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PREACH IT! Just for you, ABC, a post about Adam Lambert that is Totally Not Gay

Poor ABC; for the first time in its broadcast history, it has come across a gay male entertainer who isn’t simply gay. He is, to borrow a phrase from a caller on Randi Rhodes’ radio show, gay GAY gay.

Unlike sexually nonthreatening gay performers of yore, such as Elton John in his wonderfully harmless array of colorful sunglasses, or Liberace, who respectfully concealed his gay toolkit behind a family-friendly piano, Adam Lambert isn’t just a singer who’s gay before and after the music ends. He’s there to shake his gay moneymaker in your face and, as the fear-mongering goes, convert the planet into a guy-on-guy orgy of epic proportion. ABC’s reaction: Keep on canceling Lambert’s scheduled performances.

Fathers, lock up your sons.

I’m sure ABC doesn’t mean to come off as cowardly and anti-gay as it has. Even GLAAD seems to think that ABC likes the gays A-OK. So let’s give the network the benefit of the doubt and share with ABC some information about Lambert that shouldn’t offend or disturb their delicate, Victorian sensibilities in the least:

Now that that’s out of the way, how about a nice Lambert appearance on "The View"? I am sure Elisabeth Hasselbeck would love it.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Oh, come on, it's just Adam being Adam -- performing in his Glampire costume the weekend before Halloween at the annual Party City Halloween Bash & Industry Awards at Florida's Boca Raton Resort & Club. Credit: Terry Renna / Party City / Associated Press

What, this hit of PREACH IT! isn't enough for you? Click here.

[UPDATE, Dec. 4, 2009, 6:21 p.m.: Show Tracker has an  interview with the president of GLAAD further explaining the organization's recent trio of statements.

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Adam Lambert does not get to actively hide his sexuality (remember the 'I liked the cheerleaders comment anyone?) for the whole run of American Idol and then expect us to accept him as the gay entertainer poster boy, He should have been honest from the start.

I think the LA Times is my new favorite publication. Thanks for all the Adam love- maybe someday ABC will get it.

Get off the gay thing and see this young man for his talent. God do you remember Bowie in the 70's or the rock and roll drug period, come on, he is just an expressive young man and should do and be whatever he wants, his music is what it all boils down to anyway and let me tell you I haven't heard talent like his in a long time, he is versitle, talented, handsome and intelligent! Rule number one, people are stupid, rule number 2 people are stupid, enough said! I grew up in the 70's and was it shocking, well yeah!

Adam is the most fascinating, talented, beautiful, fun, real, honest, on and on and on and on. It was very easy for me to decide to give up ABC and keep Adam.

LOL @fathers, lock up your sons.

Dear Leslie Gornstein,

I am happy to see there are people mature and honest like you who are not afraid to make a positive comment about Adam now, after the AMA.

We know he had a bad AMA day but we have to look at the rest. He was always an IMPECABLE young old man: a positive force, articulate, kind, honest, witty, talented, absolutely gorgeous, charismatic, generous, hard worker and devoted to his career.

Especially after AMA, it seems everyone else has an agenda concerning him: he is too gay, not gay enough, too much pop, not enough rock n’ roll, masculine or feminine, sexual or asexual. That makes me believe that in fact they all FASCINATED BY ADAM AND THEY DON’T KNOW how to handle this and they don’t WANT to admit it.

Adam is an absolutely fascinating and sensational phenomenon. He had gone from nobody to “world sensation” within a year!

I am sure a lot of people would like to have him on their shows. On problem is that ABC people are still not permitted to invite Adam to sing on their shows.

Another problem is that when Adam gets into a show, even though he gets to sing, there are too many questions about his private life and AMA instead of HIS BEAUTIFUL MUSIC/ALBUM.

I hope people will realize Adam had enough for one single bad day.

Thank you for your article.

<3 <3 <3

I hope for their sake ABC has run out of shows they can cancel Lambert from. They look ridiculous not to mention vindictive and homophobic. ABC seems to be saying you can be gay as long as you don't show it on the air. Get back in that closet if you are on-camera.

I have another piece of info for your list. Adam Lambert loves his mother. There is no way ABC can quarrel with this. Every red-blooded all-American boy loves his Mom and Lambert is no different.

Adam has never hidden his sexuality!!! LOL!! Thank you for this because I am about to scream if the conservative monarches don't stop trying to use Adam Lambert as a lightening rod to further their agenda. Adam is gay and I love him!! As a woman I think he is one of the sexiest, most goreous men I have ever seen. His voice rocks my world and his album is killer!! Stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills on the whole AMA thing because it hasn't be "family programing" for years!! The whole thing was a sexcapades and Adam fit in.

Thanks Adam. For having the guts to let it all hang out!! So happy we have a sexy, hot, exciting, energetic and super talented male rock star again! Something to wake us all up and remember how rock n roll used to be!! Freedom baby, freedom!! Keep being yourself Adam. We love you!!!!

I love your sense of sarcasm. ABC comes off as panicky pearl cutchers totally in leash of narrow minded radical movements. Media giant indeed, shaking in their boots. Adam is brilliant singer. He is not gay poster boy, he is singer who happens to be gay. There is a difference. Now everyone is shaking their fingers and giving opinions. As for first poster, you must be blind. He never hid his sexuality. It was singing contest and did someone ask Danny Gokey is he straight or gay? It is NO ONE else business. Go Adam Lambert. Shake narrow minded double standard loving US to its boots- just by being you. ABC would be more believable if they were worried about Eminem singing raping women. No one seems to be worried about that or Janet Jackson crotch grouping. No need to be "poster boy" as you have said. You do more good by being here than any finger pointers do in single day. And your music is brilliant.

