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Important news about men in Santa hats -- and cows

December 16, 2009 |  4:10 pm

Normally the Ministry wouldn't be promoting something that's solely, well, promotional.

But this video caught our eye (that Russell Crowe trailer got me wound up, what can I say?), and when we saw that the winner's "hottest bod in the world" poster will be taking the place of a Los Angeles Times billboard on the side of the W hotel in Hollywood, well, this became news.

(Shh, that's what I'm telling my boss.)

Now you can say, "I knew that shirtless guy before he was the shirtless guy on the billboard!"

So if you'd like, enjoy the video of these celebs-in-the-making, finalists in a contest run by people advertising cologne. Just ignore that part where they mention Perez Hilton as their fave blogger; we're assuming they simply hadn't met us yet.

Disclaimer: The Ministry has not smelled the product, bought the product, received the product or endorsed the product. The Ministry simply is a sucker for three charming guys in Santa hats.

And while we're feeling all promotional, we'd like to report that the Happy Cow contest (courtesy of people advertising milk and cheese) is in its final weeks.

My favorite is Soo, though I have a soft spot for Kirsten.

-- Christie D'Zurilla