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PREACH IT! Chris Brown is his own fail whale, a.k.a. 'Another star quits Twitter and demands a purple pony'

Chrisbrown Chris Brown is taking his fameball and going home.

Like Miley Cyrus before him, Brown has quit Twitter, shortly after airing a tirade this week about music stores not visibly stocking his new album.

You know -- his new album? The one featuring Brown in the high-waisted tally-ho pants and Cylon gauntlet? No? Well, then, maybe Brown has a point about stores not stocking his album.

But the fact that Brown has apparently quit Twitter over that slight -- essentially cutting off that basic celebrity need to solicit adoration on demand -- provides a telling window into fame. When stars join Twitter, they show us how they communicate without publicists' hand-holding. But when stars quit Twitter, they unveil how petty they can really be when they don’t get what they want or can’t control what others do.

Here’s what Brown tweeted in recent days, (mostly) unedited: 

“the[y] didnt even have my album in the back… not on shelves, saw for myself ... im tired of this [expletive]. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the [expletive] do i gotta do.”

“im not biting my tongue about [expletive] else… the industry can kiss my [expletive].
 … yeah i said it and i aint retracting [expletive]”

“we talked to the managers and the[y] didnt even know anything. wow!!! but they had alicia keys album ready for release for this tuesday comin … the manager told me that when there are new releases its mandatory to put em on the shelves.. BUT NO SIGN OF #GRAFFITI. BS.”

“no disprespect to alicia at all,” he continued. “just givin an example to whos album is loaded and ready to go next week.”

Brown’s final tweet?


So exactly why did Brown quit? Unclear at this hour, though apparently the idea that some stores don’t feel like doing business with woman-beaters had something to do with it. But there’s one other, larger factor: that control thing I mentioned.

Fail whale "Honestly, Twitter has done nothing but get me into trouble," Brown told MTV News last month. (Not his own tweets that always come back to bite him, mind you; it's that infernal Twitter service that's the problem.) He also said he didn’t like the "backlash" that can come with having a Twitter account.

When Miley Cyrus left Twitter earlier this year, she seemed to have similar reasons. In a goodbye rap -- yes, really -- she said, “Everything that I type/ And everything that I do/all those lame gossip sites take it and make it news.”

So, those, like, media people took what Cyrus posted in a public forum, and, like, said whatever they wanted about it. Whatever they wanted. Like, all the time.

I know, rude right?

Sometimes I don’t like the stupid stuff that know-it-alls defecate onto my Twitter page. Sometimes I say stuff that gets me into a world of pain with my fans, or I don’t get the reaction I was hoping for out in the wider world. But I don’t throw a fit and end my connection to the people who, at least, indirectly, pay my bills.

At this hour I have no doubt that Brown will issue some sort of statement or interview about his Twitter abandonment within the next week or two.

Something tells me it’ll be crafted by his publicist.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Chris Brown in March 2009, top left, and Twitter's timeless fail whale, right. Separated at birth? Credits: Bob Chamberlin / Associated Press, top; twitter.com, right.

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in Chris Brown's defense... down south he was banned from the "POP" radio station (WABB,97.5) before his case even went to trial and they have yet to play any of his new songs. Tom Sizemore was arrested for domestic violence "AGAIN" in august 2009 but, you probably won't see
Wal Mart (or any other retailer) pulling the movie "Saving Private Ryan" from the shelves any time soon...they're hypocrits.

Hey all, it's Christie D'Zurilla from the Ministry. If you're not seeing your comment turned live, it's probably because it contained profanity.

The Ministry has a zero-tolerance policy on cussing -- we made an exception with the use of [expletive] for this opinion-packed post because without that device, a reader couldn't get what was being said.

However, in comments and as a rule, there's no big cussing, no little cussing, no ***, not even a * ... no acronyms that are short for profanity, and no misspellings of cuss words.

G'head and resubmit clean and I'll do my best to publish.

Thanks for reading and commenting//cdz

http://www.twitvid.com/12770 CHRIS BROWN IS NOT LYING

@mcdork -- Christie again -- gotta say it warmed my lil' no-cussing heart to see the clerk in the store discussing the possibility of profanity. (Yeah, I gotta check out the links before I make 'em live. Ha!)


Wow this is AMAZING...I swear whats this world coming to..This Chris Brown Rihanna beating is done and over with for God sake...Walmart ought to be a SHAMED....I would LOVE to pick up Chris' new album...Someone tell me where else I can find the album....I Love Rihanna but I bet his album is BETTER anyway.....

"Honestly, Twitter has done nothing but get me into trouble," Brown

Yeah, that's because you are a moron. Learn to moderate what you say, adjust your attitude about beating women (or stop screwing hos), and learn to spell.

