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PREACH IT! I shall take you up on your kind offer, Golden Globes gift gurus, and I shall name him Bacon Bits

Pig2 It’s Golden Globes swag suite time! Time for all the local PR companies to entice celebrities and press people to come to their rented hotel spaces and Hoover up all the free stuff they can carry!

Time for the free “mini makeovers” and blowouts and iPods with company logos on the back and caviar facials and pedicures by girls named Roxane and bags full of champagne and shampoo with foreign-sounding names and panties decked out in Swarovski crystals and chocolate candy that none of the leading ladies would ever be to stupid as to actually eat less than one week before the Globes.

I love swag suites. Any honest celebrity reporter loves swag suites. And this year I love one swag suite in particular. Because it isn’t just giving away all the usual stuff.

Somebody is actually giving away little tiny pigs.

That’s right. At a suite this week run by gifting guru GBK Productions, Globe nominees and presenters are expected to receive swag including trips and electronics. They will also receive truffle salt and truffle oil. To highlight the truffly goodness, GBK has also partnered with a company called Patty’s Royal Dandie Miniature Pet Pig, which breeds tiny pet pigs, to offer the animals as yet another gift.

Pig3 The pet pigs usually sell for about $5,000, the suite people tell me, but the visiting celebrities would be able to get one for free. All they’d have to do is complete a one-hour course on how to treat the li’l porkers and present a certificate of completion. The tiny pig will then be hand-delivered to the celebrity. The pigs come in two sizes, Royal Dandie and Royal Dandie Extreme; Royal Dandies average 29 to 39 pounds, while Dandie Extremes average 19 to 29 -- if, that is, they are not overfed and allowed to, you know, pork out.

Pig1 It’s too early to say whether Taylor Lautner or Sophia Loren -- both presenters this year -- will actually take up GBK on its offer. It also would be really good times if nominee Alec Baldwin decided to pick one up, maybe for daughter Ireland. (I’ll give you a few seconds to put that one together.)

But celebrities are already familiar with Royal Dandies; Paris Hilton recently announced her purchase of a Dandie that she named -- spelling unchanged -- Princess Piglette.

"So excited for my new piglette [sic] to come home to me," she Tweeted late last year.

T-minus 10 seconds until the PETA people release a statement about the GBK suite. Eight ... seven ... six ...

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo credits: Courtesy GBK

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I hope if any celebrity is dumb enough to take one of these royal dandie pigs, don't forget, you have to starve it to keep it small! But if you don,t please return them to this god awful breeder that promotes starvation of an animal to keep it small... PLEASE RETURN THE POOR UNHEALTHY PIG, THAT MAY GROW TO 150 LBS IF YOU FEED IT PROPERLY, BACK TO THE BREEDER! NOT A RESCUE, NOT A SHELTER, GIVE THEM ALL BACK TO THIS BREEDER! Poor Animals have to suffer because people want a pig for it's size! Common Sense people! Wake up!

Please Please Please don't give away pigs-I have been involved in potbelly pig rescue for a number of years and I can tell you these pigs will NOT stay small.We end up trying to find homes for them when they are full grown mainly because of their size,zone laws,etc. (yes it is against the law to keep them in some counties and cities)I can also tell you most of our rescues are so full they can't take any more and the shelters don't have room or the knowledge(not their fault)to take them.Please reconsider giving these special animals away or any live animals for that matter.Thank you Jeannette Smith

Folks...this is such a bad idea...using pets as gifts whether for Christmas or any other reason and certainly not as a suite gift for the Golden Globes IS TRULY A BAD IDEA.

These pigs can grow up to 150 pounds. For breeders to tell you to NOT feed a pig too much or they will get big is not clinically correct. That is called starvation and neglect.

Pet pigs need more attention and care than most people understand. These are not toys, but living beings that have health needs that have to be met as well as mental stimulation.

Pigs are very smart animals and if left to their own devices will become destructive and aggressive as they get older. Animal Shelters that don't know how to care for nor have the room to care for these animals are currently being inundated with these pigs - yes there REALLY are pet pig rescues - and shelters need to hand them off to rescue organizations who are overloaded and underfunded and understaffed to manage the amount of backlash in abandoned/unwanted pigs there will be after this!


