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Levi Johnston fights Bristol Palin to make custody battle public -- and wins

Levi First Levi Johnston bared his bod in Playgirl for the world to see. Now he wants to bare his custody battle with Bristol Palin for the world to see as well.

And two judges in Alaska have agreed that the fight over son Tripp is best played out in public, one of them ruling, according to the Anchorage Daily News, that Bristol hadn't offered any proof that the child would be harmed by the publicity.

~~ Apparently the judge has never moderated comments on the Internet? Where the public is super-duper gentle? ~~

Levi, in his affidavit, called Bristol's mom, former Gov. Sarah Palin, ambitious, powerful and vindictive. "I think a public case might go a long way in reducing Sarah Palin's instinct to attack," he wrote.

"I feel more comfortable in a public courtroom which will help everyone stay civil and be on their best behavior," he said in a statement.

Bristol -- who wanted a gag order and use of pseudonyms in court while she fights for sole custody, along with a visitation schedule for Levi, in a case filed Nov. 4 -- argued that privacy would be in the best interest of the child, and responded to Levi's assertions by saying none of what he said was true.

He said, she said -- in a custody fight? Shock! We're so glad these two never got married.

But ... 

Levi bristol ... people do seem to like to listen to Levi. It's true that an attorney for Bristol also personally represents her mom Sarah. And of course, Levi "grew up really fast" and "ain't walkin' away."

Bristol said the former VP candidate was not involved in the case "other than as a grandmother" and that Levi, whom she believes will soon be filming a reality TV show in Alaska, wanted things public "for his own self-promotion." 

Thomas Van Flein, a lawyer for of Bristol, pointed out that even routine celebrity custody battles typically protect the privacy of the child. He cited the Britney Spears-Kevin Federline and Alec Baldwin-Kim Basinger cases. 

Levi's lawyer, meanwhile, wrote that his client "feels Sarah Palin, through her lawyer, under the guise of Bristol Palin's name, would run roughshod over his very bones."

Gotta protect those bones, kiddo. Depending on what comes to light, an open proceeding could prove embarrassing for everyone involved.

Yeah, nothing like the public spotlight to keep people on their best behavior.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Levi Johnston, top, arrives at the US Weekly Fall Hot Hollywood party at the Voyeur Club in West Hollywood on Nov. 18, 2009. Center right, Johnston and Bristol Palin appear at the Republican National Convention on Sept. 3, 2008, back when the grandma-to-be was a VP candidate and the two were supposed to get married. And below, Sarah Palin, with husband Todd, opens her terrifying jaws to attack an innocent woman at a book signing in Colorado on Dec. 3, 2009. Or maybe Palin is just being friendly, laughing and talking? Sorry, Levi, didn't mean to scare you. Credits, from top: Nina Prommer / EPA; Charles Rex Arbogast / Associated Press; Bryan Oller / Associated Press.

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When will Fox start shooting the remake of The Beverly Hillbillies, starring you know who and her clan?

I'm trying my best to care about this. When it's all over, can I get an award?

These judges are just another set of Judge Lance Ito's. It seems to me that THEY want their 15 minutes of (in)famy, no matter who it hurts.

Since when is Bristol Palin a celebrity??? The only thing noteworthy the public knows about her is that she got pregnant as a teen and had a baby out of wedlock! If that makes her a celebrity, then there are a lot of teenage celebrities walking around with babies on their hips...

I guess it's better to have this aired in public. The Palins and Mr. Levi just continue to make utter fools of themselves. And just think, does America really want Sarah Palin (ding-bat inc.) as a Presidential candidate in 2012????Hasn't America suffered enough during the Bush years?

This is one stupid kid. He thinks Sarah won't be personally vindictive? How about the Republican PR committee who might want to keep Sarah as a potential running mate again in 2012? Think they want this 15 minute turkey spoiling their chances with Sarah? I keep waiting to hear of levi having a traffic accident where his brakes fail ... or dies in his sleep from a heart murmur that no one ever knew about ... this kid is just dying to get a real smack-down by the big boys. Thank God they did not marry. But I hope his dirty laundry is aired all over and suddenly he becomes a public pariah because of some dark secret he forgot about but it gets aired now. Or IRS needs to investigate him with a microscope and turn him inside out. When you put your nose in the public, it needs to get bloodied a little before you learn. He is a weasel and needs to be treated as such.

First of all, what kind of gossip columnist writes an article criticizing the government for not keeping news a secret?

More importantly, why are you repeating Palin's lawyer's claims as if they are anything other than baseless assertions? The lawyer says that Levi is doing this just for self-promotion? What's the lawyer's source for this information? Oh--the lawyer just made that up.

I don't know....Maybe Levi's fears that he might be unfairly attacked in secret proceedings aren't so crazy?

Up until I read Cisco's comments I was going to leave this alone. No where do I put Bristol in Brittany's status, their both cute girls at difference stages in life. However, at her age she should be behind her parents, admit it that drop his pants for money Levi is probably a good sweet-talker who took a chance and lost. Leave politics out of this, you left sided democrats are so scared of some one with proven talent to manage that you'll blast any of them every chance you can.

