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Jon Gosselin's apartment is burglarized -- and we feel kinda bad for him

Jongoss Jon Gosselin returned home to his Manhattan apartment Saturday afternoon after spending Christmas in Pennsylvania with his eight kids only to discover the place had been ransacked, People reports. 

~~ Shoot, the Ministry returned home Saturday to a serious mess, and we *thought* the place had been ransacked, until we realized we had been just *that* much of a tornado wrapping gifts before leaving for Christmas Eve at the folks' place. Embarrassing. ~~ 

Seriously, though -- normally we have little or no sympathy for Jon minus Kate plus eight, but in this case, we do. His furniture, clothing and bedding had been slashed with a knife. Electronics and more had been stolen, and stuff was broken -- stuff that included a Ming vase, which, sorry, we totally didn't expect Jon Gosselin to own.

Not cool, no matter who you are or what you've done -- even if what you've done is reality TV.

Someone involved apparently thought it would be cute to leave a behind note signed "Hailey Glassman," TMZ reports. Oh yeah, the note was reportedly spiked onto Jon's bedroom dresser with a butcher knife.

Stay classy, creepy unoriginal burglary people ... 


The apartment is listed under Gosselin and former girlfriend Glassman's names, TMZ said. What, like, in the phone book? On the front door? Whatevs. We live in L.A., not Manhattan. Nobody's listed here at all, so pardon the confusion. Oh, yeah, RadarOnline said Hailey -- who has called in her lawyer -- had  moved out of the place they'd shared and recently claimed Jon had pocketed her money and not paid the rent.

Of course, anyone who watches "CSI" -- even "CSI: Miami" -- knows that a butcher-knifed note with Jon's ex-girlfriend's name on it does not mean Jon's ex-girlfriend had anything to do with anything.

Hang in there, Jon. Burglary can really mess with your head, and even Ed Hardy spokesmen don't deserve that. We hope you paid the rent. We hope nobody you know messed up your place.

We'd actually hoped we wouldn't be writing about you anymore, but ...

Ed Hardy bad. Burglary worse. 

Sorry, dude.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: These pictures were taken about 100 years ago, in October, and have nothing whatsoever to do with this burglary report -- except they have Jon Gosselin in them. Credits, from top: Matt Rourke / Associated Press, Angela Weiss / Getty Images

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Many people do not understand what is happened with Jon Gosselin. So I'll explain, as with so many men in this country, he got himself into a situation where he was married and had 8 kids when he wasn't mentally ready. During the marriage, at least on the show, you can see him trying to do all the right husband and father things.

During the show, Kate's behavior towards him was frightful and emotionally abusive. He just grudginly obeyed and listened. Erin Pizzey would call her behavior emotional terrorism.

The fact that Jon was "caught" with another woman, and his subsequent post separation behavior only shows how trapped he felt. As if a cork had been removed and pressure was released.

During the marriage, Kate also often left the kids in his care to go on media and book signing trips. The excuse being she was doing that for the family and the kids. In essence, this was her escape only it has the trappings of appearing more legitimate.

I am no fan of Jon's behavior. But it is extremely important for people to understand the reasons behind such behavior. We ourselves are subject to the same relationship pressures. And Kate's behavior was no better. The constant berating, bossing around, and leaving for book tours, left Jon helpless and hopeless. Yes, Jon should have "stood up" for himself, but again, he knew know better. And Kate would have and did fight him whenever he asserted himself.

At one of the divorce hearings, he brought Kate a bouquet of flowers which she refused. Is this not typical of her behavior? If she extended an olive branch or flowers to him or any other man, how would it appear if the man refused or declined.
I can guarantee you most men would take genuinely offered flowers even with mixed emotions.

Without condoning his behavior, let's understand the reasons behind his actions. And let's be clear that Kate also behaved inappropriately and was at least equally responsible for the failure of the relationship. Kate has deep seated anger and control issues that have nothing to do with Jon.

Like I said, we are subject to the same relationship pressures. So it's best not to hold only one person, usually the man, responsible. If we do not recognize equal responsibility, then we cannot move forward in our own relationships.

Hey all -- Christie D'Zurilla from the Ministry here.

Just FYI to new commenters: We have a zero-tolerance policy for profanity here, so if you don't see your comment going live, that's probably why. Many words that you'd use at home -- even in front of your mom -- don't fly here. We don't publish cussing in acronyms, abbreviations, words that use aster*sks, none of it.

Feel free to resubmit w/o the profanity. And thx for commenting.


I'm sorry but this guy deserves everything he's got coming to him. Maybe comparing the way he felt when his precious duds were slashed to the way his gorgeous kids felt when their family was ripped apart by his adultery will put things into perspective for him. Mid life crisis my butt. Grow up and be a man for your kids you self centered, egotistical creep. Feel bad for HIM? Seriously?

So no "badwords" here, I find that amusing considering the topic of your "journalism". Before you comment on it, the rampant use of quotes was meant to be ridiculous.

