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PREACH IT! Flee, tiny piglets, for you are free!

January 21, 2010 |  4:04 pm
Just before the Golden Globes, we told you about the GBK Productions gifting suite, which was offering all kinds of swag to show presenters and nominees. The freebies included jewelry, electronics -- and a free, miniature pet pig to anyone who took a one-hour training course.

The pigs -- dubbed Royal Dandies -- apparently walk on leashes and use litter boxes.

Now, an update on the Great Tiny Piglet Giveaway of 2010.

Apparently there are at least one or two people among this weekend’s Golden Globes luminaries who took up the offer for the free pet piglet. They just don’t want you to know who they are.

Pig2When the piglets were first being offered, we were told it wouldn’t be a problem to release the names of the stars who adopted piglets. But today, we got this cryptic statement from the suite reps: “We won’t be able to give out that information due to requests.”

Requests. Sure.

Or maybe it’s just that, among others, the folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- PETA -- got wind of the piglet offer and have been making a point of assuring that it never happens again.

“We have an exciting update to the miniature pig story you reported on earlier today and would love to offer it to you as an exclusive,” a PETA rep has told MOG. “GBK Productions -- the company behind this year's Golden Globes gifting suites, which featured the infamous ‘minipigs’ -- has responded to PETA's request that it never again give away live animals as part of its awards show gifts.”

Color us a wee bit cynical, but the PETA deal went down only a day or two ago, and now no celebrity apparently wants to be associated with the piglet giveaway.

The timing is feeling a bit too close for coincidence.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo credits: GBK

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