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Tila Tequila engaged to heiress Casey Johnson, she says

Caseytila Has someone finally taken Tila Tequila off the shelf?

That seems to be the word today, straight from the Internet star's mouth, when she indicated in a Ustream video early this morning that Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson had proposed marriage.

"I love you guys so much, we are giving you the exclusive first. ... Tonight, my girlfriend asked me to marry her!" she said in the clip, flashing what she said was a 17-carat diamond engagement ring. And Tila being Tila, she flashed a bit more as the announcement went on.

More on that later.

Tequila and Johnson had smooched and stumbled down the red carpet Tuesday night at the 10th- anniversary party for Famous Stars and Straps, drummer Travis Barker's clothing line.

Snoop Dogg was also celebrating with the crowd at the Vanguard Club in Hollywood, marking the release of his 10th studio album.

Party-goers -- among them Kevin Connolly, Ryan Phillippe and Kelly Osbourne -- were treated to a show (another show?), with Pharrell Williams joining Snoop and Barker for a live set.

So back to that ring ...

On the red carpet Tila had shown off an insanely large diamond ring on the appropriate finger. And there it was again on webcam!

"It's not fake," Tila reassured us, "because my baby's ... a bajill-jazillionaire -- is that a word?" 

After Casey called her "Tila Johnson," the glamor model lazily pondered the future of her name: "Tila Johnson? Ms. Tequila Johnson? Ms. Johnson Tequila?"

Whatever the name, the two may be headed into the ring, judging by the flurry of, ahem, gentle threats that peppered the declaration of love.

"My wife is a power, power, power lesbian -- don't mess with her," said Tila, who seemed to have gotten married somewhere around the streaming video's 14-minute mark. (The two had their first spat as wife and wife, squabbling over attention paid to and by a woman named Skyler, closer to 15 minutes, give or take.)

Casey, no shrinking violet herself, chimed in: "If you mess w/her you're messing with me, and that's a problem."

The announcement came to a sweet conclusion as Tila trashed a couple of celebs and then warned viewers in general about her and Casey's power and connections.

"Love you guys, now it's time for our honeymoon sex," Tila said in closing. She'd unfortunately gotten started with the foreplay already, for UStream viewers' benefit.

Is Tila putting us on, or did Casey genuinely put a ring on it? Is the stream of tweets from @officialTila to be believed?

And is it still true love if you sign off on your engagement video with a pitch for the website where you can see the bride and her fiancee having the sex they told you they were about to have?

It's all so very complicated.

-- Matt Donnelly and Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Casey Johnson, left, and Tila Tequila smooch at the 10th anniversary of Famous Stars and Straps. Notice the skating rink on Tila's gloved hand. Credit: Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

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Tila and Ms.Casey marriage won't last. Tila,is only a perverted commercial.

This is like a cartoon it is so ridiculous.

Tila is a very lost soul. Look at the engagement video where she annouced that she and Casey were engaged. You will see that Casey was not herself. Tila took advantage of Casey. Let Casey rest in Peace. Tila is a liar and likes to take advantage of very wealthy people. Look at the article that was posted today from TMZ.com.
It states that the engagement ring that Tila claim that Casey gave her was a fake just like Tila is a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!


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