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[UPDATED] 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' cancel Adam Lambert

Adamglove So Adam Lambert is safe enough for stations to feature earlier this week on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," but way too hot for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" or "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve With Ryan Seacrest"?

That's right, Adam's been dumped again by ABC. Twice.

Show Tracker has the story in detail -- but, bottom line, ABC has unfriended the "American Idol" runner-up.

Weren't the American Music Awards like, what, 700 years ago? No matter -- they've blocked him.

"Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. :( don't blame them. It's the FCC heat," Lambert said tonight on Twitter

[Update, Dec. 3, 2009, 1:50 p.m.: Show Tracker reports that a complaint filed with the FCC is indeed at the heart of the ABC cancellations.

According to Show Tracker, the "FCC heat" comes from a complaint filed Nov. 24 by Liberty Counsel against ABC demanding that the network pay a financial penalty "for airing such an outrageously lewd and filthy performance during a show and time period that is targeted for family audiences."

See that blog for more details, including an interview with Liberty Counsel's director of cultural affairs.]

And how crazy-scandalous were Adam's raunchy political statements on Ellen's show Monday? 

"It was maybe a little too far," he said of his AMA performance. "I think in hindsight I look back on it and I go, ‘OK, maybe that wasn’t the best first impression to make, the first second impression.'"

"Rockin' Eve" is, of course, a show that airs late each New Year's Eve (which last time the Ministry checked was an adult-oriented holiday) and is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who sort of knows Adam a little bit already


Can't wait to see how CBS -- or NBC or Fox -- cleans up on this one.

We hear Glambert's New Year's Eve schedule just loosened up a bit.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert on "The Early Show," Nov. 25, 2009. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press

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How long is Adam going to be punish for what he did at the AMA's. I watch the soaps during the day and I cannot believe what I see in a lot of the scenes. Dick Clark and Jimmy Kimmel are whimps!!!!!!!! I will not be watching the Dick Clark special on New Year's or Jimmy Jimmel anymore. You both are acting like he has commited a crime. Janet Jackson grab the guys crotch and that was ok for us to watch, Rihanna had a bunch of guns (good role model for our girls), Eminem sang about rape and Lady Gaga
broke a bunch of wiskey bottles. A great bunch!!!! I do not hear anybody complaining about them. Look at the soaps that they show during the day. So you people out their take your blindfolds off and do not act like you are so pure!!!!!!!! The Show Brother & Sister the guys kiss every week and nobody complains. We can go on, and on, and on., etc.......

Still loving the idiots who are pretending they were shocked after 3 hours of in-show warnings that Adam's AMA performance would be "jaw-dropping," and "something everyone would be talking about tomorrow morning." Your cable guides told you the show would end at 11:00, so when Adam started at 10:55, you knew you could opt out of "jaw-dropping" acts by a man you new was gay and miss nothing else. But you didn't. You watched every nasty-licious second. Then you ran it 20 more times on youtube. Then you googled like a monkey and left online comments everywhere till you were sweaty and exhausted. At least leave the boy $20 on the nightstand, you self-righteous pervs.

I am a 54 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 3. I LOVE ADAM!! I think he is extremely talented and sexy. I can't believe you would think he's looking for publicity! He doesn't need to. I have seen many DAYTIME soap operas that make me cringe way more then Adam's performance on the AMA's. I also will watch the network/show that has Adam Lambert on. He was not only chosen as one of the sexiest men but Barbara Walters is having him as one of the most fascinating!! I agree and can't wait to see more of him! He was awesome on the Idol tour.

I love how everyone keeps referencing kissing and crotch grabbing on soap operas and other shows. Adam did more than just kissing (kissing I dont care about) he gestured with another man's head, a sexual, oral act. When's the last time any of you have seen someone gesturing with a crotch and another mans head for BJ's on a soap opera or any other show for that matter? You haven't.

Adam Lambert had the opportunity to do so many great things for the gay community. How disappointing this is the road he chose. My question: Where is his representation? Who is his manager? As a gay male I am disgusted with him. This was the opportunity for Mr. Lambert to express himself (appropriately) as a gay man and showcase any talent he may have. Unfortunately he did neither and actually set the gay community back many years with his lewd, crude and obviously rehearsed antics on this awards show. Believe me, we were not "delightfully shocked" by any part of his performance. We just shook our heads and snapped off the TV after witnessing this train wreck. We applaud ABC for dismissing him after this and hope the rest of the country will do the same.


Adam made a misjudgement. It could have been left at that. Blame ABC for prolonging the situation, and The Liberty Council who want ABC to be fined. Its all about money...Adam has said he went overboard. His act was about 4 minutes. If you sneezed you missed half of it, and I was on the East Coast and when he did the kiss they blocked the camera with the back of someone's head so many of us didn't even see it until it was on the internet. Adam is being selectively persecuted and I don't think the MAJORITY of the 14 million viewers were offended.

I have watched ABC for more years than I can count on NYE!!! But......this year I'm going wherever Adam Lambert will be performing be it CBS, NBC just wherever. I think this is going just a little too far! I am a straight 48 year old and just enjoy watching Adam.

ABC is rediculous! I am and will always be an Adam supporter. Hooray for those who have pointed out all the shows on which there have been scenes of gay/lesbian affection. Other than One Life To Live during the day, All My Children had a lesbian character who was in a relationship and showed kissing. Also, don't forget Grey's Anatomy, there is also a lesbian relationship that is displayed. Face it people, it's everywhere and on everything. How one perceives it should be to their own judgement and keep it to themselves. Who is anyone to cast the first stone?
Adam is a performer, entertainer and gifted singer for which I am a fan.

Any other programs on ABC that anyone knows of? Let's name them all!

I'm a gay marriage/Rights supporter.

However, I don't want to see ANYONE - male/male, male/female, female/female SIMULATE ORAL SEX on a prime time broadcast.
(and just a reminder - Britney/Madonna/Xtina only kissed, BIG difference).

Adam ADMITS he changed his show after rehearsal ON PURPOSE.
He has reaped what he sowed by being dishonest in the name of publicity.

There is no reason to be angry at ABC.
Be angry at Adam for having NO integrity and doing all he could to create a buzz, and then crying about it when it blew up in his face.

TickTock, Adam: only about 6 minutes left of your 15.

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