Please encourage everyone to research these "teacup" pigs before buying. Most cities in the greater Los Angeles area do NOT allow them to be kept as pets. Pigs also require a greater amount of time and effort to be kept happy than do dogs or cats.

.. and how horrific and hypocritical as the omnivore care-takers are not quite literally EATING THEIR PETS!
but whatever, if someone declares they would name their pet pig "bacon bits" that's just the kind of sick mind it takes. :P

If I ever adopt a rescue pig, he gets the name "Notham".

This is an atrocity to have these little guys put in danger because someone did not do their homework about miniature pigs. Most municipalities in this country do not and will not allow pigs,therefore if someone takes one of these piglets home they are breaking the law if their town does not allow swine. They can be fined hundreds of dollars a day and made get rid of the pig if they get cited for having it or in this case everyone including the powers that be will already know they have a pig because of the publicity involved. Then when they have to get rid of the pig the ones that are involved in rescue will be inundated with pigs that have no place to go because all of our potbellied rescue sanctuaries are full and overflowing already with pigs that were given up because of zoning or size or some other problem that they had no idea would happen with a pig. There is also a problem with finding a vet that will care for our mini pigs. They can't just go to any vet.
Pigs need to graze so they don't belong in an apartment and they do not stay 35 lbs if they are fed properly. Potbellied pig sanctuaries around the country already have enough 150 lb micro mini pigs that breeders claimed would only grow to be 35 lbs. Potbellied pigs grow for 3 or more years. But the fact that it is not legal to have them is a fight I fight every day to change the zoning to help families save homes for pigs that are not zoned to live where they live. It is heartbreaking for the families and especially for the pig that has the intelligence of a 2 year old child when they are full grown at 3 years of age. They bond very closely to their care givers because are very human in their nature.

Please put and end to this!!! These are lives, not novelty gifts and this will become all the rage if all these celebrities start taking these piglets home! The very few sanctuaries and rescues that exist for pigs are already bursting at the seams. There is no such thing as a micro, mini, or teacup pig and these too will end up as cast-offs.
Pam Stanley

What a stupid and disgusting idea! If this is what's going on at the Globes this year, I am NOT watching it and neither will my friends nor family. I hope that the celeb presenters and guests will speak out against this too. What the hell is GBK Productions thinking? Giving away live animals as door prizes like they're merely objects? If you don't do it with dogs or cats, you doubly don't do it with pigs, no matter how "small" they're supposed to be. Wow, and they say animals are stupid...

As the author of LOWELL: THE TRUE STORY OF AN EXISTENTIAL PIG (New Horizon Press, 2000) , I can attest to the fact that no such thing as a teacup pot-belly exists. Any pet pig, if underfed, will be stunted or dwarfed, but no self-respecting pig owner would do this to her pet.

I live on a farm and have 11 thriving pot-bellied pigs, but they are all over 140 pounds as adults--more topping out over 200 pounds. While I like the size of an adult pot-belly, which is between a spaniel and German shepherd in length and height but much thicker,other people may not.

Buyer beware: any person advertising a pot-belly as "teacup" is operating to misrepresent these animals for profit. If you buy into it, I promise you will get a lot more than you paid for.


Absolutely irresponsible and unbelievable! Notice that the adult pigs are NEVER shown, just tiny babies. And AT WHAT AGE are they when they're 19 to 29 pounds?! Likely less than a year. Pigs will grow for up to 5 YEARS!!! They can begin reproducing at less than a year. These pigs are fed an unhealthy diet in an attempt to keep them small. It's basically BIRDSEED!!!! There's not enough nutrition for a healthy growing piglet. Also, these piglets are the SAME SIZE as a regular potbellied pig! Call them what you want, they're a mix of larger breeds and will not be as small as promised. Those of us who take in the discards after these promos have yet to see a bitty little pig such as are promised and we are unable to find a legitimate owner of one. Believe me, as pig lovers, we'd all have a dozen if they truly existed. Contact any of the hundreds of pig rescues across the country and ask about their teacup, micro mini/dandy pigs! These pigs don't exist except in a fantasy world. And to hand them out like a bag of cosmetics is a terrible example to set for all of the gullible people who'll be lining up to buy into the myth. Shame on the promotors and breeders.

