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PREACH IT! Brother, can you spare a gig? For Jon Gosselin? No?


Nobody wants to hire Jon Gosselin. Wait, I take that back. Thousands of businesses apparently will not hire him, and hundreds of thousands of individual people would rather he not work for them either.

Earlier today I thought I’d maybe get into the spirit of advocacy and help out the less fortunate. I saw a saddening report that Jon Gosselin, late of the reality sensation “John & Kate Plus 8,” has received a heartbreaking setback in the personal finance department. A judge last week smacked down the young man’s ability to make unauthorized, paid appearances, ruling that such engagements were in violation of Gosselin’s contract with "Jon & Kate" network TLC.

Gosselin was not in the courtroom for the ruling; one assumes he was out pounding the streets seeking gainful employment. Last month, Gosselin argued that he simply couldn’t go out and get a regular job because he was just, tragically, too famous.

Enter the healing power of the media. I would use my reach as a journalist to speak to thousands of people on Gosselin's behalf.

I did. All day. I even used a media query blasting service -- two, actually, Profnet and Help a Reporter Out, also known in jargon as HARO.

Joncrowd HARO alone has 125,000 subscribers representing at least 200,000 companies worldwide. HARO also Twittered roughly 60,000 people on my -- or, I guess Gosselin’s -- behalf. I asked whether there was a single entity willing to give Gosselin full-time employment.


Not a single recipient expressed any interest in doing business with Gosselin. And HARO founder Peter Shankman assured me that this wasn’t a case of crossed wires; the people who subscribe to HARO generally read HARO communications when they arrive in their e-mail inboxes.

Are you willing to assist this blazing young talent in finding an exciting career? Let me know in the comments section below.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: (top) Young entrepreneur Jon Gosselin tried to have a job back on Oct. 3, when he helped launch his Jon's Crazy Eight Shake at Millions of Milkshakes. Credit: Angela Weiss / Getty Image

(bottom) Is all the fame from appearances such as the one outside court in Pennsylvania on Oct. 26 too much for employers to handle? Credit: Matt Rourke / Associated Press

What, this dose of Leslie's gentle analysis isn't enough for you? Click here, and then scroll to your heart's content through lots more delicious Preach It! goodness.

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I think he'll end up as a seller of 'Making Change' street newspaper in Santa Monica

Collecting bottles and cans & recycling them for money.
Or is that a bit too intellectually challenging for him?

This is all so very sad. Leave the guy alone. Judge not; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This article is pathetic, in a bottom-feeding, sludge-dredging kind of way. Whoever wrote that needs to find much deeper significance in life. I hope someday that they do.

He did all this damage to himself...no assistance from anyone except his EGO.....It's hard to feel sorry for a Man..hhhmmm I use the term losely....A man that became so jealous of his wife because she has a brain and knows how to use it...he took the money out of his own pocket...I hope that makes sense....Anyway he will forever be remebered as that Douche.....

Judge not Kristine77?

What exactly did you just do about this article and the author???

In your zeal to quote religous dogma, you forgot to live your words.

Refilling the shelves at an Ed Hardy store.

May 2010 bring the Gosselins, Heenes, Kardashians, White House Crashers and other wannabe celebrities the obscurity that they truly deserve. Gosselin will get that job at the mall just as soon as we forget all about him.

he'll probably get a job at TMZ, blah

Maybe Kate'll put him to work doing the landscaping and gardening on the multi-acre estate where the kids are growing up. That way he's contributing something useful and getting to see his children, too.

He should just find a nice woman and have 9 or 10 kids.

the man's got two legs, two arms, he's not brain-damaged, and he appears healthy. There are lot's jobs he could do and he should be grateful for what little he has. Why does he waste his time trying to become a professional fame whore? He could get a real job and rebuild his life. He's going to be an old man sooner than he knows, does he really think that making media appearances is going to be his new career? I really for sorry for this man.

Kristine77, yes it's sad...sad for his 8 children, for his mom, for his ex-wfe whose life he all but destroyed for a time. Jon Gosselin is a sub human who deserves every piece of rotten luck & trouble that comes his way. He uses and abuses people, then whines that he is the victim. I sincerely hope he ends up begging on the cold, wet, dark streets of NYC!

A statement that I try to live by is: "It's your little red wagon and you can push it or pull it." Jon makes his choices. One TV segment of "Jon & Kate plus 8" demonstrated his inability to make wise choices. Playhouses had been brought for the children and John became more involved in playing on the "tractor" and pushing down trees, than he did in considering the safety of the children. He made a ludicrous decision to be far from the main house. Kate knew he wouldn't be watching and playing with the children. She didn't want the children to be in the woods far from the house. She didn't have the time nor did she feel it was safe for the children. I taught for 33 years and I agreed with her. Jon's excuse for the divorce was that he didn't like being in the public eye,yet he continually places himself in situations that garner publicity. This is not about Biblical statements, I am a Christian. The Bible consistently talks about being wise.His actions,words,and behavior have to line up and that is not happening. It isn't about being judgmental, it is about being observant. Future employers are being observant and that is the real reason he can't find a job,


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