Hmm. This sounds like he did it himself for the media attention and insurance money. How many apartments get broken into in a secured building in Mahatten? He did it.
Media and Insurance money.

why do you feel sorry for him? i think they should have peed in his bed.

I do NOT feel badly for Jon- I'm a mom of twins plus 2 more- and it is so hard to raise them all- he is just running away. I can tell you my husband finds it hard at times, but we stick to it because we committed to it. Shame on Jon.


The female centric and gender biased media makes another odd statement; 'Jon Gosselin's apartment burglarized and we kinda feel bad for him'. The misandrists are coming out of the woodwork. What does the writer of the article REALLY know about Jon and Kate's troubles? Maybe second hand rumors she has heard through the female gossip section and read in the female centric news or directly from Kate herself? Hardly concrete evidence; one sided. Men get the dirty end of the stick no matter what; yet when men criticize women they are accused of being misogynists. Men that are thinking or even considering marrying post modern American women should keep the line from the movie 'Forrest Gump' close to their hearts and mind - 'Run, Forrest, Run'. They are not worth the trouble.

I doubt Jon staged the burglary and vandalism of his NY apartment, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

Following my divorce years ago, my ex-husband's new wife broke into my home and used black spray paint and an exacto knife to destroy nearly everything in it. She took only my wedding ring. I returned from a business trip to find my home destroyed, and given that I had a newborn and a 2-year-old from my marriage to my ex, it was devastating.

Police said it looked like a "domestic" issue. I investigated the crime myself and learned info from neighbors that eventually led to the new wife's arrest.

The jury is out on the case involving Jon's apartment. I'd like to hear more about the evidence and who the police think did it.

I have a lot of problems determining truth from fiction these days. The only thing that can not be replaced, if it was actually "real" is the one item that could not be replaced, that "Ming vase". Of course the one person who would be tempermental enough to do such a childish thing is the name written on the supposed "note" or Jon himself. Some people need a spotlight or a camera, on any terms. These people will not die, can they just fade away? Please

who cares, he is old news now.how about more news about kate and the eight children than that cheater who fooled with other women and then messed up Kate & the eight children fiancely over his infidelty.

@Shane -- It's Christie D'Z again. Yep, no profanity -- that's the standard of the L.A. Times. Yet we manage to talk about all *sorts* of trashy topics without invoking four-letter words and their three-, five-, seven- and 12-letter friends. Go figure.

Lots of words in the language -- our preference here is that we not use the vulgar ones. It's the LAT standard across the board, not only at this blog, though sometimes stuff slips through, 'cause we're only human.

Believe me, I see the irony. But cussing is easy. Communicating enthusiastically without cuss words, especially when a celeb-gossip topic tilts toward the salacious, requires a bit more thought.


People need to leave Jon alone and realize he's the good one here, and not his ex-wife Kate who wanted the divorce, not Jon. So he should stay home and not date?? Now look at what happened in his nice apartment. I hope whoever did it gets caught and pays for what they did.

WOW Greg, you are a professional head examiner! I could care less about both of them!

I smell sex tape showin up on the Internet .

This is written as if I am speaking to a gum-smacking, clueless young woman.
---oh wait.

Good job, perpetrator(s). It's high time people start robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Starting with Jon Gosselin.

More snarky editorial-less writing for the titanic of newspapers. It's really a shame that a newspaper that once earned Pulitzers is reduced to publishing writing more on par with World Weekly News. Christie D'Zurilla is a horrible writer of pulp and is basically a high-school newspaper writer that never grew up. Cheers to the LATimes for fobbing this junk as news onto the public. The bankruptcy / sale should be in 2010 at this rate.

@RyaN -- Christie D'Zurilla here, from the Ministry of Gossip. Actually, I rarely chew gum, and when I do, I don't smack it.

I do, however, always have a dish of Dubble Bubble on my desk to share with my newsroom co-workers.

And @JD, the LAT still does earn Pulitzers. We simply don't expect to do it in the celebrity gossip blog, where things are a bit more light-hearted.

Thanks to both of you, however, for taking time to read and comment at MOG. Your patronage is appreciated.



Greg Lee, don't enable Jon or excuse his behavior, he is not a child. He is a grown man and needs to start being responsible for himself. He is a Dad to 8 kids who need a father figure, but he is failing them.

Christie D'Zurilla, you are a coward for not posting my previous commentary on your bad writing. The fact the LA Times insists on NOT yanking this poor excuse for "light-hearted" stories indicates this it is in a sorry state. They fired all the decent editors and hired hacks like you. Really, you should think about how stupid you sound by the flippancy of your writing. Try re-reading the junk you fob off onto the public, BEFORE it is published. Tone, content and newsworthiness are important to journalism (and to the readers). Obviously this was a lesson you skipped in high school journalism class-and probably missed it later, if you even went to college.


Too bad he's getting all this attention. Maybe he could start another reality show.
Too many important issues going on in this country now without our focus being on something this trivial.

Kind and carring people are courages and bullies are surely cowards...

RyaN said it earlier, but it bears repeating - the writing is deplorable. Just for that the LA times should self-destruct. Looks as though it's written by an utter bimbo.

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