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PREACH IT! I shall take you up on your kind offer, Golden Globes gift gurus, and I shall name him Bacon Bits

Pig2 It’s Golden Globes swag suite time! Time for all the local PR companies to entice celebrities and press people to come to their rented hotel spaces and Hoover up all the free stuff they can carry!

Time for the free “mini makeovers” and blowouts and iPods with company logos on the back and caviar facials and pedicures by girls named Roxane and bags full of champagne and shampoo with foreign-sounding names and panties decked out in Swarovski crystals and chocolate candy that none of the leading ladies would ever be to stupid as to actually eat less than one week before the Globes.

I love swag suites. Any honest celebrity reporter loves swag suites. And this year I love one swag suite in particular. Because it isn’t just giving away all the usual stuff.

Somebody is actually giving away little tiny pigs.

That’s right. At a suite this week run by gifting guru GBK Productions, Globe nominees and presenters are expected to receive swag including trips and electronics. They will also receive truffle salt and truffle oil. To highlight the truffly goodness, GBK has also partnered with a company called Patty’s Royal Dandie Miniature Pet Pig, which breeds tiny pet pigs, to offer the animals as yet another gift.

Pig3 The pet pigs usually sell for about $5,000, the suite people tell me, but the visiting celebrities would be able to get one for free. All they’d have to do is complete a one-hour course on how to treat the li’l porkers and present a certificate of completion. The tiny pig will then be hand-delivered to the celebrity. The pigs come in two sizes, Royal Dandie and Royal Dandie Extreme; Royal Dandies average 29 to 39 pounds, while Dandie Extremes average 19 to 29 -- if, that is, they are not overfed and allowed to, you know, pork out.

Pig1 It’s too early to say whether Taylor Lautner or Sophia Loren -- both presenters this year -- will actually take up GBK on its offer. It also would be really good times if nominee Alec Baldwin decided to pick one up, maybe for daughter Ireland. (I’ll give you a few seconds to put that one together.)

But celebrities are already familiar with Royal Dandies; Paris Hilton recently announced her purchase of a Dandie that she named -- spelling unchanged -- Princess Piglette.

"So excited for my new piglette [sic] to come home to me," she Tweeted late last year.

T-minus 10 seconds until the PETA people release a statement about the GBK suite. Eight ... seven ... six ...

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo credits: Courtesy GBK

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This is beyond stupid.

Not only is this ridiculous, but the entire concept of swag is long-since outdated. There is such terrible suffering throughout the world (witness Haiti) and, yet, those who least need gifts/swag continue to receive and accept it.

Hollywood is so quick to criticize but is soooo hypocritical.

no animal should ever be given as swag for advertising. The decision to get a pet should never come before research. Animals are dying, suffering and barely surviving thanks to misinformation, and irresponsible people like this.

Please do not believe the lie that these little piggy’s will remain small. They wean them from their mommies really early (making it appear to the sucker {THAT’S YOU} that they are tea-cup pigs) & then recommend that you starve them to keep them small. Why would you want to starve an animal? A standard potbelly pig weighs between 80 – 150 pounds. In the pig world, that is considered small since the size of a regular sow pig can weigh 500 to 1000 pounds. There are thousands of pigs in California that need loving homes. I adopted one in August. Pigs are not for everyone. They require a lot of work & are not like a dog or cat in any way. Please talk to someone before you make the leap to become a pig owner. Go to a site like www.scampp.com. This is a huge network of pig owners that would love to speak with you about the ownership of a pig. If you love the earth & consider yourself green. Do not buy a pig – Adopt a pig!

I myself own a potbelly pig. I got him about 2 years ago when he was 6 pounds and so cute. Now he's about 100 pounds and he is quite the handful. It's like having a 3 year old. They are very curious and require constant supervision. I love him but let me tell you, I have wanted to call it quits many times. Like after he destroyed my laptop and linoleum in 2 rooms and rooted up all of the grass in my backyard over 1 summer. Now he is in his aggressive stage and he regularly attacks me and my guests so I have been spending a ton of time retraining him. Not fun.

I will never surrender him but I wish I had done more research before I got him. Pigs are special animals and they require special attention. You cannot treat them or train them like dogs. Also, while the area I live in is zoned for pet potbelly pigs, the HOA of the neighborhood I live in does not allow them. They have thankfully allowed me to keep him but I live in constant fear that someday they might enforce their no potbelly pigs policy.

I have 7 rescued Pot-bellied Pigs-- Ranging from over 300 POUNDS TO 125 POUNDS. Two of these come from a breeder who swore that they would not be more that 50 pounds. These pigs are cute in the pictures, but like other comments, I must say that they are not the pet for everyone and that they should not be given as gifts. After 17 years, I do not profess to know all about these lovable pets, but enough to say that a one hour course is not even enough to break the ice. I would agree with another comment that they will grow to be much larger. Remember these pigs grow until they are 4 years old and live if given proper feed and care to be 20 years old.

People who think they are buying a pig that stays small are being fooled.
Unscrupulous breeders are breeding pigs less than a year old, and by the time the litter is born, the parents still are only about eight months old and far below their full size. The breeders tell folks that the piglets will be no bigger than the parents, but the buyer doesn't realize the parent pigs are nowhere near full-grown themselves. Pig sanctuaries throughout the country have had to house approximately 300,000 potbellied pigs once they outgrow their purported size. Many others become strays and are euthanized without any chance at adoption or placement. A huge number of these little pigs also end up being stuck all alone in a small enclosure in a back corner of the yard, quite neglected once the novelty has worn off and the pig is fully grown. Because they are extremely social animals, this is a torturous life for them. There are thousands and thousands of 'miniature' pigs killed every year.
Your new pig will be a member of your family for 15-20 years, so be sure you have looked into pig ownership, costs, training, and zoning in your area.
The piglet you take into your family will need proper food, health care (vaccinations, worming , tusk and hoof trimmings), and of course your piglet should be spayed or neutered. You will need to provide a bed, harness, leash, and bowls. Be aware that there is currently no such thing as a"mini pig" and these piglets will grow up to be large (80-150lbs) oinkers.

I see bacon bits.

I agree-find a breeder that will take them back if you give them up later in their life. There is only a couple that offer that and they also post rescue links so that adopted pigs can get home first. Kims is the only one that offers that that I can find and Dandie does not allow pigs to be returned ever. Not sure about the Texas breeder. I only know about west coast breeders. I have been in rescue for over 10 years and it is the breeders that need to grow up and show some responsibility.

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