Adam needs to concentrate on promoting his talent, which is tremendous and loved. His performance on the AMA would have not that long ago been considered soft porn. Since when did watching the AMA wards become about a person's sexual behavoir? It is suppose to be about a person's singing talent. Gays would get a lot further with their causes if they didn't exploit themselve in venues not made for their expolitation.

Yay, Adam! And what's wrong with liking cheerleaders? Doesn't mean a person is trying to "hide"! If you couldn't tell Lambert was gay from the get go, then you are naive. Just because he wasn't braying about it like a donkey doesn't mean he was 'hiding', "Me". Why should he have discussed his gayness? Since when do gays have to be labeled like the Jews under Nazi Germany? No one else had to describe their sexual preferences, did they? Gays have as much right to their sexuality as heteros. And it's about time people starting re-thinking why exactly it bothers them, when at least 10% of the population is gay (Look it up!)Furthermore, tons of scientific and medical research has already been done to prove that homosexuality is not a 'choice'. Again, look it up, unless your ego is too shaky to handle it.

Anyone that thinks that Adam was hiding his sexuality during idol must have been blind. Can't we evolve to the point that our integrity and empathy and individuality are more important than gay or hetero. We are all individuals with different personalities and therefore different ways of expressing ourselves. Adam has an ability to unite people and be friends with everyone- what a gift!

OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! "Me" (first commenter) Adam never "hid" his gay, he's been out and proud since he was 18. You must have been living under a rock, because there were plenty of pictures of this man's life well lived on the internet during Idol. He did not speak about it because the show is supposed to be about singing, not sexuality. He NEVER denied it, unless you're an idiot, the pictures spoke for themselves. As for the article...he is NOT trying to show off his gay, he is just doing what comes naturally TO HIM. When any hetero performer does something of a sexual nature on television, do you say, "Oh there they go again, being so hetero."? Enough already. Just let Adam be his uber talented self.

I am so disgusted with ABC, what are they trying to achieve here and what message are they sending out. Adam has so much courage, not afraid to be himself. How long is it going to be before everyone accepts people for what they are,and stop dwelling on their sexual preference. Adam is an amazing talent, ABC cancellations is not going to hurt him as it's already been proven. I love watching this young performer, not only when he's singing but how eloquent and interesting he is in an interview, he is a joy to listen to, one day ABC might not be able to afford him. Great article by the way.

I haven't seen anyone complaining that Michael Jackson walked away with how many awards at the AMA's...and he was a pedophile. I haven't seen a thing about Adam going after under age boys, but yet he has caught more crap than PETA for their most recent add. I have a feeling that many of these people attacking him didn't even see the show. They were just doing what they were told by others..kind of like the Harry Potter syndrome we went through. You know...don't find out the facts yourself...just trust what you are told by your leaders...

Haha, this made my day. Adam needs to be appreciated for his talent and potential, not his sexuality.

Oh, and @Me, Adam did not actively hide his sexuality. He just refused to talk about it all the time, which I find a reasonable move. Straight celebrities don't have to talk about their heterosexuality all the time, so why should he? He can say that girls are pretty and all, but he always makes it clear that that doesn't mean he is interested in them sexually.
Besides, Adam didn't want his sexuality to compromise his chances on Idol. Like it or not, he probably felt forced to do so.

I'd like to add to that list the fact that Adam Lambert is one of the most articulate, kindest, genuine, respectful men I've ever had the honor of meeting. I'm a 49 year old white conservative woman who wishes more people were as wonderful as Adam is. He was definately 'out there' on the AMA's, but in my book he can do no wrong. On top of everything else he has the most amazing voice I've EVER heard.

I agree with this article, and think Adam is such a talented guy, he´s UNIQUE and charming, he can handle night tv, morning tv, everything.

I know nothing can hurt his arising career.

I love him

@JLM duh, the media is notoriously Liberal, not conservative... what a bunch of junk, you just spewed.

Anyone who was following Adam, thru Idol and was a fan shouldn't have been shocked. People in the media, shouldn't have been either.

The AMA perfomance was a lot of camp an possibly a bit over the top, but it was all Adam and I loved every second. Watched the West Coast edited feed, then found the uncut feed on youtube. Both were great fun, if you actually get him as an artist. That said it might be too much for some. Personally there were many other performers, who were for me much more disturbing.

ABC is still has Adam on the front of the AMA Page (Red Carpet Interview).

This is all too bizzare.

The kid has the greatest voice I've heard. He can outsing any singers past or present. Come on, it's Rock n Roll!

Adam's didn't do anything that wasn't done before on t.v. I just found a video of Pink's performance on Billboard 2004. She did exactly what Adam did, grabbed her male dancer who was on his knees and forcefully(more so than Lambert) pushed his head into her crotch and rubbed it around. Never heard a thing about it. Not even one negative article online that I could find. It's time to move past the AMA's and recognize what a gifted talent this guy has. Hope he gets a gig for New Years eve on t.v. cause I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year.

ME, Adam didn't hide his sexuality from anyone. He neither confirmed not denied. Why should he? The evidence was all over the net for all to see.

As for his cheerleader comment, even after coming out he has repeatedly said that just because he is gay he can't appreciate when a woman is pretty. Much the same as a straight woman. It doesn't mean they find the sexually attractive. Unfortunately straight men don't seem so willing to compliment men on their appearance.

Another thing he has also said is that he does not want to be a posterboy for anyone or anything.

If you are going to criticise, at least do you research and get you facts right.

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