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If Brad and Angelina split, would they be Bran and Gelina? [Updated]

Brangie Rumors of a Brangelina breakup were flying over the weekend, fueled by a detailed News of the World article that was picked up by the Drudge Report. And now sources close to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tell People magazine that it's all a steaming pile of storytelling.

Oh yeah, Johnny Depp died over the weekend too. Except that he didn't (no heart attack, no car crash). And Brad and Angie already broke up last June. Except they didn't.

[Updated at 1:01 p.m.: What's the best way for megastars to cope with a "breakup"? Apparently, it helps to plan out complementary attire for when they attend the Oscars together in March. At least, that's what an Angie-close source told HollywoodLife exclusively Monday in confirming that the two are still a couple.]

[Updated at 12:09 p.m., Jan. 26: In yet another indication of how rock solid this story is and always has been, other sources now say the two, despite still being a "two," will not attend the Oscars together. Angie will be busy on a film costarring the not-dead Depp, says E!, and Brad, well, who knows what he's up to. Are you cracking up as much as we are over this Very Serious Business? Judging by comments, not all of you are.]

We knew two weeks ago that Brangelina would not be attending the Golden Globe Awards. At the time, hubbub was made about "no showdown" between Angelina and presenter Jennifer Aniston so close to the fifth anniversary of the split that ended in Brad and Jen's divorce.

The Daily Mail tabloid out of the U.K., which is sticking with the NOTW story of the breakup, also reports the scandalous news that Brad and Jen were both at the Hope for Haiti telethon, although -- gasp! -- not with each other. That's the same Daily Mail that on Saturday had Jen gazing "adoringly" at Gerard Butler during the telethon, so believe whatever you want. Maybe it's all just New Orleans' fault.

News of the World, incidentally, is owned by the same company that owns the Sun tabloid -- which today has Brad's brother Doug reportedly "begging" the actor to end it with Angie, in a story that then repeats the info from the NOTW piece.

Can we start a rumor that Brad, rather than stepping up to support Haiti, was actually at the studio for a liaison with one of the other 100-plus actors and luminaries who participated? Oh wait, then we'd be making things up

We're going to go wash up now.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and son Maddox arrive at the premiere of "Invictus" in Beverly Hills on Dec. 3, 2009. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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Brad and Angelina have been breaking up off and on for a while now. Their unofficial biographer, Ian Haleperin gives them less than 2 years. In "Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie" he claims the relationship is doomed. The media seems to think the same way. They're always trying to convince us that Brangelina is no more.

I can't imagine what it must be like to have your relationship analyzed and scrutinized from every single angle, every single day for the last five years. it's unreal and unfair.

I can't believe they approved that headline.

Bran and Gelina?
Why is this in google news?

@Roger Casillas -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Actually, I can't believe I *wrote* that headline.

But given the nature of the rumors, I didn't think it deserved anything too serious, you know?



@lerp -- Christie here again, from the Ministry. You'll have to ask Google why they put this post in their news links (not that I'm complaining). We have no control over that.

The headline -- intended as a light-hearted joke, for those who didn't get the tone of the post as a whole -- was for the benefit of our regular readers, who know we don't take ourselves too seriously.


Oh, did you know Gary and Lucy are breaking up too? Btw, who is Gary or Lucy? I don't know, do you? If a tabloid publishes Gary and Lucy's breakups, no one is going to read it, no one is even going to buy the magazines. They have to imagine something that sells....something like alien birth. Next why not they publish something like Jennifer and Brad have affairs and Jennifer is pregnant by Brad...um...or George Clooney....at least, people might buy your story.

Laughed my head off last night. The 6 o'clock news here in Oz ran the story it was all B.S. The programme that followed "Today Tonight" a current affairs show ran a piece on how they were splitting up ! All within an hour. I don't think they would bother to hide it if they were splitting up. He and Aniston announced their separation and dealt with all the other stuff afterwards.