Yay! More Levi! Bring him on!

Politics aside, Bristol has a loving supportive family. The only mistake she made was to get involved with someone whose role model is Jon Gosselin.

Yes, Herb the thought of a brainless twit like Sarah Palin as President, VP or holding any office is scary...Look at all the damage your beloved GOP and Bush/Cheney did to America...8 years of a brainless twit like Bush was a lllooonnnggg nightmare we had to endure. Why on earth would we want to endure such again?? I guess you love being unemployed and without healthcare and enduring endless wars thanks to the disastrous party of corruption Republicans...oops am I getting too political?

Hey, it's Christie D'Zurilla from the Ministry of Gossip, and I'm making an executive decision.

I'm not OK'ing any more posts picking on Herb, or calling any other commenter (or me, for that matter, because I'm simply not in the mood tonight) a moron, an idiot, a hack, a lunatic -- any of that stuff.

I don't *want* to close comments here, because the comments are half the fun, but I can. Please don't make me?

Opposite corners, sports fans. Life's too short.


(P.S. Hi Cisco!! Always nice to see your screen name when I go to OK the comments.)

Given what we know about Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston is probably correct in "feel[ing] Sarah Palin, through her lawyer, under the guise of Bristol Palin's name, would run roughshod over his very bones." I applaud his desire to remain a force in his son's life. I also deplore the bias of this article toward the Palins.

"I don't *want* to close comments here, because the comments are half the fun, but I can."

Oh geez, Christie D'Zurilla, stop your whining. If you're having a bad day or not getting the reaction you want, too bad.

You need readers & commenters more than they need you. Grow a spine.

The web is full of people who do what you do - and many do it with far more readers and less whining.

I think they should just get both of the families together on the Jerry Springer show and settle this where it belongs.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Nice bloggers here! Stupid article, but get out of Bristol Palin's face, will you! You don't have to like Sarah Palin to realize that Levi is a Bimbo! That's all I have to say folks!

Man, libtards are morons! They argue that Bristol Palin is not a celebrity.. than why have you been talking about her for 12 months???? Why is this story all over the internet??? Duh, duh, duh,,,I am a Libtard Moron an I dunno da answer
Speaking of morons, what was Obama's grade point average in the 3 colleges he went to. Uh-oh, nobody can answer that.... gee, I wonder why???? Let me guess, because his grades were so good nobody likes to talk about them. PLEASE POST A LINK TO HIS GPA...maybe it is on Wikipedia--NOT!

The only problem with Levi's arguments about Sarah influencing Bristol - he can't prove any of it. All conjecture. The judge should have known better. And didn't she realize that Levi and Tank were indirectly insulting the judge by saying she couldn't control her courtroom without the media spotlight? What a bunch of idiots.

of course he is!! it's the only way he might get a fair hearing! that sarah palin won't stop at anything but she might tone it down if she knows she's being watched. we all know how she acts behind closed doors when no one is looking. im glad levi was smart enough to use whatever little celebrity he had to make some money so that he could support his son and afford attorneys. otherwise, the palins would have walked all over him and he would NEVER see his son. he had to do what he had to do. palin has whored herself out worse than anyone else so she doesnt have room to talk. palin was posing half naked on stages everywhere and levi did once for a magazine. how is there any difference?

Johnston is using this child to extend his 15 minutes of fame. These judges must be isolated from all the damage being done to children's lives televised every day.

Frankly I think this is all a very smart stunt to drum up public sympathy for Sarah Palin AND keep her in the papers long enough for 2012.

excuse me, but Levi seems to be the one exploiting his 15 minutes of fame.

Are you kidding me?? This is nothing but a little gold digger looking for his next spotlight!! Does he really think he is going to get custody?? No, but he will be in the news again.. Take your playgirl money & leave the country!! Does he even pay child support?? This kid is nothing but a loser!! Grow up when you become a man!!

This blog becomes very interesting, and you could see where the political lines are drawn. Levi represents a man that just only want to be in his sons life, but he has to take on goliath aka Sarah Palin, not her daughter Bristle. My thought is if Sarah & Bristle Palin had just a regular family, then Levi would never have to take on this fight publicly, and it's a shame how Sarah Palin tries to strong arm this battle in her best interest instead the best interest of the child, and if Levi let them, then he probably would never see his kid. SHAME ON YOU! Sarah Palin. Get out of your daughters custody fight, and let them work this out their selves for the best of the child.

Bristol Palin SHOULD be considered a tramp by the religious right but they are allowed to have children out of wedlock, affairs if married, and gay relationships, but if anyone not in their party (Rep.) does it they are judged & condemned. If Palin were a Dem. they'd be saying she had affair with husband's partner, poor judgement for having as child so late with so many risks, and would call her irresponsible for traveling all over to promote book. Let's not even mention her terrible political record and the fact she does not work well wit others (read the book). They are all ignorant goat ropers.

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