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'Glee' wants YOU! to audition! to be on 'Glee'! (If you can sing really well, that is)

Amber Think you could be "Glee's" next Mercedes Jones?

For the Gleeks among us, there's good news today: Fox has renewed "Glee" for a second season.

But for the Gleeks among us who can actually sing, there's news that's even more exciting: Three new cast members will be added to the show, and "Glee" will conduct a nationwide casting search beginning this February to fill the slots. 

Um, haters need not apply.

Did we just hear an extremely well-pitched squeal go up around the country? Especially in New York and L.A.?

[CLICK HERE for official "Glee" audition information. The Ministry of Gossip is not involved with the process in any way, so you have to go to Fox for information. Fox says auditions will be open to candidates who are ages 16 to 26 years old. Thanks!]

Information on how to submit audition tapes has yet to be released, so don't go sending stuff randomly to "'Glee' auditions c/o Hollywood," OK? We'll do our best to keep you posted. 

Click here to check out Amber Riley's audition tape and then let us know -- do you think you can compete?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Amber Riley, who belts it like nobody's business as Mercedes Jones on "Glee," arrives at the People's Choice Awards on Jan. 6 in Los Angeles. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

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um how old im in the 6 grade

how old im 12


This blog has NOTHING to do with 'Glee' auditions, and we have NO answers for you regarding eligible ages or audition locations. After telling people that since Jan. 11, I'm done.

Please click the link in the post above -- where it says CLICK HERE -- to go to Fox's official site.

From today forward, I reserve the right to make fun of *any* future commenters who ask the Ministry any questions about the auditions. Because please, how hard is it to read?



Hey Alexis! It's Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. I checked the Fox website and it looks as if they're auditioning people who are ages 16 to 26. So, sorry kiddo, you're not quite there yet.

Thanks a lot for reading our blog, though.

I can't wait till "Glee" comes back!


Do you think they would let me audition? I am 14. But a lot of people have told me i look old for my age. People have asked if i have been 17. No lie. So please tell me if i can audition. I love Glee and love singing. I think I have a pretty good voice. I've gotten a few solos in choir concerts.

@Jin and to any other folks who might want to audition: Up in the post I've put a clear "CLICK HERE" link to the audition information that Fox has made public so far. We here at the blog have no additional info and aren't involved in the process, so you need to check in with the official "Glee" website.



sad face because I know i won't get selected if I do it...

@angi -- you and me both. I can't sing, AND I'm about 100 years too old! Oh, to dream ...


so why is there no actual singing on these audition tapes?

Hello, my name is Alisia Gomez.
I am interesting in auditioning for Glee,
but I understand that you are only auditioning people from the age of 16-26. I happen to be only 15 but I will be turning 16 in May. Does that give me more of a possibiltiy to audition? Is there anyone that I can talk to about auditioning even though I'm 15? I am very serious about auditioning for Glee and I am willing to travel anywhere I need to go for auditions. Thank you so much for your time :)
Glee Rocks!!

hi...i'm 13 years old and i know its not old enough.. but i just wantedcto tell u im a good singer(not the best) & i've been on tv be4
i know how to dance sing and act.. (my voice needs practice especially at this age)
but if anything i have good ideas about my FAV. show :)


Kids who are too young: the reason why they're asking for 16 is because of child labor laws, same as American Idol. Once you hit 16, it's way easier to get a work permit, you can work a lot more hours, and you can get your GED, meaning that they don't have to waste time and money on you having to go to school on set. And then, of course, once you're 18, you're clear of any child labor laws. So keep training and send your stuff to whoever's generally in charge of casting for Glee when you turn 16 (or audition for American Idol).

Hey! (: I'm Cheyanne Rose, I'm 16 and I'd definitely be interested in auditioning for Glee. I'm totally energetic, and love to put on a performance. I've been in choir all throughout my childhood. I've sang at the Miss. Missouri Pageant, and also been to competitions at local universities. Every Wednesday night, I'd be in front of the T.V watching Glee! I love all their songs, and own the soundtracks.

I'd LOVE to get more information about the Glee auditions.
Thank you for your time! (:

EVERYONE READ THIS PLEASE! Christie D'Zurilla here, again, from the Ministry of Gossip -- this blog is NOT involved with Glee auditions in any official way, shape or form.

If you want more information on auditions, please click where it says CLICK HERE in the post and you'll be taken to the FOX WEBSITE that has informaoin about the auditions. If you comment here asking for information, you're talking to the wrong people, and we can't help you out.

Click that link in the post!!


Hiya, where do you send your audition too. Any advice on what sort of song you should sing as an audition piece? and do you choose an extract from a show to act out as well?

@Nichol -- If I could give you a big sloppy eHug and eSmooch, I would.

You know I would.

My people will be calling you regarding your audition. I recommend "I Dreamed a Dream."



ommmmmggggggggggg i have to auditonnnn for thisssss

Okay, I was wondering, since I'm not too sure about the auditions for the upcoming roles, if you guys just choose extras at random, because I would LOVE to just be on the set of my favorite show.

I really want to auditions for glee but i dont know how so can u reply me back and tell me how to audition

but what if you will be 16 in a few months and you look like your seventeen. i think it should be 15 and up because if you can sing then it really matter and people don't always look their age.

hello, im 14 years old guy, im turning 15 this year and i am talented. but can i audition???i dont lok 14 either i look 16 or 17, so yeaa.. thanks!

I have now officially given up.


Hey my name is talia sampson and i am turning 14 years old in august, i watch glee all the time and i would really like to play a part in season 2. but it says i have to be at least 16, what do i do, do you have any parts for anyone my age. i can sing really well as i have a talented family of singing and dancing. please please please consider me for season 2 of glee.


wow, kids these days do not read. shame. sloppy ambition will get you nowhere. i feel for you, cdz.

@cj -- You know, it's just gotten comical at this point! I've done my due diligence letting folks know where to go, and someone else jumped in with the child-labor comments, so I have no "Glee" guilt.

You're right, if you can't read the instructions, maybe you're not going to be able to assemble the product.



what this IM all about

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