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'Glee' wants YOU! to audition! to be on 'Glee'! (If you can sing really well, that is)

Amber Think you could be "Glee's" next Mercedes Jones?

For the Gleeks among us, there's good news today: Fox has renewed "Glee" for a second season.

But for the Gleeks among us who can actually sing, there's news that's even more exciting: Three new cast members will be added to the show, and "Glee" will conduct a nationwide casting search beginning this February to fill the slots. 

Um, haters need not apply.

Did we just hear an extremely well-pitched squeal go up around the country? Especially in New York and L.A.?

[CLICK HERE for official "Glee" audition information. The Ministry of Gossip is not involved with the process in any way, so you have to go to Fox for information. Fox says auditions will be open to candidates who are ages 16 to 26 years old. Thanks!]

Information on how to submit audition tapes has yet to be released, so don't go sending stuff randomly to "'Glee' auditions c/o Hollywood," OK? We'll do our best to keep you posted. 

Click here to check out Amber Riley's audition tape and then let us know -- do you think you can compete?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Amber Riley, who belts it like nobody's business as Mercedes Jones on "Glee," arrives at the People's Choice Awards on Jan. 6 in Los Angeles. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

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Hi I know that the form sais that you must be 16 years or older to audition, but i was wandering if i could talk about that. I am 14 years old and cant sing worth crap. I do complettly understand that you have to be 16 and can sing to be on this show but i think that i could bring so much to this show i am lively nd enertaining. I LOVE to dance and to sing, i am just not a very good singer. But i really do think i have something you would see in me. even though i am 14 years of age i would be wiling to ausition like any one else and feel like i could have a special part in glee just for me. People tell me that i would be perfect on the show they just dont know what part but they say i need to have a part in this show of some. I would love to have a part in this show if possible and hope to hear back from you. thanks

Hi, i am DeAnthony Lloyd, and i am 15 going on 16 in September, i think i should be part of GLEE because i have tho most unique voice for a guy, i can hit a note higher then some girls in the school, i have lots of youtube videos of me i think you might impressed!!

I'm 14
A great singer, dancer, and actor

well im not 16 to 24 but i can sing really well and how come u cant add little kids like me im 11 and i LOVEEE GLEE and i would just love it if i could see kids under 15 at least audition like i do i wanna see the glee cast stars come to see the auditions and see them selves orlook at vidieos and see if your talented enough also u should try to put some country episodes and make one of the glle people to sing ''Big black horse and a cherry tree'' IM AMAZING SINGING AT THAT SONG im even better at my older sistrers one is 15 and one is 18 and they dont sing that well so please if u nread this please make an a adjust ment but not to change glee or anything i LOVE IT THE WAY IT IS

Hey , My name is Jasmine & Im Good @ Singing , I would like too try out . Please get back too me thanks/. !

ik i have the stuff be in glee just not old enough (sad face)
im 14 :(

Hey! My name is rachel and ever since glee had come out, i have watched it. I think I would be good for glee because singing and dancing are my passions. I have been singing since I could talk and I have been dancing for 11 years. Singing, dancing, and acting have been the ways I get through the tough times. When I was in 5th grade I wad diagnosed with crohns disease. And when I was in 7th, so was my brother. Having to endure the tests and stress of this disease led me to believing that I was nothing but the disease itself. But my arts slammed that door shut. they are what kept me in check and kept me hopefull. When my disease took a turn fir the worst, it was time for surgery. I stopped seventh grade early to fix my guts. Laying in the hospital bed really tore me down so I focused on my music and arts and found an open window that led to happiness. I really want to do more with my arts and I know this glee opportunity will help me. So thanks for listing to me pour out my issues. -rachel

I would love to do this am a good singer but for the kids what a fun thing my daughter into it. Exciting!!!! Theatre voice different like kinda Leah Michelle has. They are amazing and the guests are great very creative. I love it and never thought I would.

hello i am theanna fant and i have been singing since i was very young i have videos on my youtube account. (theannafant) and i would love to become a glee member. lol, i know i have what it takes. and i love that show. .i know this is not the glee sign up page. add me on youtube and faceboook.

You have to be 18 or older to audition, the website makes that very clear

you guys are like amazing i sing ur songs all the time and like now it all every song i do almost what u guys do at my choir school

I'm in Glee club if you pick me Ple.

My name is Danny Roelfs I love to sing my song is any love song want love song I sing Lay all your Love to Audition. Ple. help me out with the song . want is your love song Ple. let me know. I in or not

im really good at singing won lots of competitions and lots of choir solos and im 12 but i dunno if ill be able to audition

I'm 16 turning 17 in March.
I can sing, dance, and act.
This is a dream of mine.
If you would like to contact me.
Ask for my email.

Heyyy, I'm 14 and was a model i love to sing and love glee so i would love to audition please contact me at my email.......thankzzz byyye

my name is brittany hull i am 13 years old i would love to be on the glee show i have glee pajames i can sing, dance. and act really good

how old i 19 and love glee

My name is Kasey and im 19. I have been singing since I was in 5th grade and i love it so much that I want to be a music teacher. i watch Glee every tuesday night because it is the highlight of my day.

hi my name is terrance lucas and 14 bout to be 15 in december but i look 16 and im a very good dancer and i can kinda sing and i watch this show every tuseday.I always wanted to be on glee every sence i saw the frist episode so please give me a chance to prove myself and im in high school.

we are in love with glee we watch it every week we have not missed one episode we will be flexible on our that if we get one thanks if you want to give us a chance please email us back thanks a lot

Hi I'm a fan of Glee, is my favorite TV series I never miss any episode I like to sing I have 18 years and would like to belong to the cast of Glee

I love glee it's so amazing Kurt is so cute yes I'm a guy lol and i would love to be in glee!!!

Hi Iam a singer and Actress in the Charlottle Area Looking for a break in the Acting and Singing industry. I'm fifty three years of age but everybody thinks im Thirty. I Have years of experinces in Singing and acting. All I need is a chance too prove what I can do. I would love an opportunity to audition for someone,I know Im not twenty six but I can and will sing and Im darn good at what I do. I'll sing too someone over the phone just so you know youre not wasting your time. And if you don't like what you hear I'll send you hundred dollars. I just want a real chance. Thanks

why don't glee make glee for 13 years old

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