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Ministry of Gossip Q&A: Harry Potter's Tom Felton

Tom felton2

With this week's DVD release of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," we move another step closer to the final curtain falling on the boy wizard phenomenon.

With the recent distraction of Robert Pattinson and his dreamy, fang-laden "Twilight" gang, let me remind you that the "Potter" franchise now spans 12 years, millions and millions of dollars, and the triumphant literary and cultural ascent of J.K. Rowling, and has made stars out of several charming young adults (including Mr. Pattinson, who played Cedric Diggory in "The Goblet of Fire").  

One such star is Tom Felton, a major antagonist and archenemy of Daniel Radcliffe's Harry. Felton, 22, spoke with me about his role as an increasingly vicious and vacant Draco Malfoy, the final two films currently in production, his admiration of tatted-up Megan Fox and more.

Read on for the full Q&A.

Matt Donnelly: "Deathly Hallows" parts one and two are currently filming. Is anyone getting sentimental yet?

Tom Felton: It's a 14-month shoot, everyone is really keeping their heads down and working, there's no time to get sentimental too early. You know, it's the end so everyone wants to make sure it's the absolute finest. It's going to be a bittersweet thing. It's like finishing [college].

Draco MD: Your character takes a huge step up in "Half Blood Prince," more presence and certainly more drama. Were you nervous?

TF: I came into the film horribly nervous. Our director, David Yates, had terrific confidence in me. I had some one-on-one readings with Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman, which made me even more nervous! Draco's quite solemn in this film, so I spent most of my free time on set staring at walls. Usually in between takes we'd talk about what movie we saw last night. I had to practice feeling despondent from everyone else.

MD: What's the first thing you'll do after the final films wrap?

TF: I'll certainly stop dyeing my hair blond.

MD: Are you following the "Twilight" phenomenon? That's another young group of actors suddenly exposed to worldwide media attention. Any advice for them?

TF: I confess, I'm not the biggest [fan] of "Twilight," but I came along due to my girlfriend. She's fanatical about the books; I didn't hear from her for two weeks when she was reading them. But Rob and everyone else are fantastic. They don't need any advice from us.

MD: Speaking of your girlfriend, Jade, I know you're both quite young, but it's Hollywood. Any plans to make a bigger commitment?

TF: [Laughs] That's a serious question! I would confess, we're well and truly head over heels, but no. I'm in New York now and looking around for unique Christmas gifts for her. 

MD: You have some very funny and devout fans. One of them asked about tattoos and piercings -- do you have or want any?

TF: Never had a piercing, never had a tattoo. I don't think they look good on anyone other than Megan Fox. ... I once wanted to get my eyebrow pierced; my brother got it done and in a drunken night ripped it out. He's got a hole there now.

MD: Up next for you is a cameo in Russell Brand's "Get Him to the Greek." How did that come about?

TF: Jonah Hill came down to [the "Deathly Hallows"] set three or for months ago -- and I'm a massive Jonah Hill fan; I milked every minute. The next day, someone got in contact and asked if I wanted to come down to London for the last bits and pieces of their shoot. I thought someone was winding me up. I was incredibly nervous, not being on another film set for the past 10 years.

MD: What does your part involve?

TF: Without saying too much, there's a couple of brilliantly awkward things that only Jonah can do. To say there were some humorous Harry Potter innuendos would be a start. Also, I'm so used to stop-start shoots with like 30 minutes in between. With these guys, they roll a thousand feet of film and improv so much.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photos: Tom Felton contemplates the dark side, top, as Draco Malfoy in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," and brings his blond hair to a Dec. 6 promotional event in London to mark the launch of the film on DVD and Blu-Ray. Credit: Warner Bros Entertainment Inc., top; Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images, right.

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Matt! This is a great interview! Thanks so much for listening to Tom's fans and asking so many brilliant questions.

So many times we hear Tom get asked the same questions over and over - so it is so refreshing to see some new stuff about him!

It's very much appreciated! True gossip here!


Tom is adorable, I'm so glad you asked the questions that you did.
They're fantastic.


I loved all the questions you asked, I especially respect the fact that you incorporated his fans into the interview.
Tom was great, and had great answers.
Great interview!


Great interview!
Kudos for asking Tom questions from the fans and not the same old questions every journalist asks.


Super interview!

How funny that you put him on the spot about the "bigger commitment!" Bless his heart... he handled it well though.

I can't wait to see him in the Jonah Hill movie! It will be nice to see him doing a spot of comedy!

Good job, Matt!

so im pretty sure i LOVE your article
yesssss thank you soo much for writing it!

hey! great article!
omega fan of tom felton over here and this was so amazing to read about what hes doing and things! thanks for writing it like sooooo much!

Tom Felton = Best Ever. :)

Great interview! Loved it.

If I'd known that this was running I would've asked you to ask him what he likes best on his peanut butter... what his favorite food is... and if he watches Glee.

But that's if I knew. And I didn't. Obviously.

So you did good with the questions you had. ;)

I'm kidding... they were great questions!

Great article! Thanks sooo much.

Is it just me, or do you think Tom and Jade are waiting until after Potter to get married? Mmmhmm!

Love the interview!!

Tom is great yeah i like pretty much the questions its no the same that we already knew about him.

lol the fact that he couldn't talk to his girlfriend for two weeks while she was reading the twilights books haha I kinda do the same thing to my boyfriend =D

It was really great!


Matt !! :D u did an absolute Brilliant Job !! Congratulations !! U relli did ask great questions...he is such a down to earth person :D i luv him so much, i hope to meet him one day ! :) u r lucky to interview him !! I m really looking forward to his cameo in the new Russel Brand movie :D going to look great...seeing him in a very different place and different character :D !! it was relli refreshing to c Tom answer dese different and great questions...u dont hear many people asking him about this stuff ! :D i can't wait to know and c what he bought for his gf :D luv u 4ever Tom.Felton <3 <3 Come 2 Canada agin please....! :(
Appreciated the interview...hopefully u get to do it again in the future :)
Peace ....XD !
Luv from Canada
@fr@ :)

thanks so much for this awesome interview! Tom is truly amazing, and i find it wonderful that there were such different questions from the fans on here. great job! :)
fantastic interview for a fantastic actor.

Great interview! It's nice to hear that we'll be seeing him in something other than Potter

Great interview!
Can't wait to see Tom's cameo in Get Him to the Greek!

Great Interview! Love Tom!

Wonderful and insightful interview! Tom Felton is great and I always check out his work. Excellent job!

What a fantastic interview! Tom's such a great guy. Thanks for the good questions!

Great Interview.
Best one I've seen yet.
Most of the other interviews kept asking him the same questions.
I especially liked the Question about Jade,since I've been wondering the same thing myself.

Great article! I absolutely love Tom Felton.


Hello Matt!

I think that this interview was great. The questions were vastly different from other interviews with Tom, it was very fun to read. Tom was brilliant and you were a great interviewer (especially with the "big commitment" question).

This is such a great article. I absolutely love Tom Felton. Thanks so much for interviewing him, and sharing his responses with us!

Love the interview! Thoes were some fab original questions. Hope to hear more. :)

awsome interview!

absolutely loved it and love tom ! =D
he did amazing in the half blood prince and seems like a top guy from not just this one but all of his interviews!

keep these great interviews comin
good job ! :)

he is so amazing

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