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Bad week for Lil Wayne: Law dog smells drugs, sentencing date set, 'Rebirth' released too soon

Lilwayne Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne -- sometimes a bad week just keeps getting worse.

The hip-hop singer and 11 members of his entourage were briefly detained, questioned and released Friday afternoon in Texas after the U.S. Border Patrol found marijuana on two of their tour buses. 

No charges were brought, although the case was referred to the local sheriff's office.

The pot hadn't been found on a particular individual, E! Online reports, but rather on two of the tour buses, and "all parties were cooperative." A drug dog smelled that smell at a checkpoint between the tour's Thursday concert in Hidalgo, Texas, and its Friday show in Laredo, and a secondary inspection turned up the marijuana.

Lil Wayne around marijuana? Who'd've thunk it?

The Laredo show was rescheduled for Saturday night, and Lil Wayne is expected to perform as planned in Corpus Christi on Sunday.

Other news this week about the performer also known as Dwayne Carter? Through a slip-up with Amazon.com, about 500 pre-ordered copies of his new album, "Rebirth," were mailed six weeks early, and the music has spread like wildfire online

And a judge on Tuesday set a Feb. 9, 2010, date for his sentencing on a New York weapon-possession charge. He entered a guilty plea in that case in October.

At least he has his family.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lil Wayne, a.k.a. Dwayne Carter, arrives at the New York State Supreme Court on Dec. 15, 2009. Credit: Andy Kropa / Getty Images.

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Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne too much talent to let it slip away in prison C'Mon Man...

This is a very talented young man but why has marijuana found to be in the middle of a "bucket of trouble"?


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