be fair to Chris Brown, he did beat up Rihanna so fair play.

Chris Brown is sooooooooooo sexy!

chrisb u are so fine


When are you people going to lay off of him the past is the past....things happen...talkin about it isnt going to change anything...MOVE ON....and His Name is Christopher Brown..Stop labling him as Rihanna-Beater

what is the point of this story? you need to do your research and it was reported that Chris turned down the opportunity to be in the show because of how they were made up..There has been so much good press for him recently being in Milan and here you come with this bs.. build a bridge and get over it.

@Keish -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

I think you're referring to the hockey-themed DSquared runway show (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/alltherage/2010/01/dsquared-fallwinter-2010-mens-runway-collection-is-pure-hockey-camp.html) in Milan, which, according to Vanity Fair (http://www.vanityfair.com/online/style/2010/01/our-man-in-milan.html), Chris did decline to participate in.

The picture this blog post refers to -- and we're hardly the only outlet to weigh in (http://bit.ly/c1fWUq) -- was the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/alltherage/2010/01/jean-paul-gaultier-paris-mens-runway-aw10-boxing-collection-everlast.html) two days later.


This whole article or watever you want to call it is absolutely STUPID!!!! is it a crime for him to take a picture with a FAMOUS designer? Give him a break!!!! He aint re-enacting the incident!!! he just had a picture taken!!! Everyone needs to get over the rihanna incident especially the media coz its pathetic!! like i always say he is only human and made a mistakee!!!! AND it wasnt all his fault as rihanna provoked him....he was angryyy....he told her to get out of the car and she didnt....people do stupid and crazy things when they are angry and rihanna should have listened to him instead of getting him more angryy by staying in the car!!!!! Do you expect chris to curl up in a ball and cry about everything? is he supposed to stay at home and not hav a social life? NOOOOOOOO!!!! GET OVERRR ITTT!!!................Chris brown i love yew loads and loads and loadssssss!!!!! your the best and dont let the haters bring you downn!! I love yew, I love your Music and you style (dancin)......Your one in a million x x xmwah x x x x x x

-Cbreezyyy is so fineee <33 jus leave tha boyy alone, dang. i mean, i kno it was wrong && so does he. he cant change that...its alreadyy done and over wid, its been over a year...

i love my chris

Its funny how people get all mad at this! I don't know wut the big deal is either but I guess thats his punishment for beating a girl

Symone who is a girl posted on here but i guess she doesnt mind either, people are blindin by his 'good' music and his lastest lp that surprisingly sold 100k the first week ;( isnt even that tight (got it off limewire) only about half of it or so was coo.

well this article is unnecessary cuz its jus a honest simple pic, but its funny how people get all mad about it haha

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