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Meet Andrew Fenlon, so you can hate him as much as Kara DioGuardi does

OK, we know that editing has a lot to do with what we see on "American Idol" audition episodes. It's why -- as if facing the choice between a tractor beam and a cattle prod -- we're guaranteed to love some contestants and hate others.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the contestant is Andrew Fenlon. And when this type of contestant appears, the "Idol" producers must do a tiny little dance, thinking they've died and gone to this-guy's-a-tool heaven.

Just watch the video above, and enjoy it as Kara DioGuardi absolutely loses her mind. Victoria Beckham too. Because it's funny. And because you probably don't like Andrew either.

Perhaps Simon Cowell summed it up best: "You've got very, very bad energy."

Think Andrew got a raw deal? You can become his fan on Facebook. Maybe ask him for a date. He's probably just misunderstood.

"Hideously arrogant," Posh declared. "Even more arrogant than Simon."

So, now, that's done.

Let's put our energy into Tyler Grady instead, shall we? 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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wow.. i can't believe anyone took andrew fenlon seriously.. he was OBVIOUSLY faking a bad attitude, he is OBVIOUSLY really talented and in a band already and thought it'd be funny to go on american idol. jesus, people are gullible.

I was in the waiting room w/ a friend awaiting audition, and the kid was simply an ass. Arrogant, annoying, whining the whole time... and this was during the preliminary auditions, in a near-empty room, with no cameras around. I'd prefer he got no TV time to feed his ego, but I'm glad the kid will be known for being the douche he so obviously was.

Wow..you guys can not be serious. Kara was completely over the top with her dislike of Andrew. I think it was pretty obvious that he was not being serious. He was amazing.

this guy was hilarious..he was totally faking it..i think he should be a comedian actor in hollywood instead of a singer...

What Jbles said, he was brilliantly hilarious and I'd pay to see him in the movies.

He was brilliantly funny, I'd pay to watch this guy.

Andrew appears to have a form of Autism called Asperger Syndrome. He (or Kara) should use this experience as an opportnuity to educate the public about this condition and show how Aspies are harshly judged by strangers who are not familiar with this neurobiological condition.

AspieMom, you're reading a bit too much into this one. I know Andrew, and this was a joke. Asperger's is a serious condition of which the public should be aware, but the cause isn't helped by those who project it onto others.

Whoa, I am stunned. I remember there was a time when I was mad at the world, probably around his age and a little later. Let's just hope Andrew was having a bad day, and learns to add some measure of laughter and humor to his life. That does go a long ways to defusing any potential conflicts most of the time. I am still stunned.


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