This is not news, and yes I can't believe they approved the headline also.
It sounds as though it was written by a 9 year old.
But, if 9 year old was going to write any news item, this is probably what it would be about in most cases. Depressing no?
*slips the noose*

I'm sick of these crap headlines show up on my home page. It's like porn. I'm looking for legitimate news and--bam!--I get this gossip when I don't even want to read it. It's JUST LIKE PORN, over which I have no control of it assaulting my eyes. Hmmm...someone was successful in getting porn at least behind the counter in a brown wrapper. Looks like decent people who want nothing to do with Hollywood gossip will have to band together and get something done about junk like this.

Ian Halperin?! You've got to be kidding! He's the one who did a flat-out baseless hatchet job on Michael Jackson!

I swear, Satan himself runs the media. It's his instrument of terror. The problem is medialoid--defined as the infiltration of tabloid journalism into traditional media sources, including the proliferation of sensationalism, triviality and disregard for privacy, with particular emphasis on news coverage of the sports and entertainment industries. Medialoid thinks they make the rules by which society must live. They think they define what is and is not free speech. They have no morals, no decency and no shame. What we have is not qualified reporters reporting on newsworthy topics but packs of bloodthirsty jackals always on the prowl for their next victim. Ka-ching! Sell more newspapers! Attract more eyeballs! They hide behind the First Amendment while they tear down society by pandering to humankind's basest instincts. From their presumed position as the final arbiters of what people should think and what they should be thinking about, they smell blood in the water and circle the victim like a bunch of braying hyenas. Ka-ching! I hope you're all proud of yourselves. Michael Jackson (innocent, by the way)…now Tiger Woods. Tiger isn't the one who should be ashamed—except before his wife. Medialoid should be ashamed for the disreputable way they behave when a high profile personality stumbles. Now two decent people, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, are victimized by Satan's minions. Ugh. I hate the media. You all make me sick.

The stories about this couple have moved past ridiculous. I don't think there is a word for it any more. They will be writing the same stories when they have been together 50 years--Angie yells at Brad, they are on the verge of a break-up, how is Jen coping. Also, they don't have a biographer, official or unofficial. That guys book and blog are just trashy examples of more nonesense.

@dave -- Christie D'Z here. This is a celebrity gossip blog, hence the celebrity gossip post. In the world of celebrity gossip, this *is* the news.

@SoCalGal, always nice to see you here, telling us how much you hate this blog and "Medialoid" in general.

For coverage of more serious topics, written in more serious prose, for more serious readers, check here:


Alas, I passed 9 years old many years ago.


Thanks to all for taking the time to read and comment!

Much appreciated.


worst headline ever.

I guess Doug Pitt sounds better than Digger Pitt.

Best post about this nonsense ever... and the headline is why I clicked on it! After all the crap that goes on in a day, it’s nice to see/read something that doesn’t take itself or the world too seriously. And, since this is about Brad and Angelina, I gotta say, for all the wealth and opportunity fame brings, I can’t imagine having to make a go of a proper relationship in front of the world! Good luck!

I believe their relationship is immature and volatile, It's just a matter of time before they break up. I think they want to try and stay together for the sake of the kids, which is what most couples do. Angie should keep in mind that she's not getting any younger, and when they do finally split, it will be hard for her to find an A lister who will want her and her kids.

Doreen, Get your head out of the Tabloids and stop believing in fairy tales.

This couple has been together more than 5 years and they are very much in love and the tabloids have written nothing but lies about their relationship and about both of them.

Do you live with them?

Obviously you don't so you know nothing about them personally, and your "beliefs" are based on what you have read in the tabloids. Grow up and grow a mind that can think outside the tabloid world.

Hey all, Christie D'Zurilla here from the Ministry with a reminder of our zero-tolerance policy on profanity. That's regarding harsh profanity, mild profanity, even profanity where you do it as part of an acronym or put in ast*risks.

If your post hasn't been published, chances are it's because you cussed.

Feel free to resubmit clean.


