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VIDEO: 'Is Tiger Feeling Lucky Today?' aka 'This is your gossip on Google'

Tigergreen This Tiger Woods-related video is -- *gasp* -- about a week old.

Oddly, it's still relevant.

The folks at SlateV.com simply get the chance to include the most recent nine or so women who've joined the scandal since last week. Remember the good old days, when Rachel Uchitel, Derek Jeter and Jaimee Grubbs were the entire ensemble cast? Before the list of mistresses -- strike that, "girlfriends" -- hit 11?

Yeah, we miss those days too.

For anyone who's been keeping tabs on Tiger's tail for the past 100 years (omigosh it hasn't even been two weeks), this should make you all warm and mushy inside.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credit: Andrew Brownbill / Associated Press.

Click here for all things Tiger Woods, or at least a whole lot of things Tiger Woods.

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Coincidence?? But don't you find it odd that Tigers indiscretions came at the right time when the musical "Nine" is set to open on Christmas day? Will Tiger be at the premiere? Or does this movie hit too close to home for Tiger?
What's Guido (the title character) to do with 9 women as oppose to the Tiger 10?


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