Christie D'Zurilla from the Ministry again:

For the record, a quick Tuesday night search for "Chris Brown" on Walmart's website indicates that I can buy "Graffiti" -- the regular and deluxe editions -- from them online and "also in many stores," should I care to do so.

There is also an option to have the deluxe edition of "Graffiti" shipped free of charge to the store of my choice for pickup.

Before the Walmart pile-on gets any larger, I wanted to interject those facts.


Chris Brown, you're doing it WRONG.

Here's an example of an artist who gives twitter a good use --> http://twitter.com/30secondstomars Maybe they can teach a lesson or two? ;)

Me again -- Christie D'Zurilla. Please no profanity in your comments, not even those mild little words you might say all the time without even thinking about them. I mean, "please no profanity, if you want that comment published."

If your comment's not live this a.m., cussing is the reason.


awwww chris brown do not worry sexy everything is going to all right do not worry i got all of your albums because you inspire meeh allot love ya...

I feel for you chris I'm sorry!! because the situation is in the past, so I think people need to get over it and move on. Beacuse I see men everyday hitting women and abusing them, but you don't see the media flipping out about it and turning it into a big story, there only doing it because her name is rihanna. I'm not saying it's right because I don't believe in domestic violence, but everyone makes mistakes,and I don't believe anyone can judge you except god. I just wanted you to know I will be getting your album in a week I got you!!!! your#1 fan chris.k

The radios stations are blackballing his album. 93.7 in Flint MI does not play CB songs hardly ever. I called in last week and asked why Crawl is not on the rotation...I had been listening all day. They said they were going to play it..They didn't...BET even be playing CB..The day his album came out they didn't even show him no love... Gucci Mane, TI and Lil wayne are all in jail and are felons..But yall lovin them. so hypocritical...SHAME. it is a great album and he is so young. He made a mistake like every single one of us...not to mention it was 2 way domestic abuse..

Time for a Purple Pony Barbecue!


Im not sure about this but i think the reason why walmart does not carry his cd is beacsue of jive and there deal with walmart. So as far as i know walmart does not carry any jive records . And if thats the case he's stupid to tweet about this...


I don't write much on these articles and blogs and such but I will say that Chris Brown's album is excellent. Whether you like or dislike him is irrelevant because there's no denying the voice he has - and when the production/songwriting is as good as it is here it just leaves VERY good music. This is one of the (very) few albums I'm BUYING this year because it deserves it. Better than R.Kelly's album - and I've always like Kellz' music.

Ollie, GB

Walmart supports child-labour. They are very hypocritical.

That's the imagination of you the media that Chris Brown is a failed whale. You are dead wrong. You seem to behave as though you speak the minds of many people. In as much as many people are not happy with Chris Brown, as much have also forgiven him and moved on. The graffiti album is great and just like any other album of his. If nothing had happened between Chris and Rihanna, the press would have seen the graffiti album as great. Please give us a break. Like Michael Phelps rightly said, trying times will produce your true friends and the media is a friend of nobody but its selfish end.

Three pro athletes KILLED by their wives this year and y'all still mad at Chris Brown

It's his right to quit twitter just like it was to sign up, regardless of his reasoning. He smartened up and realized that people don't need to be knee-deep in your business! And now you write this crappy column hating on him for wising up and calling it petty, that's only b/c he pays all of the gossip sites and websites salaries via any story they can make of his tweets, including this one!

Even with the blockade that Walmart has against Chris,Grafitti has managed to sell over 500,000 cd's worldwide.The media shapes PERCEPTION with DECEPTION....

Two killers released cds the same week as Chris and someone who allegedly had sex with a then underaged girl released a cd the week before,so this is about something more.I think the media is really trying to create another story with their unrelenting judgement for Chris.I just hope he's a strong person because the real truth is that no one that walks this earth can judge Chris.

"The BIGGEST Hypocrites will be The LOUDEST Critics....They are loud about the mistakes or flaws of others because they fear quiet and serenity to think about their own issues........

hey i think you guys should give chris brown another chance again cause he is a really good guy i hope i get to talk to him n tell him that i love his songs n hope he writes me back love u chris brown

Hey, no one wants to hear anymore of this drama- it is old news, people needs to mind their own business.Get off Mr. Brown's %2& he is still under 21. If a woman do not want to be punched, do not throw punches- she is certainly not his mama to put her hands on him, that's abuse too. Stop being one sided. The only person without faults is God the Almighty.

i think yall should leave chris brown alone and give him another chance
everybody makes mistacks yall did not say nothin wen ick beat on tina or wen bobby beat whintey

Please stop hating on Chris! The judgement is between GOD & Chris. I have the new cd and I love every song especially- CRAWL!!!
I loue U Chris!


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