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'Another Day': Sony yanks leaked Michael Jackson song; Lenny Kravitz speaks about the recording

Michael Can you put a genie back in the bottle?

The Jackson family and Sony Music Entertainment have pulled "Another Day," the Michael Jackson-Lenny Kravitz duet that leaked over the weekend. (Notice that the video is no longer, ahem, available.)

Kravitz confirmed in a video on his Facebook page that the 90 seconds or so that circulated online was in fact his work with Jackson. However, he said, though he wrote the song and played all the instruments, he had nothing to do with the leak. What got out is not mixed, he said, and features the voice of someone who had nothing to do with the recording.

"Mine has been locked up in a vault since we recorded it," he said. The session with Jackson was, he said, "one of the most amazing musical experiences I've ever had."

The Ministry recommends you watch Kravitz's video. It's interesting -- and, as a bonus, very relaxing.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Michael Jackson in June 2005. Credit: Connie Aramak / EPA.

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Michael Jackson leaked the song himself.

Keep the Faith.

I wonder why Sony and the Jackson family are so afraid to release the song. They are horrible liars and are hiding something. Everyone has already heard it so it doesn't matter. The song has a message in it. Michael is sending messages out through his music and this song is one example of Michael communicating with his fans. He wants us to know that he staged his death and is ok, but many refuse to listen. There is a lyric in the song that states "I walked away, but I was wrong." Who leaked this song? It seems to me that this song means that Michael misses those who love him and can't live another day without him since he obviously FAKED HIS DEATH! Wake up and see the truth already. Many have already figured out this whole Michael Jackson death hoax, it's just some people that don't want to hear it and close their minds. This is Michael Jackson, anything is possible when it comes to MJ. Michael is very smart, he wanted to be the first to successfully fake his death. He knew no one would believe it. Never underestimate the power of a genius. This leaked song called "Another Day" is another piece of evidence that points towards Michael Jackson hoaxing his own death. Just listen to the lyrics of this song and it will be clear to you. He is basically saying that he can't stay away forever, because he misses those who love him and keep him strong. Keep the faith, the truth will prevail.

Keep the Faith you can't be serious. Right?

very well said! i still believe he's alive! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've heard the entire thing. not bad. its 3:34 minutes long and took me about a minute to find it. I can't wait, wait another, you're the fire that keeps me warm, i can't wait wait another day...

Keep the Faith's post is a bit ermmmm, random. But i guess I would love to think MJ is still alive so maybe i'll keep the faith as well lol.

As for the song, it's awesome! Has an NIN kinda sound to it, it's really kl.


If you've heard the whole song Lenny has already said it was his vocal. So you heard an unfinished song. And funny you heard the full release while most reputable websites have said only a snippet was released.


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