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Report: Artie Lange attempted suicide by stabbing himself

Artie2 A violent suicide attempt is what landed Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange in the hospital over the weekend, the New York Post reports.

His mother, Judy Lange, who was dropping off food, found him bloody in his Hoboken, N.J., apartment Saturday morning and called 911, sources told the Post's Page 6. Despite Lange's heavy bleeding from nine self-inflicted wounds -- six "hesitation" cuts and three deep -- surgeons were able to save him.

On Monday, Stern did not discuss details of Lange's hospitalization -- respecting the family's wishes -- reminding listeners of his contributions and setting listeners straight on an Internet rumor that the 42-year-old was off the show.

Sad situation; we wish Artie and his family the best.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Artie Lange on June 16, 2006, in Las Vegas. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images.

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The enabling show has finally reached its toll . I read his book and it was then that I realized that he is a self absorbed selfish spoiled soul. I used to like Artie, but between the book telling us how horrible his life is and how tough it is to work on weekends making 300k per gig & how tough it is getting up the next Monday to have the greatest job in the world, please. The stories have now run its course. He is like listening to your drunk Uncle who forgets he has told you the same story a 100 times already (which has now done on the air a 1000 x). The book only reinforced he is making way to much money and having way to much success for anyone to let him crash completely. The show is waiting for him to die on the air literally. Stop feeling sorry for him, almost anyone you know universally has had similiar losses, we just dont air them daily and crawl into a vial or crack house like Artie chooses too. Having lost both parents before I turned 14 respetively and now taking care of a special needs child, trying to feel sorry for a addict like Artie is no longer possible. I wish him the best, but please stay away and get help. If you go back, it will be the final nail in his coffin.

A very funny man with a lot of demons, get better and get some help.

Artie was a no talent hack. Sorry, he does have a talent, the ability to manipulate everyone including howard. If he wanted to kill himself , he would have. Artie is sick, and needs to be hospitalized indefinitely. He has three good stories which he has managed to tell a dozen times over eight years on the show. He contributes nothing to the show, unless you are from Jersey, and even that has gotten way old. And I'm from Passaic!
Good Luck Artie, please dont try this to yourself again, think of your mother. And most of all don't return to the show , please!


You are by far better than Jackie. Hold your head up high and be strong. Howard has aright not to talk about your issues. It puts him in a hard place and i truly belive Artie has a right to his privacy.

peace and love peace and love. No Jackie please keep medicated Pete i like him.

Why the HELL are people complaining that Howard didn't dish all the dirty details? And you wonder what makes these celebrities snap?? I would think that living in a fish bowl with millions of people wanting to basically know every waking detail of your life would be enough. The guy is still human and he has a mother and a family like the rest of us and they have chosen not to live in the fishbowl so why is it up to Howard to put them there? You people need to be a bit more sensitive to what's going on; suicide is serious, it's a cry for help, not persecution.

Christie D'Zurilla from the Ministry here -- Yes, I let Pierre cuss in his comment. Don't use that as a precedent to complain about why your cuss words don't get published. I just thought the balance of his comment was worth it.

The "no cussing" rule still stands. Pierre's comment is the exception.

Thanks to ALL who are visiting the blog and commenting -- your presence is much appreciated, even if I do sound a little cranky in this comment.


// cdz

Im astonished that some people are actually attacking Stern for keeping this topic off the show. He's giving the Lange family respect! Ive listened to Stern for a while now, and I dont ever remember him making fun of suicide in any form or fashion. Do you acutally expect Stern to take the airwaves and start poking fun at Lange's violent and brutal attempt at suicide?! The guy stabbed himself 9 times, 3 deep ones! I can only imagine what was going through Lange's head during those deep stab thrusts. The guy has demons, dark ones, and thats not something that should be mocked by anyone, including Stern. It amazes me how heartless mankind seems to be at times. I think it really is just the American public. Makes me absolutley sick to my stomach. Artie, if your reading this, I hope you know that there are a lot of good people that genuinely care about you brother! I hope you get better and get back to kickin a little ass, guindaloon styles. We all miss you very much and hope you can pull yourself out of this funk.

Artie Lange on drugs again - YAWN
Artie Lange didn't show up for work again - YAWN
Artie Lange cancelled his stand up dates again - YAWN
Artie Lange tries to commit suicide again - YAWN
This is getting soooooo repetitive and redundant.
Either this guy gets professional help - or he can go
back to living in a 1 bedroom apartment. Enough already!

I agree with Nemo (first commenter). Howard is dangerously close to becoming a hypocrite regarding truthfulness and full disclosure. He doesn't permit his guests to keep things private. If they do choose to keep some things private, he complains about them, and doesn't ask them to return.

But, more and more often, Howard is censoring himself. It makes the show less interesting, and worse, makes the listeners feel like they are missing something.

Artie, you're awesome man.
All the best to a speedy recovery and take it slow.
No hurry to get back. Your health is most important.

We all love you...

OK maybe this is wrong to say this but as a Stern listener I've always felt Lange was the most woah is me feel sorry for myself person I've ever heard. He has been given every opportunity, resorts to ridicule as his only source of humor and quite frankly doesn't deserve what he's been given. If he is burnt out he can always walk away from it all. If he enjoys the money too much then he has to take the schedule that comes with it. I don't wish Lange any bad wishes but really feel he is one of the most undeserving celebrities out there.

love you in Chicago Artie. The show is not the same without you!

get better soon. we want you to be happy!

next time just take about 20 xanax 2 mg , sit back in a nice comfortable chair with a bottle of johnnie walker blue label , yes artie its $360 a bottle but might as well go out in style. Drink as much as possible within a half hour and youll be tight.

Ten stabs ?? Too messy pal.. My way is much more relaxing and respectful.

@mike hock -- hey, it's Christie D'Zurilla from the Ministry here -- ya know, I thought twice about publishing your comment, but not for the reason you might think ... I got whacked like a cheap pinata with a belly full of gold coins when I made a similar comment (not quite as direct, but close enough to tick people off) regarding Alexa Rae Joel.

So ... mike hock, click the link below to see the gory glory that was my pinata fest (before anyone bags on me, I *did* let comments run a full 24 hours beating me up before I screamed "uncle"), and buckle your seat belt. Eez maybe gonna be a bumpy flight!




I know the feeling of not being happy. It's a sad lonelyness that you can experience even if your life is good. You can have kids, a wife and a whole full life and still feel lonely. Lonliness is the darkest place a person can be. If you feel like you are alone, nothing can make you feel better. Death sometimes feels like the only relief from that feeling. It's almost too hard to live sometimes. I feel like being lazy about living. Too much work to live sometimes. I get it for sure. day by day.

Sorry to hear that Artie's in such emotional pain. Glad his attempt was unsuccessful. I would miss him if he was gone. Hope he finds a way to deal with his issues because he can be a generous and loving fellow who has others that love him as well. He does need to stop being so self-destructive and through meds and/or change in his addictive personality, learn that "growing up" is not the end of the world. The chemical imbalance in his brain also needs to be addressed and not merely brushed aside as if one can will that condition away.

Stick around Artie. As long as your still standing there's hope to improve your situation.

We love you buddy, please take care of yourself and get back to the Stern show cause truth be told Artie, it just aint been the same without you and your WONDERFUL stories!!

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