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Nicole Richie scores an ABC sitcom -- with a 'South Park'/'30 Rock' writer

34235242 Multitask alert: Adorable mom, boho designer and recovering reality-TV star Nicole Richie has made one serious resume upgrade. Lionel's daughter nabbed herself a half-hour scripted sitcom on ABC, reports Variety.

Richie conceived the project and will take a producer credit along with starring in the comedy, which is -- shock -- about a woman balancing her professional and family life.

"Lately, I have been surrounded by many different women of all ages and walks of life. It amazes me to watch and observe how many different ideas there are about what a woman’s role should be in this era," Richie said on her official site.

"I’ve taken these fascinating ideas and compiled them into something that I think will be very special (and funny!)"

Richie got big laughs in her breakout role as Paris Hilton's sidekick on Fox's "The Simple Life." Since then, she's enjoyed guest roles on "Chuck," "8 Simple Rules" and "American Dreams." 

Richie lives with boyfriend Joel Madden and their two kids, newborn son Sparrow and daughter Harlow, who turns 2 in January.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Nicole Richie flashes her best prime-time smile. She should fare pretty well -- her head writer is Daisy Gardner of "30 Rock." Credit: David Livingston / Getty Images. 

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>Richie got big laughs in her breakout role as Paris Hilton's sidekick on Fox's "The Simple Life."

um,...what "role" was that?
of co-idiot?
Co spoiled rich kid?
Co ugly fat brat no one had heard of?
Co sleep your way to fame?
That co-starring "role"?

How can someone so obtuse get a sitcom. Not to hate but frankly she is not interesting and I am sure her sitcom will bomb. Oh well at least I like her dad.

Hey, Give a girl a break! Nicole has turned her life around. She deserves luck and happiness. Of all the wild child celebs, here is one reformed bad girl. By the looks of things, she's in a happy and committed relationship with two gorgeous kids - I, for one, wish her the best of everything life has to offer and a successful show. Congratulations Nicole! You Rock!

And people are wondering why the major networks keep losing revenue...

Way to go ABC, stay classy...

I'm not a fan of the celebritard genre of celebrities (Paris Hilton & such), however, I do remember catching Nicole Richie on couple of episodes of The Simple Life and have to admit that she is actually very funny, in that awesome sarcastic way. So I think if someone actually gives her a chance, separating her from Paris Hilton, they might be surprised.

I wish her the best of luck.


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