I don't think Jennifer gives two squats about Brad Pitt anymore , jeez look at him he looks like french shrimp fisherman .If only people would get over the fact that Jennifer is crying for this man is ludacris.

The point is that they *will* break-up at some point whether it is happening now or later . . . they will break-up. This is unfortunate for the kiddos, but it serves them both - Brad is an adulterer and AJ talks big when she says she would "never have sex with a married man" (yea, right), AJ is a liar. They are both B actors too, they're movies are mediocre.

Ok let's admit it! Ian Halperin pushed that News of the world so he could sell well his crazy stupid craploid book because it was a complete flop. Why buy a book of tabloids and lies when they are all available on internet and on the gossip magazines? Sorry for the haters that believe that idiot.

Are we back in 5th grade now?

Finally! Common sense and accuracy in the entertainment news media - you're to be commended Christie, please don't change. Integrity is to be cherished.
...and please 'faith at 8:10pm,' if Aniston is so over Pitt, why'd she tell the world in an interview w/ the magazine Marie Claire that she kept his voicemail messages? Why is she giving mag interviews talking about her beef with Jolie that gets splashed all over the cover to better sell? Why's she going on Oprah and praising Pitt while whipping up a fictional or one-sided catfight w/ Angelina this time last year? It all seems to serve her crappy rom com career or movie promotion at the time. I truly wish, that if you somehow know she is personally 'over it,' you'd suggest that she not address and ignore opportunities to discuss the Jolie Pitts when she next hawks her lame movies. I won't hold my breath - I think she and her PR flack are incapable of not doing it.

I think the Jolie Pitts are compassionate people whose talent and humanitarianism I appreciate and admire. They seem to value what matters in life. That said, Pitt's ex Aniston, has been coattailing these two for 5 long years. She initially fashioned herself the 'scorned woman/victim,' demonizing Pitt, as well as Jolie (for simply being 'next') in many many 'tell-all' interviews and talk shows, which have led, in part, to some of the animous from her so-called supporters that we still see today. She whips them up with every film release so they'll hopefully buy tix in sympathy and/or comraderie.
The tabloids do the rest of the dirty work, making sure she and they remain a soap opera staple. It all sickens me.
Thanks Christie for being more accurate than your own newspaper who actually 'reported' the News of The World tabloid crap themselves. Why in helll, didn't they just dial your extension?
Looking forward to reading more from you -- will share this link with my sites.

After all the previous attacks on their character throughout the past coming on five years, to come out now would be suspect of “defensive behavior.” Whatever one wants to call it…“turn the other cheek, ” “take the high road,” it doesn’t really matter…they are so comfortable in their own skin, their personal family goals and in their private circle important to them… to respond would be akin to doing an Aniston Vanity Fair 2005 interview or my favorite Aniston nippy Elle Sept 2009, “If I’m the emblem for ‘this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,’ so be it.” …sounds defensive and a tone of “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

Even if the JP’s came out together or individually and declared “no, we love each other, rumors are not true“…after reading mean spirited post after post, thread after thread for all these years, does anyone honestly think the haters/trolls would believe them??? Of course not, they will believe what they want to believe by rationalizing, coming up with ridiculous illogic because it serves their purpose. Furthermore the media will twist it and turn a simple “no” upside down inside out and make some innuendo to deflect off in another direction because it also serves their purpose. The average intelligent logical public will make up their minds with the deeds and actions of this couple, not from what a silly book writer spews solely for financial gain or what some 15 minute of fame seeker will say for notoriety…anyone who believes that is not thinking but emoting with a tendency towards a lack of faith in human nature and distrust of human nature. Good, decent people tend not to believe hype, sensationalism and tabloids being sophisticated enough to make up their minds and are typically right on course with reality.

Rumor, innuendo and hearsay. And you call the L.A. Times a newspaper? Why fall into the trap the rumor mills are setting for you just so they can get their name in ink in a big city rag as a "reliable source."

STOP IT! You are better than that.

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