Pet pigs are extremely intelligent and emotional animals. To place them in this situation is completely inappropriate.
Royal Dandie is a brand name, not a breed name. The adult pigs that were sold as Royal Dandies are coming to shelters all over the United States at the same size as any pet potbellied pig, which is between 80 to 120 pounds. The claims below are inaccurate information. Please do not promote this fraud.


PREACH IT: these babies are adorable, as were the thousands now living out their lives in sanctuaries.

All things considered, a very bad idea to breed them, as well as to accept them. Forethought might have worked at some point.

Hey there -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the Ministry. If your post hasn't gone live, it's probably because it had a URL in it. We not longer publish comments that include links. Please feel free to resubmit without the URL.


I have been involved in the pig world for 14yrs., and this is so wrong on so many levels. These little souls aren't "gifts" they are living breathing creatures that take specialized care, and a commitment of 15-20yrs. As the other writers have explained they are illegal in most areas, specialized pig vets are difficult to find, and they have very special needs. They are not a pet to be gotten on a whim, and even worse to be given as a gift.
These pigs will NOT stay under 35lbs., if fed a proper diet. Once the "shine wears off" these babies will be looking for homes, and there are none. The pig sanctuaries are overflowing, and unable to take in any more. If this "breeder" would allow her animals to be given away, she isn't very concerned about where, or who they go to. Not a sign of a reputable breeder. Check out and see if she will take them back, when they are no longer wanted. I doubt it very much.
Please reconsider this "gifting" of pigs.

No need to wait for the PETA folks...plenty of other concerned animal people out there to let folks know how reckless and irresponsible this is. I thought it was insane that anyone would actually invite the Royal Dandie people and now, well, this just shows folks with common sense how little common sense some people really have. Who in their right minds would really believe a piglet would't grow beyond 25lbs? They don't reach full size until 3-5 years! "Teacup", "Royal Dandies", "micro/mini"...all words designed to help greedy people get their hands on the money of people not having enough sense to research before getting a pig that is promised to be "TINY". And breeders love to have babies breed so that they can show "little" parents...another "lie". Best Friends Animal Society will be releasing a press release on this so please look for it to learn more.

This is a terrible idea and cruelty to animals. It should be against the law. Shame on whoever thought of it.

Please stop this! These are scentient beings not GIFTS. Too many animals are euthanized already because there is no one no where to care for them! Instead, please lend your time and money to shutting odwn such a breeder! Please!!!

This is a horrible idea animals do not make good gifts! Never mind the fact that there is no such thing as a tea cup pig and these will grow to be very large. Shelters are already full of pigs who have been abandoned do we really need anymore? Be responsible and don't support the breeding or giving away of animals.

Ha...Haa! Is this the Piggly Wiggly; Fake it till you make it suite???

I'm in agreement with all the people posting here. Its really pathetic to be giving away pigs at the gifting suites. I think most people don't even make an effort to take care of a betta fish, a dog, or a cat. How can you give away pigs in good faith that they'll be cared for. Anyone taking a pig home is doing it on impulse shopping. Its 95% chance the people taking the pig home wont create a routine lifestyle thats nurturing to a domestic pig. Its inevitable that these animals will be neglected, or treated cruelly and probably abandoned. As the organizer of this suite how do you think this makes you look? Most people who have posted comments here obviously think your a stupid moron. I am in complete agreement!

You really should know how to make better choices for a gifting suite. Pigs aren't glamorous, what are they doing at a Golden Globes Suite?

How, that's classy. The Golden Globes taking ques from Paris Hilton. Next year they should offer leading roles in free sex videos. Talk about behind the times...

I wonder if you feed the pig enough slop, will it grow big enough so that you can then slaughter it to sell or feed your family?

Gwendolyn, a 20-year-old potbellied pig, is at risk of being booted from the only home she's ever known. Her person is fighting the county because she's considered livestock.

Gwendolyn's story is a prime example of pigs who are at risk because so many cities and counties do not allow them. And now a breeder is giving piglets away to celebrities? The baby pigs will be at risk of being discarded once they grow past the allotted size. Please urge the organizers of the Golden Globes to not allow living, breathing baby pigs to be handed out like they're stuffed animals.

Pigs are livestock. Why would anyone not living on a farm, or at least in a rural environment, want to make a pet out of livestock? And yes, I feel the same way about exotic "pets" such as pythons, monkeys and lions. Just get a dog - you can even teach it to fetch your morning Times.

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